Rytr Review: Is It Worth It?

Rytr is an AI writing tool that can help you create blog posts, articles, and more. Learn more in this Rytr review.

We’ve all faced writer’s block – whether you’re writing long-form articles or social media posts. Sometimes, it’s just tricky to create high-converting content again and again. 

Rytr seeks to break through this writer’s block by creating a copy in seconds. You just type in some context, and it does the rest for you. But how effective is Rytr? Is it worth figuring out how to use its web of features? Keep reading for our complete review of this AI writing tool. 

Rytr Review Methodology

Rytr Review

For this article, I used Rytr to create a variety of different types of content. I had it rewrite whole articles, create social media posts, and craft outlines. I even had it help me write this article!

I gave it challenging topics in an attempt to make it mess up. In short, we played around with very niche questions and topics. 

I made a point to test it out for articles in different industries – and it performed better in some niches than others. 

What Is Rytr?

Rytr is an AI that helps create content for just about anything – including blog posts, social media posts, and ads. It can even write song lyrics (or attempt to, anyway) and supports many different languages. 

Rytr Review: New document
Rytr can even write song lyrics (or attempt to, anyway) and supports many different languages

The content it produces is plagiarism-free. 

There are tons of helpful features built into the program that makes it fun to use. For instance, you can have it write a paragraph based on a heading. When you combine this tool with the outline tool, you can flesh out a somewhat decent article in a few moments. 

The main selling point of Rytr is that it does allow you to use it for free – for a bit. After that, you have to purchase credits, though these are pretty affordable. 

How Does Rytr Work?

My experience with Rytr was a bit hit-and-miss. There are some things that it is very good at doing. 

For instance, it is pretty good at rewriting and improving existing content. Its product descriptions were quite great – as long as I provided it with an already existing product description. If you’re working across multiple websites with similar content, this tool may be a helpful timesaver when it comes to rewriting. 

I could also see it being used as an editing program. For example, if you need to clean up some copy quickly, it may help you self-edit using the improved tool.

However, when I tried to generate new content, it didn’t do such a good job. For instance, I attempted to create an article on dog food using the directions provided by the company itself. But, most of the information it spat out at me was incorrect or broke off at random places. 

When I attempted to craft a Rytr review, the outline was pretty decent (though I didn’t end up using it). However, after using the paragraph command, the content quickly turned south, as you can see from these screenshots.

Rytr Review: New document
Most of the information it spat out at me was incorrect or broke off at random places
Rytr Review: New document
When I attempted to craft a Rytr review, the outline was pretty decent

I also fed it some pretty niche questions, such as the difference between particular types of ammunition. However, the answers it wrote about these questions were blatantly incorrect. 

Rytr Review: New document
Rytr may help get ideas and clean up content, but you can’t expect it to write a blog

It seems that Rytr may help get ideas and clean up content, but you can’t expect it to write a blog post for you. 

Key Features

Lots of Content Generation Options

You can have Rytr generate content about just about anything. I had it write song lyrics, outlines, blog posts, interview questions, and metadata. It can write nearly any type of content you may need it to. 

The program seems to work best for short-form content. For instance, it is pretty good at social media posts and emails. For long-form content, it’s going to need a lot of handholding. While it’s pretty good at writing introductions, it can’t write whole articles – despite having a blog post option. 

Additional AI Writing Tools

This program includes plenty of tools for you to utilize. You can improve your sentences, which involves fixing your grammar and spelling. The rephrase tool is excellent for those who want to craft different sentences surrounding the same ideas. 

The paragraph tool was probably the tool I used the most. The AI can generate a paragraph if you select a short number of characters (like a heading). You can use this to answer questions efficiently. 

However, as I said, the answers aren’t always correct. 

Basic AI Grammar Checking

This program has some very basic grammar checking. Using the improve tool, you can fix basic grammar and spelling problems. 

However, that isn’t the primary function of AI. It doesn’t provide grammar checks or anything of that sort. You can’t tell it to check a whole article for Grammar, but you could tell it to improve an entire article. 

It can also reformat sentences, turning passive voice to active voice. 

Why You Can Trust Me

I’m a full-time freelance writer that has crafted content in a variety of niches. I used Rytr to compose multiple articles and other sorts of content. Thanks to my experience in various niches, I could try the AI out in many different situations. 

I have also used some Rytr alternatives, such as WriteSonic. 

Some of my clients have also utilized Rytr in the past. So I understand why they decided to hire a full-time writer instead of relying on an AI. 

Testing Criteria

Many AI programs can write vague social media posts about familiar subjects. It also isn’t tough for them to re-create product descriptions and that sort of thing. However, I attempted to produce niche content rather than generic copy to get an accurate idea of how good Rytr’s AI is. 

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  • Kristin is a freelance writer who enjoys testing and reviewing the latest software for freelancers and bloggers. She's also an avid coffee drinker.

Rytr Review
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  • Overall

Rytr Review: The Bottom Line

Rytr is a decent AI software that can help you produce a variety of content. It can simplify and enhance your marketing strategy with its AI-driven, personalized review technology. Rytr is free to use for a small number of credits. These credits renew each month, so you can technically continue to use it free of charge each month.

A monthly subscription is relatively inexpensive, though. This AI is very good with short-form content. It can write answers to most questions easily and produce stellar social media content. It’s also great for rewriting content and can do some editing. However, it isn’t very good for long-form content. The outlines it provided were subpar, and the paragraph tool didn’t always produce things that made sense. Don’t expect it to replace an actual writer, but it can provide you with some quick content ideas.


  • Easy to use. Rytr is extremely easy to use. It takes only a few moments to get your bearings. Plus, their tutorials are great and very helpful.
  • Free to try. You can use a small number of units for free each month. Then, you can upgrade for a very affordable price for unlimited credits.
  • Generates original content. This AI produces utterly original content. No plagiarized content here!


  • Information isn’t always accurate. Based on my experience, the information the AI writes isn’t always correct. For example, it provided incorrect answers to questions multiple times.
  • Doesn’t write complete articles. You can’t expect this AI to write complete, long-form content. It can create decent outlines and some excellent intro paragraphs, but I had trouble getting substance out of it.
  • Some answers are vague. This AI tends to provide very vague sentences. It doesn’t say much. It may be helpful for writing introductions or conclusions, but not the actual meat of the article.