Work With a LinkedIn Content Strategist

LinkedIn content marketing is a grind unless you’ve a clear plan for what to publish and when.

My LinkedIn content strategy service will give you or your business company a publishing plan. It’s easy to follow and will help you find clients and customers.

I’ll critique your current LinkedIn content strategy and your account. I’ll provide recommendations based on your business goals. You can order an affordable 60-minute call, or we can also discuss a custom service.

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I can help you put together a LinkedIn content plan.

67 Million Companies Use LinkedIn. Do You?

LinkedIn claims over one billion users worldwide, with over 67 million company profiles. However, a big difference exists between LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Facebook or X. 

It’s easy for LinkedIn creators and business owners to reach their ideal customers and clients… without spending money on paid advertising. The reach and engagement on LinkedIn exceeds any other network.

It pays to invest in a LinkedIn content strategy, but many business owners hold off on publishing content. They’re also unsure how to connect with potential clients and customers without writing salesy LinkedIn InMail messages.

The answer? Publishing on LinkedIn regularly and connecting with your ideal customers and clients can help you and your business earn more money. Then, you can easily attract more customers and clients without spending money on paid advertising.


Need Help With Your LinkedIn Content Strategy?

Do you sometimes feel like posting on LinkedIn is a waste of time because your reach and engagement are low? Perhaps your existing LinkedIn content plan isn’t reaching the right customers and clients?

LinkedIn content should deliver a return on investment for your business. But it’s easy to waste hours each week creating content that doesn’t attract the right clients or customers, let alone convert. 

I can help you improve your LinkedIn content to reach your ideal audience. Together, we’ll create a LinkedIn content strategy that delivers results for your business.

 LinkedIn account review 🧐

Get a review of your existing LinkedIn account and content so you can figure out what’s working and what to change.

Save hours each month 🕥

Get a review or critique of existing pieces of content so you can figure out what’s working.

Find LinkedIn content ideas fast 💡

Discover the right way to research LinkedIn content ideas that attracts the right types of LinkedIn followers… followers who turn into clients and customers.

Publish the right types of content 💡

LinkedIn publishing shouldn’t take hours each week. Discover how to write and publish a month’s content in just 90 minutes.

Generate more leads 📧

If you’re already publishing on LinkedIn, discover how to connect with potential clients and customers without scaring them off.

Don’t waste content you’ve invested in 🗑️

Discover how to improve existing pieces of LinkedIn content so they earn your business more money.

Repurpose your great hits 🧠

Get a simple system to build a library of LinkedIn content that reaches and converts your ideal clients and customers. This library will help you attract leads naturally.

Curious about AI content? 🤖

Get a primer on what you should and shouldn’t do when using tools like ChatGPT to create LinkedIn content.

Maximise your ROI 😊

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn for marketing, find out what types of LinkedIn content to create and what to do once it goes live.

Need a LinkedIn content calendar 📆 ?

Learn the surprisingly easy way to build a LinkedIn content calendar that everyone on your team or your company can use.

Your competitive analysis 🙌

I can compare your LinkedIn account to other profiles and brands and explain what’s working.

Track Your LinkedIn Content Goals 🎯

Discover how to set clear KPIs for your LinkedIn content and what you must do each week to achieve them.


LinkedIn Content Strategy

Get a simple LinkedIn plan to help you determine how to plan and prioritise your content plan. It’ll save you time and money each month.

LinkedIn Content Strategy

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

I’ll review your LinkedIn profile and provide clear next steps about what to change and update so your profile converts visitors into clients and customers.


Using LinkedIn for Business

Get a simple system to build a content library of LinkedIn content that reaches and converts your ideal clients and customers. This library will help you attract leads naturally. 

Using LinkedIn for Business

My name is Bryan Collins

I’ve over a decade of experience creating content for businesses, working as a content strategist, technology journalist, and website publisher. I use LinkedIn to acquire clients and grow my business.

 As a LinkedIn content strategy consultant, I helped an FTSE-100 company manage its LinkedIn profiles worldwide.

On our discovery call, I’ll review your current LinkedIn content. I’ll provide clear next steps for improving your LinkedIn profile and content. You’ll get a LinkedIn content plan you can use immediately.

Do you have questions about working with a LinkedIn content strategy consultant? 

We can discuss a custom LinkedIn content strategy package. Read about Become a Writer Today or find me on LinkedIn

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