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Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” More contemporary creatives say it combines old ideas in different ways.

Don’t worry if you’re not a creative genius. This resource contains creative writing tips, advice, and guides. They will help you make connections between creative projects and turn them into products like books and courses that you can ship and sell.

You can also listen to interviews with other creative experts and New York Times best-selling authors who understand where to find great ideas and what to do with them.

This resource contains insights and extracts from The Power of Creativity, a popular three-part series for writers, artists, and anyone who wants to tap into the creative mind. We also cover some other popular creativity books.

Creative Easter Writing Prompts

101 Creative Easter Writing Prompts

Discover Easter writing prompts for young minds and creative writing enthusiasts! Be inspired by this religious holiday and learn its traditions and symbology. If your child is writing an essay or story about Easter, our Easter writing prompts will provide inspiration and insight into the holiday’s rich history and traditions. It’s also an excellent way …

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Dear John letter

Dear John Letter – Meaning, Origin & Correct Usage

Are you confused about what a dear John letter is? Let’s learn more about where this correspondence came from and how to use the term correctly. You might have heard mention of a Dear John letter in pop culture and found yourself confused if the recipient’s name wasn’t John. So, what is a Dear John …

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Albatross around my neck

Albatross Around My Neck – Idiom Meaning & Origin

Are you scratching your head at the idiom “albatross around my neck”? We’ll explain the origins of this phrase and what it means so you can use it in your writing. You might have come across the phrase “albatross around my neck” when reading or during a conversation with someone and had no idea what …

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