Best Courses for Copywriting: 5 Courses to Improve Your Skill

Discover the best courses for copywriting to transform your writing into a successful business.

If you have good writing skills, you can have a successful business as an online copywriter. Yet it takes more than just being able to write.

You also need to understand email marketing, direct response writing, blogging, and more, and the best courses for copywriting will teach you all of this.

5 Best Courses for Copywriting

The best courses for copywriting – 5 courses to improve your skill

If you are going to invest your money in an online copywriting course, you want to know that you are investing well. Here are the top five copywriting courses worth considering. 

1. OMCA Certification Test Prep From LinkedIn Learning

Who It’s For: This course works well for those who are trying to take the OMCA and need more training.

OMCA Certification Test Prep From LinkedIn Learning
Matt Bailey teaches the course, and he has 20 years of experience writing marketing copy

LinkedIn Learning’s OMCA Certification Test Prep focuses on marketing copywriting.

Students learn how to write in a way that will convert to clicks or sales, which is a skill that’s essential in this online world. After completing the course, you’ll be ready to take the Online Marketing Certified Associate exam (OMCA).

Matt Bailey teaches the course, and he has 20 years of experience writing marketing copy. This knowledgeable instructor goes through all of the main areas of the OMCA and offers students a practice exam. 

This course is affordable at $34.99 for the course. The practice exam is free.

  • Counts towards OMCA certification training requirements
  • Video-based learning
  • Practice examination available
  • Focused on digital marketing copy primarily
  • Just one instructor
  • No interaction with the teacher

2. Six-Figure Copywriting By AWAI

Who It’s For: Writers interested in becoming digital marketing copywriters can benefit from this course. It also works well for existing copywriters who want to increase their income and success.

Six-Figure Copywriting By AWAI
This course is a step-by-step course that provides hands-on instruction, encouraging writers to write as they learn

Six-Figure Copywriting is a course from the American Writers & Artists Institute that teaches copywriters how to earn six figures (and more) a year.

The course’s instructors include copywriters, marketers, and direct response companies who know their stuff. This course is a step-by-step course that provides hands-on instruction, encouraging writers to write as they learn.

This is a self-paced program and has the option to bid for a contract directly from AWAI. Many direct mail companies come to AWAI looking for writers, so this course could give you a heads up on job leads.

The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting costs $497. It includes videos, written content and assignments. It also has a members-only forum. You might also be interested in learning about copywriting swipe files.

  • Self-paced program
  • Writing exercises included
  • Money-back guarantee
  • High cost
  • May not deliver on the high-income promise
  • Information may be available elsewhere for less cost

3. Kopywriting Kourse

Who It’s For: Anyone who is looking into marketing writing and wants to get better at it, but does not have much money or time to invest.

Kopywriting Kourse
This course focuses on a copywriting formula known as AIDA, which makes effective writing

Kopywriting Kourse makes it on the list because it is a free copywriting course.

In just 25 minutes, you can learn what you need to write more effective copy from one of the best copywriters on the web, Neville. This course focuses on a copywriting formula known as AIDA, which makes effective writing.

Kopywriting Kourse focuses primarily on marketing copy. It teaches you how to write to sell. It also has resources and books you can use to learn more about copywriting.

Because Kopywriting Kourse is free and takes less than 30 minutes to complete, it is worthwhile for you to consider.

  • Free copywriting course
  • Focuses on customer-centered writing and sales copy
  • Teaches a copywriting formula
  • Not a comprehensive copywriting course
  • Not an interactive course
  • Designed for beginners, not experienced freelancers

4. Success Works

Who It’s For: Success Works is for the freelance copywriter focused on content writing that will show up online. If you are serious about starting and growing a copywriting business, this course is a good foundation.

Success Works
Success Works offers an SEO Copywriting Certification course and a B2B SEO Copywriting Certification course

If you are focusing on SEO copywriting, then Success Works is something you need.

This course is one of the few that issues an SEO copywriting certificate when you finish it. The teachers, which include names like Brian Clark and Duane Forrester, have many years of experience writing for the web and search engines.

SEO powers the World Wide Web. It’s not enough to write persuasive copy that appeals to the reader if the search engines can’t find your sales page. Success Works combines great search engine optimization training with copywriting instruction.

Success Works offers an SEO Copywriting Certification course and a B2B SEO Copywriting Certification course. The main course is $995, and the B2B version is $649. Installment payments are available. 

  • Offers certification
  • Trusted by major companies
  • Group training calls with excellent writers
  • High cost
  • Only covers SEO copywriting while ignoring press releases and email marketing
  • Does not teach how to be a better writer

5. The Creative Copywriter Academy

Who It’s For: Beginning freelance writers benefit from the step-by-step guidance and templates in this course. Established writers may find helpful information to grow their businesses as well.

The Creative Copywriter Academy
This app also helps you build a portfolio to launch your business

Creative Copywriter Academy takes a beginning freelance writer from nothing to a successful business as a copywriter. It teaches everything needed for successful freelancing and blogging businesses, including marketing and writing skills.

This is a self-paced, online course. It has many how-to posts that provide practical advice you can apply immediately. It also helps you build a portfolio to launch your business.

Currently, Creative Copywriter Academy costs $290. You can purchase individual courses separately as well.

  • Self-paced learning
  • Teaches how to grow a copywriting business from nothing
  • Portfolio building built into the program
  • No deadlines on assignments
  • Must purchase full content for best price
  • The certificate is not highly recognized by employers

A Final Word on the Best Courses for Copywriters

Copywriting can be a successful way to earn a little extra income or a full-time salary, but you need to know what you are doing. The best courses for copywriters will discuss the mechanics of writing as well as the online copywriting world.

As you decide what courses you will give your attention to, make these six at the top of your list. 

FAQs On The Best Courses For Copywriters

What is the best copywriting course?

The best copywriting course is one that will give you a comprehensive guide to content writing and the business of freelancing.

Some top options include:
1. OMCA Certification Test Prep from LinkedIn Learning
2. Six-Figure Copywriting
3. Creative Copywriter Academy
4. Success Works
5. Kopywriting Kourse

Why should I take a copywriting course?

A copywriting course can help you learn the skills you need to write to an online audience. It can also teach you how to build a copywriting business into a successful source of income.

Resources For Copywriters

Writing effective copy takes time, practice and study. If you need help, check out our guides: