Instatext Vs. Grammarly: Which Is A Better Writing Assistant?

Instatext vs. Grammarly – Which writing tool is worth investing your time and money in? Let’s find out!

You’re probably thinking, “Not another writing assistant.” And while it does feel like companies are releasing writing tools every second day, Instatext provides something unique. In a nutshell, Instatext mainly rewrites your sentences so it’s easier to understand while Grammarly focuses on a range of writing errors like spelling, grammar, readability, and plagiarism. In this Instatext vs. Grammarly comparison, I’ll review these writing assistants to see which one is a better option.

Product NameAvailabilityPricingUse For Features 
InstatextMac, iOS, Windows, and Android users.$22.99 per month or $110 per year.Writers who’re looking to rewrite their content, so it reads better.Browser extension, personal dictionary, grammar and spelling checking.Try Now
GrammarlyMac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Grammarly desktop app users.$29.95 per month, $59.95 every three months, or $139 per year.Those who’re looking for a writing assistant and plagiarism checker in one.Team analytics, plagiarism checker, and vocabulary enhancementTry Now
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We tested dozens of grammar checkers, and Grammarly is the best tool on the market today. It'll help you write and edit your work much faster. Grammarly provides a powerful AI writing assistant and plagiarism checker.

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What Are Instatext And Grammarly

Instatext and Grammarly are similar writing assistants with slightly different use cases. When you paste your work into Instatext, it’ll mainly look for ways to rewrite your content so it sounds better. At the same time, Grammarly focuses more on spelling, grammar, style, and readability problems. They also have a plagiarism checker that scans for duplicate content.

What Do Instatext And Grammarly Have In Common?

Almost everything about Instatext is the same as Grammarly, except for its use cases. The design of the interface is similar, and their browser extensions will allow you to check your writing on several platforms, such as Google Docs and Gmail. They also let you change English dialect settings, add words to your personal dictionary, and automatically save documents.

Instatext Vs. Grammarly: The Differences

The main difference between Instatext and Grammarly is the type of edits they scan for. Grammarly has proven to be a reliable writing assistant. Although it’s far from perfect, it spots most of my grammar, spelling, and readability mistakes so I can focus on serious issues like adding more value to my article.

With Instatext, when I paste my work into the Instatext scanner, it changes my article and makes it easier to read. And after pasting countless articles into Instatext, I can safely say that it does this surprisingly well. Here’s a good example: When I wrote this Bibisco review, I pasted it into the Instatext text, and these were the results.

Instatext Vs. Grammarly
The main difference between Instatext and Grammarly is the type of edits they scan for

See how Instatext rewrites my work? It’s so much easier to read! And although not all the suggestions are accurate, I end up accepting most of them.

What’s Better About Instatext?

There are some areas in which Instatext does a better job than Grammarly:

  • Instatext rewrites your sentences better
  • You can correct your entire document in one click

Instatext Rewrites Your Sentences Better

I like that Instatext emphasizes rewriting articles. While it’s not 100 percent accurate, it can help if your sentences are awkward. For example, when I’m editing and I notice that a sentence or paragraph sounds clunky, I’ll paste it into Instatext to brainstorm ways I can change it.

Instatext rewrites your sentences better
Instatext emphasizes rewriting articles

On the flip side, Grammarly mainly restructures single sentences; it doesn’t rewrite them from scratch.

Grammarly restructures single sentences
Grammarly mainly restructures single sentences; it doesn’t rewrite them from scratch

You Can Correct Your Entire Document In One Click

I also like that Instatext allows you to correct your entire document in one click. This differs from Grammarly because you’ll have to accept suggestions individually, which is annoying.

You can correct your entire document in one click in Instatext
Instatext allows you to correct your entire document in one click

This one-click Instatext feature drastically reduces the time you spend making edits.

What’s Better About Grammarly?

However, Grammarly also has its pros:

  • Grammarly is more well-rounded
  • Grammarly has a plagiarism checker

Grammarly Is More Well-Rounded

When I recently pasted my work into Instatext, I really started to appreciate how well-rounded Grammarly is. Grammarly will scan for a host of common writing problems, including:

  • Spelling
  • Grammarly
  • Readability
  • Plagiarism
  • Style

Instatext is more focused on rewriting my sentences. While this is helpful when I’m facing writer’s block and want to rewrite an awkward sentence, it isn’t enough to become a staple in my writing process.

Grammarly Has A Plagiarism Checker

What stood out to me when comparing these tools is that Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker on par with Copyscape and Plagiarism Checker X

Grammarly has a plagiarism checker
Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker on par with Copyscape and Plagiarism Checker X

Grammarly is a better option for students and freelance writers. The plagiarism scanner will spot accidental plagiarism, helping you avoid penalties from colleges and search engines.

Who Should Get Instatext (And Why)? 

I’ve only been using Instatext for the last couple of months, but I can already tell it’ll benefit the professional lives of:

  • Copywriters
  • Authors 
  • Marketers 


If you’re a copywriter trying to rework your marketing copy but you’re running out of ideas, Instatext can help. Instatext will rewrite your copy and even provide advice on communicating more efficiently. This is invaluable, especially for new copywriters because you can generate ideas for reworking your copy within seconds.


Instatext can also streamline your editing process as an author by rewriting sentences so it’s easier to understand. Whereas Grammarly will swap things around and restructure your sentence, Instatext completely rewrites your text. It uses advanced AI and a database of millions of articles to make improvements based on the context.

Pro tip: Not all Instatext suggestions are correct. So I highly suggest dismissing suggestions if you feel it’ll negatively impact your writing voice.


Marketing is all about creating and tweaking ads that’ll appeal to your audience. The only problem is that generating new ad ideas can be challenging and requires a lot of creative energy.

Fortunately, with Instatext, you can rewrite sentences and save specific marketing terms to your dictionary. This means that Instatext won’t change these words or phrases, producing more accurate and compelling marketing copy.

Who Should Get Grammarly (And Why)?

Grammarly can empower the lives of:

  • Freelance writers
  • Students and educational institutions 
  • Business owners

Freelance Writers

Grammarly is a must-have for every freelance writer, even if you’re just using the free version. It’ll polish up your work before you complete the first round of edits, speeding up the editing process. But the feature that helped me in my beginning years as a freelance writer is Grammarly’s weekly emails. These emails gave me feedback about what I was doing wrong and how I could improve. So if you’re a new writer, I recommend using this feature to your advantage.

Students And Education Institutions

Grammarly is a powerful platform for students because 89% of students say their grades improved after using it.

But Grammarly also offers personalized plans for educational institutions. You’ll be able to invite your entire class to Grammarly, so they can use it to hand in better work and remove accidental plagiarism. 

Business Owners

In addition to pricing plans for educational institutions, you can contact Grammarly for specialized business plans with functions such as:

  • Team analytics dashboard
  • A brand style guide
  • Priority support
  • Centralized billing
  • Admin control 

This means that Grammarly grows with your team. If you’re a startup employing a handful of employees, you can sign up for Grammarly and as you hire more people, feel free to invite them to the platform.

My Testing Criteria

I used these four factors when reviewing Instatext and Grammarly to see which is better for writers:

  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Additional features

After utilizing both platforms to their full capacity, I can safely say that they meet these criteria. It’s easy to use because the interactive tutorial helps you understand how to use both tools to their full capacity. The accuracy is also on point. With Instatext, the rewrites are usually more readable than the original. At the same time, Grammarly accurately scans for issues like grammar, spelling, readability, style, and plagiarism.

The third criteria I considered was affordability. Instatext and Grammarly are affordable because even if you’re a new freelance writer, you can use these tools and they don’t break the bank. I also noticed that both platforms offer handy additional features, such as browser extensions and integrations with Google Docs and Gmail, so you won’t have to copy and paste your work all the time.

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve been creating content for a living for around five years. Since the beginning of my journey, I have relied on Grammarly. It spots most of my mistakes, and I always accept around 80 percent of the suggested changes.

During these years, I also tested countless writing assistants to help writers and other professionals interested in writing software. I’ve bought these tools and tested their features, and use cases. I’ve also proved their drawbacks and aimed to provide a unique insight for other writers.

Final Word: Instatext Vs. Grammarly

Instatext and Grammarly are handy options for writers, teams, and students, but they serve different functions. Instatext is for rewriting content, while Grammarly scans for various problems such as spelling, grammar, readability, style, and plagiarism. However, if you could only choose one, I’d suggest Grammarly. It’s a more well-balanced writing tool, and it builds a solid foundation for your article so you can focus on more serious writing problems.


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