Want to Grow Your Business? Get Content Marketing Consulting

Stop spending time and money on content that fails to deliver a return on investment. Instead, create and publish content that grows your business faster.

As a content marketing consultant, I can offer your business a comprehensive plan that’s easy to follow.

Schedule an affordable 60-minute consultation. I’ll review your content marketing strategy and offer tailored recommendations aligned with your business goals. We can also explore bespoke services.

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I can help you put together a plan like this one.

One In Two Businesses Are Spending More On Content in 2024. Are you?

That’s according to research from HubSpot. Which half is your business in?

Moreover, brand awareness is the no.1 goal for 80% of content marketers.

Content is leverage for small businesses today. Investing wisely in content marketing enhances your organic search rankings and attracts more customers and clients. You can do all this without spending thousands on paid ads.

Increase Brand Awareness

Common Content Creation Challenges

Are you struggling to decide what content to produce? Is your website content not driving sufficient organic traffic? Are you uncertain about which social media platforms suit your small business? Are you even tracking the right content marketing metrics?

Outstanding business content yields a significant ROI. It helps your target customers get what they want… while generating revenue for you. However, it’s easy to waste effort on content marketing efforts that don’t yield results.

If these challenges sound familiar, consider partnering with a content marketing consultant. I’m here to refine your digital marketing strategies, enabling you to create content that converts.

How We Collaborate on Content Marketing

I’ll evaluate your current website, landing pages, Google Analytics, and digital marketing initiatives. Based on your marketing goals, I’ll let you know which content formats and types to focus on next and how to enhance your existing content. Here’s a glimpse of how I can help your small business:

Stop spinning your wheels 🛞

Get off the content flywheel and create a content marketing plan that boosts website conversions.

Confused about SEO? 🤔

I’ll devise a clear SEO strategy to boost your organic traffic.

Generate more leads 📧

If you’re already attracting traffic, I’ll show you how to convert visitors into qualified leads and customers.

Optimize the content you’ve invested in 💪

Refine your content marketing efforts for better ROI.

Create content that converts 💰

Optimize the content you’ve invested in. Refine your content marketing efforts for better ROI.

Track what matters ️1️⃣

Use data to enhance your inbound digital marketing campaigns.

Use AI to create content 🤖

Considering AI for content creation? I’ll guide you on the dos and don’ts, including tools like ChatGPT.

Get feedback 🤔

Need feedback on your own content? Get a clear roadmap identifying what works.

Set content goals 🎯

Establish clear KPIs for your content and guide your team towards achieving them.

What A Content Audit Entails

I’ll inquire about your current content marketing strategy, digital marketing efforts, and content requirements. During a 60-minute consultation, we’ll tackle your specific needs, leaving you with an actionable plan for immediate implementation.

Content Marketing Consulting Guarantee

Please email me if you have questions about my services or want a customized solution. I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. Use the insights to refine your strategy, achieve your business objectives, or receive a full refund. You can inquire for pricing details.

My name is Bryan Collins

Over a decade, I’ve honed my skills as a full-time content marketer working with award-winning digital marketing teams in the SaaS sector.

My projects ranged from customer case studies to comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, and my work has been featured in Forbes and Fast Company.

I’ve collaborated with content creators across various sectors and developed content-rich websites that attract over two million annual page views. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.

Enough about me! On our discovery call, I’ll ask about your current content strategy, digital marketing activities, and content needs. You’ll come away with a content plan you can implement immediately.

Bryan Collins, content strategist

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