Where To Read Good Articles Online: Top 10 Online Publishers

In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to access exciting articles. Discover where to read good articles in this article.

If you’re like most Americans, you start every day by picking up your phone and taking a look at short articles that give you a clue into what’s going on in the world, provide you with life hacks to make your life easier, and give life lessons for your to consider.

In a day and age where social media reigns king, it makes sense that many people are more interested in free content that’s educational, engaging, and kicks your day off on a positive note. So when you choose to read vetted articles instead of random viral social media posts, you’ll know you’re getting proven information that you can put to good use in your daily life.

Whether you’re looking for self-improvement advice, personal finance information, an unbiased news source, or life hacks that make it easier to get through the day, it can be tough to know what’s worth reading–and what’s not. So here, we’ve compiled the top places to go when you want to read the best articles to clue you into what’s happening in the world around you.

1. The New Yorker

Where to read good articles online: The New Yorker
The magazine is known in the literary world as one of the best places for readers to enjoy in-depth reporting

Known as one of the top names in American journalism for nearly a century, The New Yorker is a highly respected weekly magazine known for its essays, fiction, cartoons, poetry, journalism, satire, and social commentary. The magazine is known in the literary world as one of the best places for readers to enjoy in-depth reporting. 

The New Yorker is known for taking the news and pop culture topics and covering them in new and unusual ways. While some of the magazine’s in-depth pieces require a time commitment to read, others are quick and punchy, perfect for a fast morning brief. In addition to current events, The New Yorker also publishes deep, moving stories about love, life, family, aging, and more.

2. The Huffington Post

Founded in 2005 by political activist Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post is left-leaning news, opinion, and essay site that partners with companies and writers to provide readers with an overarching view of what’s happening in America–and around the world. HuffPost publishes news and think pieces and can provide readers with a place to get quick news and dive deep into interesting topics.

3. The New York Times

With a heavy focus on the U.S and world news, The New York Times is regarded as one of the most reliable sources in journalism today. While The Times publishes satire, essays, and opinion pieces, it is best known for its to-the-minute coverage of happenings worldwide. The Times started in the mid-1800s and was established as a trustworthy news source, different from the popular sensationalist magazines and newspapers many readers enjoyed during that time. By the early 1900s, The Times was regarded as one of the best publications in the world due in part to its extensive coverage of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

4. Quora

Not a news site, not a social media site–Quora is something in between the two. The platform allows users to ask and answer questions, connecting people worldwide by providing a space to share real-life experiences and advice.

Questions asked and answered on Quora range from the humorous (users asking parents about the worst their child has ever behaved in public) to the serious (users asking others about what seemingly minor health symptoms they’ve experienced are indicative of a severe problem). While any user can answer a question on Quora, some users have profiles that share their expertise with others.

5. Lifehacker

Interested in doing everything better? Lifehacker provides the tools and tips you need to be a little better in every aspect of life, from relationships to cooking to decorating your home. The articles from writers at Lifehacker won’t just help you boost your knowledge of both popular and everyday topics–they’ll also make you laugh with their witty senses of humor and ability to make any topic interesting.

6. Business Insider

Where to read good articles online: Business Insider
The website provides unbiased coverage of interesting day-to-day life topics and world news

Looking for ideas on the ways to get the most bang for your buck when you’re grocery shopping? Check out product reviews to learn more about what to add to your Christmas list. Looking to stay up to date on the latest financial and tech news? Business Insider has you covered. The website provides unbiased coverage of interesting day-to-day life topics and world news. Setting Business Insider to your home page on your laptop can be an intelligent way to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world (and to browse fun articles when you’re stuck on a never-ending conference call).

7. Medium

Looking for dynamic new ideas from a variety of perspectives? You’ll love the unique takes that Medium has to offer. The website collects ideas, essays, and articles from people with varying perspectives, providing readers with a place where they can read material that helps them learn to see the world in a different light. When you’re reading Medium, it’s essential to know that anyone can submit writing to the site, and you’ll want to double-check author credentials if you’re using the site for factual information.

8. Forbes

Whether you’re a business owner or want to know how the economy will affect your life, Forbes is the place to go for business and financial news. While Forbes is known for its financial coverage, it’s also a great source of world news, lifestyle articles, and more.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans with federal student loans, you’ll want to keep an eye on what Forbes says about the changes the government is currently making to your repayment options. Forbes is widely regarded as a trusted financial news source, so if you’re writing a paper or citing a source to inform business decisions, it’s wise to check out what Forbes says before moving forward.

9. National Geographic

Ready to travel the world without leaving your town (or your home)? You’ll want to be sure to add National Geographic to your favorite article sources list. National Geographic’s journalism style is immersive and helps you feel transported to new areas of the world. Whether you’re looking to learn more about current crises in the world or want to get to know the culture of another country, National Geographic can take you where you want to go. While the magazine is known for its articles, the website also offers documentaries and other videos, helping you learn more about animals, culture, and more.

10. Psychology Today

Where to read good articles online: Psychology today
Articles from Psychology Today can also help navigate challenging situations, like figuring out what to say to a friend or coworker following the passing of a loved one

Wondering why your parents do that thing they do? Not sure how to get a handle on your anxiety at work? Psychology Today offers in-depth research and simple tips to help you live a happier, healthier life. If you’re not a psychology buff, no worries. The articles on the site break down complicated psychological concepts into simple terms and tips that you can use to boost your relationships, both with others and with yourself. Articles from Psychology Today can also help navigate challenging situations, like figuring out what to say to a friend or coworker following the passing of a loved one.

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