Creative ThinkingOur list of biography posts and articles celebrate the best biographical authors that weave engaging stories about the lives of remarkable people. Our talented writers look at the best biography books and select top picks for you to read and enjoy. 

Studying biography writing can enhance writing skills such as developing a narrative voice, understanding character development, and storytelling. By reading biographies, you’ll gain an insight into the lives of the most exciting people, which can inspire readers to live fulfilling lives. 

Begin by reading the works of the best biography authors in our guide to gather insight into the achievements, challenges, and journeys of interesting individuals.

Best biographies to read

15 Best Biographies To Read

There are so many good books on the market, it is sometimes hard to know where to start your literary journey. Start off with a bestselling biography book that tells an interesting true story. Whether it be about a young man in the United States, a definitive biography on African American women from the twentieth century, or an inspiring life story, there are endless books out there that tell an incredible story. Here are some picks on the best biographies available to read.