What Are the Top Article Writing Topics?

Are you looking for the best article writing topics? See below for the top 10 article writing topics to engage your audience and bring your blog to life!

It can be difficult to generate new ideas and topics when creating content. You may be a blog writer, run your own social media account, or are interested in digital marketing. Whatever your niche, these top 10 article topics will give you the creative spark you need to write your next great article.

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Top Article Writing Topics
Top Article Writing Topics

1. Personal and Lifestyle

If you are looking for your next article topic, consider writing about a personal experience or lifestyle topic. When dealing with writer’s block, one of the quickest ways to overcome it is by looking at your past or current events. Consider using your personal experiences to write an article. 

You may think that your life is boring, but you have had numerous experiences that other people will find interesting. Some of the ideas you may want to use include:

  • Vacations and holiday experiences
  • Sports activities
  • Musical activities
  • Funny anecdotes from day-to-day interactions with friends and family
  • Pets
  • Cooking and meal plans
  • Any travels you might have been on
  • Funny shows and concerns you might have attended

You might be surprised by how many people are interested in things that have happened in your life.

2. Top Must-Read Books

Another great article idea is to create a list of your favorite books. You can even use this idea to start a fun series if you are a blogger. For example, you may want to break up different books into different categories. 

  • Create a list of your favorite mystery books. For example, you might want to include an Agatha Christie novel in this list, such as And Then There Were None.
  • Create a list of your favorite horror novels. For example, you might want to include It by Stephen King in this list.
  • Create a list of your favorite works of historical fiction. For example, you might want to include The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara, in this list.
  • Create a list of your favorite fantasy novels. For example, you might want to include the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

Bookworms love to read, so include relevant information and recommendations in your article! Your readers will be avid book readers and will want to find new and interesting books to read.

3. Local News and Events 

Top Article Writing Topics: Local News and Events
By writing about current events, you will drive more traffic to your website

If you are writing for a local audience, you may want to create a roundup of the top upcoming events in your area. By writing about current events, you will drive more traffic to your website and can also promote fun upcoming activities in your local community.

Some of the events you may want to write about include:

  • Local musical concerts or comedy shows 
  • Fun sports events involving high school, college, or professional teams
  • Local events at the dog park
  • Events put on by local breweries
  • Discounts and deals at local retail stores
  • Special events at local restaurants

You can expand this to include bigger events that might be happening. For example, if there is a popular sporting event, a popular band coming to town, or a significant celebration occurring, you can write about this in your article.

4. Current Events

When in doubt, look at current events. There is always something happening in the world that you can write about, and you can probably tie this to your audience’s interests. For example, you might have seen a recent news story about geopolitics. Even if you do not consider yourself an expert in this area, you may want to summarize the article for your readers.

Or, if there was a recent scientific study published, you may want to talk about this if it is relevant to your audience. For example, you might find a scientific study on global warming, a new medication, or something happening in space.

Not all of your articles on current events have to be serious. For example, you may want to write a news article on the Oscars or Grammy Awards if it is the right time of year. You can even talk about what is happening in celebrity news if you think your audience is interested.

5. “Have You Ever … ?” Article

Perhaps you are looking for a way to engage with your audience. You may want to write a “have you ever” article to do this. The idea behind this article is relatively straightforward. First, you will write an article about something you have done. Then, you’ll ask your audience to respond or comment on the article about similar things they have (or have not) done.

A few ideas for this article include:

  • Have you ever traveled outside of the country?
  • Have you ever gotten into a fight with one of your siblings?
  • Have you ever had one of your friends call you in the middle of the night to pick them up from the bar?
  • Have you ever been caught cheating on a test?
  • Have you ever gotten locked out of your house?
  • Have you ever had your credit card stolen?
  • Have you ever thrown up while drinking too much?
  • Have you ever missed a flight at the airport?

This is a great way to encourage your audience to share some of their experiences with you. You might even find that one of their experiences could serve as the foundation of a future article. 

6. Educational Experiences

Everyone goes to school growing up, but everyone has a slightly different experience, so your experience in high school is probably different from your readers’ experiences.

Because every education system is different, consider pulling out some of the unique experiences you had in school growing up. Then, see if your readers are willing to share theirs. You might find that you can use some of their experiences to create a future article. 

You may even want to consider starting a series. For example, you may write one article on elementary school, one on middle school, and one on high school. A few topics include:

  • Who was your best friend in elementary school, and what did you do?
  • What type of trouble did you get into in middle school?
  • What were your most challenging classes in high school, and how did you deal with them?
  • How did you decide where to go to college?

Ask your readers for comments. They might have some good ideas you can use.

7. Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental health is one of the most important issues facing today’s healthcare system. Just about everyone has thought about their mental health at some point. This topic could serve as a launchpad for your next article.

There are plenty of directions you can take this. Some of the ideas for articles you can write regarding mental health include:

  • Most important signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions.
  • Mental health struggles and how you overcame them
  • Tips for taking care of your mental health
  • Common stressors and how to process them
  • Top music for dealing with stress
  • Who to talk to for mental health issues
  • When to seek the care of a mental health professional
  • How to talk about mental health issues with loved ones

Everyone struggles with their mental health from time to time, and by writing an article on mental health, you bring up important topics. You can break down barriers that make it easier for your audience to talk about their mental health with people close to them. 

8. Content Marketing

Top Article Writing Topics: Content Marketing
Content marketing could be a great idea for an article topic

 If you are writing articles for content marketing purposes, consider creating a piece of writing that specifically talks about content marketing.

For example, you may want to write an article on the different types of content marketing. For example, some people might create infographics, while others might create videos. You can even write an article about how to start a podcast, as this is a form of content marketing that is growing quickly in popularity. 

You could even write an article that talks about search engine optimization. This is usually shortened to SEO, and there is a good chance that you use SEO tools to help you improve the ranking of your articles. This could be a great idea for an article topic.

9. Trending Topics 

If you want your article to gain some traction, you can look at trending topics on various social media platforms. For example, you may want to go to Twitter to see what is currently trending. 

Writing about trending topics is a great idea because it could help your article rank better. If a topic is trending, this is a sign that it is very popular and will result in lots of interest and views for your article.

Before you start writing, think about what your audience is interested in. Then, take a look at the training topics to see any overlap. This is a great way to find a topic for your next article. 

10. How-To Articles

Everyone likes to learn new skills, so consider beginning a series of how-to articles. Consider your audience, and see what they might be interested in. 

You may want to start a series of how-to articles that focuses on plumbing. A few possible ideas include:

  • How to stop a faucet from dripping
  • How to fix a leaking shower
  • How to change the temperature on the water heater
  • How to increase the water pressure in the kitchen sink
  • How to unclog a drain without damaging the pipes
  • How to prevent items from getting stuck in the sink 

You can also go to social media to see the most popular technology devices. Then, consider writing a few how-to articles that show people how to use these devices. A few ideas include:

  • How to jailbreak an app to remove ads
  • How to create a strong password on your phone
  • How to increase the internet speed on your computer
  • How to find the MAC address on a computer, Roku, or Chromecast
  • How to set up a Google home
  • How to change your cookie settings on a website
  • How to pull the Internet history from the router in your home 

If you have an audience that is interested in handyman activities, a few possible topics include:

  • How to easily start a push lawn mower
  • How to remove weeds without harming your back
  • How to cut planks of wood safely
  • How to sharpen knives in the kitchen
  • How to reset the circuit breaker in the home
  • How to change a flat tire on your car
  • How to change the oil on your car
  • How to install shelves in your home evenly
  • How to hang pictures evenly

There is a never-ending list of topics you can use. Once you post your articles, collect feedback from your audience to see what they like and what they don’t like. You can use this as a source of inspiration for future articles.

FAQs About Article Writing Topics

What do I need to do if I want to generate more ideas for my articles?

It would be best to think about what is interesting to you and what your audience might be interested in. Consider drawing from your life experiences, the local news, or some trending topics on social media platforms. You can also survey the topics your readers want to see in your next blog post.

How can I improve my article writing skills?

The easiest way to improve your article writing skills is by practice. Explore different niches and subjects. Write for a variety of clients and editors. Seek feedback from readers as well as those paying you to write articles. Then, use this information to figure out what to improve at.

If you are interested in learning more, check out these essay writing topics!

What is best article for a magazine?

The “best” article for a magazine can vary depending on the magazine’s target audience, theme, and goals, but generally, a compelling and well-researched article that offers unique insights, engages readers emotionally, and provides valuable information or entertainment tends to be highly regarded.

What are some good topics to write about?

Good topics to write about include personal development, health and wellness, technology and innovation, travel and exploration, environment and sustainability, arts and culture, social issues, science and discovery, business and entrepreneurship, and parenting and family. It’s important to choose a topic that aligns with your interests and resonates with your audience, and providing unique perspectives and valuable insights can make your writing engaging and impactful. Remember to conduct research and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in your chosen field.

How do I find topics to write an article?

Finding topics to write an article can be an exciting and creative process. Here are some strategies to help you find inspiration:
1. Brainstorming
2. Research
3. Social Media
4. Google Trends
5. Competitors
6. Industry Events
7. Ask your audience
8. Personal experiences
9. Interviews
10. Keyword research

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