17 Common Types of Magazines You Can Write For

There are countless types of magazines, from entertainment and pop culture to ones catering to niche hobbies. Let’s explore the options.

The magazine industry has had to adapt in recent years as more and more of its audience has migrated online, which is just one of the many reasons for the abundance of different types of magazines.

While the switch to online might sound concerning, there is a reason for optimism, with a recent study showing that the total number of magazine readers in the U.S. is holding strong (above 220 million). After all, as Mike McCue once said: “A magazine is so much more beautiful than what’s online.”

The average person is most familiar with consumer magazines, and these include women’s magazines, fashion magazines, and music magazines. These popular magazines are often described as “glossies” by people within the publishing world because of the paper they are printed on.

We’ve listed some different types of magazines to give you a better idea of what’s out there. You might also be interested in our guide on newspaper column ideas.

1. News And General Interest Magazines

Time Magazine
News And General Interest Magazines have more creative layouts and tend not to have a journalistic writing style

The umbrella term “news and general interest” covers many popular titles. These magazines often cover news items that the general public would be interested in.

Unlike newspapers, these publications have more creative layouts and tend not to have a journalistic writing style. You’ll also find reviews and occasionally product round-ups of gift guides. Learn more in our guide on how to write like a journalist.

AARP Bulletin is a perfect example, with a readership of 30,375,000. Its contents include magazine articles and news topics that would interest people over 55, such as financial management, health, politics, and opinion pieces. Other titles include The New Yorker and TIME Magazine. These resources are all great if you’re wondering where to read good articles online.

2. Food & Cooking Magazines

Cooking magazines have a strong base in the market. For example, from April 2019 to March 2020, BBC Good Food reached 13.9 million people in the U.K. per month.

These magazines provide their readers with recipes, product reviews, and tips and tricks for food preparation or storage. You might also find interviews with popular chefs on their pages. Popular titles include Relish, Taste of Home, and Food Network Magazine. We’ve compiled a long list of food writing examples like these.

3. Fashion Magazines

Vogue fashion magazine
Vogue continues to be one of the most recognizable brands on the planet

Look at any newsstand, and you will see beautiful faces looking back at you from the fashion magazines on their shelves. Fashion magazines are not only popular but also iconic staples of pop culture. These magazines detail the latest trends and fashion news while also providing advice on how to accessorize or recreate particular makeup looks.

To illustrate their popularity, let’s look at Vogue. From April 2019 to March 2020, it reached 13.9 million people in the U.K. alone when combining online and print magazine Readerships. It continues to be one of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Other popular American fashion magazines include InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar.

4. Technology Magazines

Tech magazines are great resources for their target audiences, with the likes of Wired, PC Gamer, and Popular Mechanics being a staple in many households. These magazines keep readers updated on the latest trends and releases within the industry while offering product reviews and tutorials.

According to Muck Rack, Chip, a German Magazine, is currently the most popular technology publication in the world.

5. Health Magazines

Health magazines provide aspirational content for their readership. Articles include workout guides, dietary plans, and discussions on healthier and happier lives.

According to Statista, AARP The Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on subjects relating to aging, was the leading U.S. consumer magazine in the second half of 2021, with a circulation of 22.89 million. Other well-known health magazines are Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Shape.

6. Children’s Magazines

If you are anything like me, you will remember that one of the highlights of going to the supermarket as a child was getting a magazine on your way out. You will be glad to know that kids are still enjoying the fruits of magazine publishing.

Some of the best titles on the market at the moment are Cocoa, National Geographic Kids and Dot. The content varies quite drastically per publication; some have comic strips, arts and crafts tutorials, activities, or educational resources. If you want to move your child away from their apps and screens and show them the joys of print media, these magazines are an excellent way to do so.

7. Business Magazines

Business magazines provide readers with information on the latest technology and trends to help their enterprises.

They also detail news, deals, and features that help keep entrepreneurs and business leaders ahead of the pack. You may also be able to read about start-ups or up-and-coming entrepreneurs or receive tips from the most successful people in the industry.

The most well-known is arguably Forbes, which reaches 150 million people monthly across all platforms, including the physical magazine. Some of the other most popular titles in this area are Inc., Harvard Business Review, and Fortune. Check our business writing explainer.

8. Travel Magazines

Travel magazines allow their readership to witness life in parts of the world that they may not have been to. Their content often includes travelogues, imagery, guides and recommendations.

National Geographic is a standout title in this area, in 2019, it garnered 30 million readers in the United States. Other popular publications are Travel + Leisure and Global Traveler.

9. Cultural Magazines

Cultural magazines are an excellent way to introduce more art into your life and get a first look at rising talent.

For instance, The New Yorker has published a long list of writers who will continue to have storied careers. They have also given several celebrities, such as Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg, a chance to show off their fiction writing skills.

Culture magazines also provide readers with an update on the goings-on in the arts world. Other popular titles include The New York Review of Books, Playbill and ArtForum.

10. Automotive Magazines

Car publications are amongst the most popular special interest magazines. These magazines share the latest news within the automotive industry and provide readers with reviews and maintenance advice.

Amongst the most widely read in the US are Car and Driver, Road & Track and Hot Rod. Car and Driver, for example, has a monthly audience of around 19.61 million readers.

11. Pet Magazines

Pet magazines are for owners who want to read up on how to keep their pets healthy. They also provide interesting stories from pet owners from around the globe.

These kinds of magazines are usually specific to one species of animal. So, if you have a cat, you won’t have to flick through pages and pages of content about dogs or hamsters to find what you’re looking for. Popular pet magazines include Dogs Today, Cat Fancy, and Horse&Rider.

12. Sports Magazines

You name the sport, and there is likely a popular magazine associated with it. Let’s take golf, for instance. Golf Digest’s monthly magazine reaches around 3.6 million people. When combined with its other platforms, the brand has a reach of almost 19 million people.

Hockey, football, and virtually all other games have accompanying titles. No matter your sporting interest, there is a title that can keep you up to date with the latest news and features. You’ll also find broader publications that cover a range of sports, like Sports Illustrated.

13. Entertainment Magazines

Entertainment magazines remain a popular source of news and features from the world of show business. Entertainment Weekly is one of the most popular magazines in this genre.

Although it has ceased publication of its print magazine, it still reaches many people via its online platform. Popular content for this type of magazine includes TV and movie reviews, celebrity gossip, and interviews. People, Us Weekly, and TV Guide are other genres of publications.

14. Gardening Magazines

Gardening magazines provide tips and advice for readers with green fingers. They typically detail when certain plants bloom and the best time to plant others. Some will even come with a small sachet of seeds.

Although a seemingly small niche, the May 2023 issue of BBC Gardeners’ World, sold 64,576 copies. Other popular titles include BBC Gardeners’ World, Grow Your Own, and Amaetur Garden.

This kind of magazine sometimes overlaps with interior design, such as The Good Housekeeping Gardening Collection or Better Homes and Gardens.

15. History Magazines

History magazines are educational resources for history buffs. They might have a certain theme per issue or dedicate the entire publication to a certain subject, like Military History Matters.

These magazines break down historical events in an easily digestible format, but others are more academic. They also might feature photos of artifacts or interviews with archaeologists, paleontologists, and other historians.

One popular magazine in this niche is History Today, which reaches 50,000 readers. Other history magazines include All About History and BBC History.

16. Music Magazines

Rolling Stone Magazine
Rolling Stone is arguably the most well-known music magazine

Music magazines are more specific than general entertainment magazines as they only focus on music-related topics. Their coverage can include news about artists or upcoming releases, interviews, and album reviews. It’s not uncommon for these magazines to contain posters of popular artists.

Reaching around 60 million people per month, Rolling Stone is arguably the most well-known music magazine.

These magazines are typically genre-specific. Those who love rock music are likely to read Kerrang! or Metal Hammer, while country music fans may peruse the pages of Country Beat Magazine or Maverick Magazine.

17. Trade Magazines

Trade publications are magazines that inform members of particular industries about news, such as the latest technological advancements, methods, and practices. Titles in this niche include Construction Bulletin, Education Digest, and Ad Age.

Because of the level of specialization, the information within a trade journal often has a strong level of trust from its readership. This allows it to be a resource for those within the industry and those outside who want to learn more about that particular trade.

Trade magazines also provide an excellent tool for brands who want to reach a niche audience with their advertisements. For example, if you promote farming equipment, advertising in a trade publication for farmers will bring you directly to your target audience.

Types Of Magazines: FAQs

When Was The First Online-Only Magazine Launched?

Believe it or not, virtual magazines have been around a lot longer than you may have assumed. Salon, the first magazine that was online-only, was launched in the mid-90s. Soon after, it garnered a readership of over 5.8 million monthly visitors.

Are Trade Magazines The Same As Scholarly Journals?

While trade magazines are a trusted source, they should not be confused with scholarly journals. Trade publications provide practical information within a particular trade or industry, while scholarly journals contain articles written by academics to present the results of original research.

What Are Organization Magazines?

Organization magazines are the types of magazines you get as a member of an organization, society, or employee. They are designed as a communications tool to keep their audience informed of important policies and changes. Examples include magazines provided to employees as part of an internal communications strategy or in-flight magazines.