Get Paid to Write Subtitles for YouTube: 12 Legit Sites To Make Money

If you are a skilled freelance writer with fast typing speed, you can get paid to write subtitles for YouTube and add another earning option to your work list.

As a freelance writer, you can get paid to write reviews, blog posts, emails, and even general website content. Yet there’s one platform you may not think to tap into as you look for writing work: YouTube. As YouTube and video content have continued to increase in popularity, a new writing job has also developed, which is the job of writing YouTube subtitles.  With this freelance role, you can get paid to watch YouTube while writing subtitles for the videos you watch. If you can get fast, you’ll find this quite lucrative.  

Subtitles allow the viewer to watch while the sound is lowered or even muted on their favorite YouTube videos. Subtitles can also clarify what the video says if the speaker is hard to understand, and they allow the watcher to read subtitles in a language other than that spoken in the video by using Google Translate.

As a bonus, subtitles are indexed by Google, and thus they can help a YouTube channel’s SEO by adding metadata to the video. YouTube used to use closed captioning to help hard-of-hearing watchers interact with videos but closed captioning doesn’t just caption the spoken words but also other sounds in the video that the viewer may want to hear. YouTube is phasing out this captioning service in exchange for more comprehensive and inclusive subtitle services.

How To Make Money Writing Subtitles for YouTube

1. Upwork

In Upwork, look for jobs labeled as closed captioning jobs or subtitlers, as both can apply to writing subtitles for YouTube

Upwork posts freelance writing jobs on a very extensive job board. Some of these are YouTube subtitler positions. Look for jobs labeled as closed captioning jobs or subtitlers, as both can apply to writing subtitles for YouTube. Remember that these jobs are not directly from Upwork but through the companies or individuals posting job ads. 

2. CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf has a job market it uses to match freelancers to jobs. Through this platform, you can find jobs that let you write subtitles for YouTube videos. You can also find other freelancing jobs, including social media posting, blogging, and general content marketing. Again, this platform posts job ads for other people or companies, so you won’t be working directly for CrowdSurf if you find a position. You might also be interested in our guide on the best way to get paid to write emails.

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an online job board that is unique because it promises none of their jobs are scams, so if you find a subtitle writer position here, you can apply confidently. All of the work is remote and offers the flexibility freelancers need. You will have to pay a small fee to become a member, but the promise of no scams is worth it for some applicants.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer gives freelance writers the option to bid on projects. This can be challenging if you are looking for jobs with a fair pay rate, as the buyer often goes with the lowest bidder. Still, this site is where you can find transcriber and subtitling jobs, especially if you are starting, and sign-up is free.

5. Vanan

Vanan is one of the best-known sites for transcription and captioning services. In addition to YouTube, they have many famous TV shows and online programs they post jobs for, so you can easily find jobs for captioning videos on this site. Subtitlers can also find available positions through popular YouTube channels, so you’ll definitely want to put this on your list as you look for places to write subtitles

6. Fiverr

This site was initially designed for jobs posted at $5 apiece, but it has grown into a true marketplace for artists and freelancers who can set their rates

Fiverr is a popular site among full-time freelancers. This site was initially designed for jobs posted at $5 apiece, but it has grown into a true marketplace for artists and freelancers who can set their rates. It allows you to post your skills for clients, and those looking for people to help with writing captions and subtitles can reach out with offers.


VITAC calls itself the “largest and most trusted captioning company” in the United States. Their captioning work has high-quality standards, so if you have good skills, this can be a place to find freelance work with a higher potential rate of pay. Not all of the jobs are subtitle jobs, but you will find several similar positions you can utilize to make money.

8. Rev services
Rev is another location to look for work if you are interested in transcription work and subtitler positions

Rev offers transcribing speech-to-text services, and this can allow YouTube creators to look for subtitle work as well. This is yet another location to look for work if you are interested in transcription work and subtitler positions. Like VITAC, it has other types of captioning work in addition to YouTube subtitling opportunities. 

9. Indeed

Indeed has jobs of all types for freelancers, including video production and subtitler services. If you want to add to your work-from-home portfolio, continue scanning this site to find ways to get paid to write, including roles as a subtitle. Check the site regularly, as jobs are posted daily.

10. Aberdeen

If you are looking for home jobs that are offline caption-producing producing jobs, Aberdeen is an excellent place to look. This company is religious and offers writing and edition positions for subtitlers. You would need to be comfortable watching and writing subtitles for videos with a religious theme, but they do have jobs in many different industries.

11. AI Media

AI Media has subtitling services for YouTube, Amazon, Mozilla, and Shopify. These jobs are primarily located in the UK and Australia, making this a good option for English subtitlers who do not live in the United States. Landing one of these jobs allows you to work for a trusted brand because AI Media draws top names. 

12. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe offers subtitling and transcription positions for work-at-home freelancers. This website requires you to pass an assessment exam that shows your skills. Still, it is an excellent option for people with transcription or subtitling experience who want to add additional work to their portfolios. If you score well, then great opportunities may be right around the corner.

FAQs About Writing Youtube Subtitles For Money

What are the skills needed to be a YouTube subtitler?

To work as a YouTube subtitler, you must have a fast typing speed and good listening skills. Some subtitlers will use a pedal to slow and speed up the videos as they listen and type the transcription. Finally, you would need good grammar and spelling skills.

How much do you charge to write subtitles for YouTube?

Subtitling rates vary depending on the skill and experience of the subtitler. Typically this type of work is charged per minute of video time. The pay range can be between $1 per minute to $15 per minute. The faster you can do the subtitling work, the more you will make hourly.

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