Become a Writer Today Frequently Asked Questions

Set up in 2014, Become a Writer Today is an online-only magazine about the craft of writing. We also run a popular podcast and YouTube channel in the writing space and a weekly newsletter for new writers. Bryan Collins runs this site with the help of a team of writers and editors.

Become a Writer Today Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Become A Writer Today?

The purpose of Become a Writer Today is to teach writers about the craft of writing, how to share their stories and get paid to write. We aim to achieve this by publishing informational and educational articles, books and courses. We also run a podcast and YouTube channel with the goal of educating writers. Learn more about Become A Writer Today.

Who started Become A Writer Today?

Bryan Collins started Become a Writer Today in 2014. Living an hour outside Dublin in Ireland, Bryan is a former journalist and copywriter.

He’s also a USA Today bestselling author. These days, Bryan Collins runs Become a Writer Today full-time with the help of a team of writers. You can contact Bryan on Twitter or X.

Who’s the official company behind Become A Writer Today?

Become a Writer Today Ltd. owns this website. It is an Irish-registered limited liability company registered with the Irish Company Registration Office in 2019.

How do you protect my privacy?

Become a Writer Today will always keep your details safe and never sell customer information. To learn more, read our privacy policy.

Who writes your content?

A team of writers writes and edits all content on this site. This team includes self-published authors, freelance writers, copywriters and subject matter experts. Learn more about our writing team.

What writing topics do you cover?

We cover a variety of writing topics including, but not limited to, writing tips, writing prompts, books to read, freelance writing, getting paid to write, copywriting, writing with AI, marketing for writers, building authority, self-publishing, content marketing and strategy. Browse our archive to learn more.

What’s your review process for writing apps and tools?

We regularly review the latest writing apps and tools. We test key features by checking how these apps work and considering how they can help writers of all types.

We test these apps with writing samples range from several hundred to several thousand words. Typically, we use the web, desktop and browser version of these writing apps. We factor in price, ease of use and functionality. Our team regularly updates these reviews.

Do you use A.I. to write your content?

We do not currently use AI to write content. However, we use AI to research and prepare ideas for content. All of our content is fully vetted, edited and checked by our editorial team.

Who do I contact if I have questions about your site or its content?

If you have questions about our site or its content, please contact us.

How does your site make money?

Become A Writer Today earns money from display advertising, affiliate promotions and the sales of courses, books and other digital products.

Do you accept guest articles, story ideas and news pitches?

We do not accept guest posts, guest writers or link exchanges of any kind. We do not reply to these types of pitches. So please don’t send them.

We sometimes review writing apps, courses and relevant writing products although we cannot reply to every email. If you don’t hear from us, please assume it’s not a good fit.

How do I advertise on your site?

To enquire about advertising, please contact us or review our Advertise With Us page. Please note, we do not accept sponsored posts or paid links

Do you have a media or press kit?

Our press kit provides information about Become a Writer Today, its audience as well as assets like our logo.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

To subscribe to Become a Writer Today, join us. We’ll send you a free book and our latest advice about writing. We send weekly writing advice to over 25,000 subscribers.