10 of the Best Content Writing Courses for Freelance Writers

Getting started with content writing is sometimes challenging, but content writing courses can give you the knowledge and skill you need.

Making a living, and a good one, as an online freelance content writer is possible. However, to do so, you need some basic writing skills and knowledge of the content writing world. Content writing courses can give you that.

Content writing is more than just having solid language and grammar skills. You also need to know how to communicate with your audience. You must know how to reach an online audience with content that is engaging and compelling.

If you are looking for content writing courses to help you deliver this to clients and build an income through online writing, here is everything you need to know.

Top content writing courses

Content Writing Is Different than Other Types of Writing

First, you must understand the difference between content writing and other types of writing. There are generally three basic categories of writing, which include:

  • Fiction writing — Fiction writing includes stories, novels, screenplays, short stories, poetry and prose.
  • Non-fiction writing — Essays, opinion articles, newspaper articles, most business writing, press releases, biographies and other factual pieces make up non-fiction writing.
  • Content writing — Content writing has a goal of conversion, or making the reader perform an action, and can include all types of digital marketing, including blogs, social media posts, landing pages, website content, reports, ecommerce descriptions and other types of online copywriting.

Because content writing has a goal of conversion, it can include both fiction and nonfiction style writing. The main differentiator for this form of creative writing is that ultimate goal of conversion.

Breaking Down Content Writing Further

The definition of content writing is:

Creating content for the web that is used for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing illustration
With content writing, companies want to convert readers into customers

This sounds quite vague, and for good reason. Many different types of content fall under the digital marketing auspice. This involves several factors, including:

  • Writing the content
  • Planning a content strategy
  • Understanding search engine optimization
  • Applying SEO techniques to the writing
  • Engaging on social media
  • Knowing how to write to a specific audience

Regardless of the tools used, the end goal is the same. With content writing, companies want to convert readers into customers, newsletter sign-ups or new contacts. Quality content helps them reach that goal.

Want to Learn Content Writing? Consider Content Writing Courses

Content Writing Courses
How to become an effective content writer

To make an effective content writing business, you need solid writing skills, but you also need to understand digital marketing, search engine optimization and content strategy planning. All of these are skills that you can learn with content writing courses such as these:

1. Content Marketing Masterclass

The Content Marketing Masterclass on Udemy not only teaches writing skills, but it also helps new content writers understand copywriting, SEO, marketing and overall content creation. It outlines the cognitive buying journey and how a freelance content writer can guide people along that path.

2. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

This course from Northwestern University is on Coursera. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization teaches freelancers and other content marketers how to generate ideas that will resonate with a target audience. It also teaches how to understand that audience to better use written content to bring the right emotions and action to the forefront.

3. Become a Freelance Copywriter

For new freelance writers, this course will teach how to build a business from the ground up. If you already have writing skills, this focuses on the mechanics of building a freelance business instead of the “how to write” tips you might find elsewhere. Sign up for Become a Freelance Copywriter to get the skills you need to fast-track your new freelancing business.

4. Copywriting Secrets – How to Write Copy That Sells

The goal of online content creation is to convert, and conversion often means selling. Copywriting Secrets – How to Write Copy That Sells will show you how to write content that gets the desired action from the site’s reader. This includes finding your voice and writing ideal copy that speaks to your audience.

5. Content Is King: Writing Killer Content for Web & Marketing

If you need to learn how to write web content, this is where to start. Remember, this type of writing is different from fiction and non-fiction writing for publications. You need to learn how to write for the web, how to edit for the web and how to convert with what you write, and Content Is King will show you how.

6. LinkedIn Learning Free Content Marketing Courses

When you’re launching a content writing business, you may not have the funds to invest in a paid course, but LinkedIn has a number of free content marketing courses you can take. These are video courses without tests or quizzes, but they can give you the information you need to successfully launch your new business.

7. The Strategy of Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy is just as important as content writing skills, and the Strategy of Content Marketing course on Coursera will teach you how to develop and implement your online marketing strategy. It will also discuss metrics to analyze to see if your content and marketing strategy are working.

8. SkillShare Online Writing Classes

Brush up your writing skills and content marketing techniques for free with the Online Writing Classes from SkillShare. These cover many different topics and are self-paced, so you can start where you need to start to learn the appropriate skills.

9. Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing

Writing Tools & Hacks gives you the tools and apps you need to improve your copywriting and content writing. This course teaches you how to write efficiently, create effective headlines and use tools already available to you to improve your writing and its conversion. It also tackles how you can keep fresh ideas flowing at all times.

10. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

You cannot be successful with a content writing online business if you do not understand SEO, and this online course will teach you the fundamentals of how to optimize your online content to appeal to the search engines. This science can be hard to master, but the Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals course will outline it all for you so you can confidently offer optimized content to your clients.

The Final Word on Content Writing Courses

Content writing courses can help you fill in the gaps in your understanding of online marketing and writing for the web. Whether you need to learn more about SEO, targeting and reaching an audience, technical writing or working as a blogger, you can find a course that covers the topic.

Take advantage of these online courses, and launch a successful content creation business to put your writing skills to work.


  • Nicole Harms has been writing professionally since 2006. She specializes in education content and real estate writing but enjoys a wide gamut of topics. Her goal is to connect with the reader in an engaging, but informative way. Her work has been featured on USA Today, and she ghostwrites for many high-profile companies. As a former teacher, she is passionate about both research and grammar, giving her clients the quality they demand in today's online marketing world.

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