10 Essays About Music Anyone Can Write

Are you interested in writing essays about music? There are plenty of essay topics from which to choose.

Just about everyone loves music. Whether they like to listen to music, play musical instruments, or read about it, music is an essential part of our society. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many people like to write music essays.

If you want to write a music essay, there are plenty of directions you can go. For example, you might want to write about the different forms of music. Or, you might be interested in writing about the importance of music. You can focus on popular music, classical music, rock music, or even hip-hop. 

The music industry has changed significantly during the past few years, and listener preferences have changed. Take a look at a few of the top music essay topics you can write about below.

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1. Write About the History of Music

One of the top essay topics you should consider is the history of music. Music is as old as human history itself, and you could even turn this into a thesis. Some of the ideas for this essay include:

  • Consider writing about some of the earliest musical instruments people played. Then, you might need to focus on archaeological findings at some of the oldest dig sites in the world.
  • Dive into classical music. You can go into three separate eras, including the baroque period, the traditional classical period, and the romantic period.
  • Discuss the split between the romantic period and jazz music. Then, you can talk about how both jazz and romantic music evolved into today’s popular music.

As you craft this essay, there are plenty of types of music you can write about. Music as an art form has long been a central part of the lives of human beings. You can use this point to place the various parts of your essay in context, helping to emphasize the importance of good music to your reader.

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2. Write About the Effects of Music on Human Beings

You might also want to write about the various effects of music on listeners throughout the years. If you are struggling with how to start this essay, think about how music has impacted you. How does it make you feel? Some of the points to keep in mind include:

  • Think about the type of music you like to listen to. For example, if you like pop music, why do you choose to listen to it?
  • Consider the impact that music has on your mood. Does music help you melt the stress away? Does music give you energy? If so, think about why that might be.
  • Do you listen to international music? Or do you stick to American music? Think about why your preferences are the way they are.
  • Consider talking to other people about the music they listen to. Ask them why they like that specific type of music.

You can use these points to help you with your essay. This is a deep essay topic that can be taken in several directions. However, if you focus on the effects of music on yourself, you will have an easier time getting the essay started.

3. Write an Essay on Music Therapy

Essays About Music: Write an essay on music therapy
Music therapy can also play a role in the recovery process

Another popular essay topic is music therapy. When people feel down, they often seek the care of a mental health professional. While traditional talk therapy and prescription medications can be helpful for some people, music therapy can also play a role in the recovery process. Some of the top benefits of music therapy include:

  • It rarely leads to any complications or side effects. Music therapy can be the answer if you are looking for a treatment option that doesn’t throw off other parts of your body.
  • Music therapy is accessible to everyone, including college students, elderly individuals, and even children.
  • Music therapy can be customized to meet your needs. For example, you can choose the type of music you listen to and change the track depending on your mood.

This could be a great essay writing topic because it is so versatile. For example, you can talk about how music gets you ready to party, helps you relax in the evening, and might play in the background to help you focus on your studies. In addition, you can separate this essay into defined sections and focus on various types of music therapy.

4. Write About the Differences Between the Genres of Music

Another essay topic you might want to write about involves the different genres of music. Some of the prompts for this topic include:

  • Focus on yourself. What is your favorite genre of music? What do you remember listening to as a child? Have your preferences changed over time?
  • Focus on a genre of music you have never listened to before. For example, if you do not like country music, listen to it for the first time. How does it make you feel? Do you think you will keep listening to it?
  • Try to get analytical. Put on some classical music. What are some of the biggest differences you notice between classical music and other types of music?

There are many ways you can use your music essay to highlight different genres. You might even want to consider turning this essay into a series that focuses on different genres with each publication.

5. Write About a Specific Classical Composer

If you are curious about the impact of music, you might want to highlight specific classical composers throughout human history. Unfortunately, many people believe that all types of classical music are the same. Some of the time periods and composers you might want to highlight include:

  • Start with the Baroque period and write about Bach. Bach was known for his preludes and fugues, and he wrote a set of compositions called the Goldberg Variations. Consider highlighting these compositions and their impact on composers in the Classical and Romantic periods.
  • If you need to write about a Classical composer, think about exploring the impact of Mozart or Beethoven. Mozart did not live a long life, but he wrote his first composition at five years old. Beethoven wrote 32 piano sonatas and is one of the most popular composers even to this day. Could you focus on the impact they had?
  • Think about writing about Chopin if you need a Romantic period composer. You can write about the iconic Four Ballades he published, which are still played at conservatories worldwide. You can focus on the inner voices the pianist needs to bring out.

These are just a few specifics you might want to highlight if you write on different composers. Think about picking a composer from each of the periods, and publish an essay on each of them. You will be busy for a while!

6. Write an Essay on Basic Music Theory

If you want to dive into the weeds, you can publish a short essay on music theory. If you haven’t taken classes in music theory, this is a great way to focus on something new. Some of the components you might want to highlight in this essay include:

  • Highlight the influence of Alberti bass from Baroque music to today’s music.
  • Focus on the Circle of Fifths and why this is important to composers and songwriters.
  • Talk about the different styles of music, ranging from sheet music to improvisation, and how this might impact the singer or performer.

One of the challenges of this topic would be taking something relatively dry and making it more interesting. Imagine yourself trying to explain how music is written to the reader. You can highlight the other clefs, explain how to count out the beats, and talk about different mnemonics to learn the notes.

7. Go on a Tour of the World of Music

Music is a vital part of just about every society, so consider taking the reader on a tour of music. There is a saying that music is the universal language because it does not need to be translated. This means that people understand the meaning of music, no matter where it is from because they can feel the impact that music has on them. Furthermore, if you put notes on a page, anyone who knows how to play a musical instrument can play that song because the notes are the same everywhere. 

A few possible directions to take this essay include:

  • First, talk about traditional music from China and what makes it different from the kind of music found in other parts of the world. Then, talk about what makes it similar.
  • Move across the ocean to the United States and talk about the different types of music that evolved here. You can highlight country music, folk music, and jazz, which got their start right here.
  • You can move across another ocean to Europe and talk about the music played there during the Middle Ages. Then, you can talk about Classical music and its role in the growth and development of modern music. You can even talk about electronic music and what has made it so popular.

High-quality music has come from every part of the globe. As you write your essay, you might notice that we have more in common than we realize.

8. Talk About the Benefits of Learning How To Play a Musical Instrument

Essays About Music: Talk about the benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument
There are a lot of benefits to learning how to play an instrument

While just about everyone takes music classes during their secondary schooling, not everyone learns how to play a musical instrument. Learning how to play an instrument can be difficult, from the time involved to the cost of lessons. However, there are a lot of benefits to learning how to play an instrument.

In your essay, some of the benefits you might want to highlight include:

  • Playing a musical instrument fosters creativity.
  • Learning how to play a musical instrument works on both sides of the brain simultaneously.
  • A major time commitment is involved, and learning how to play an instrument teaches good time management.
  • It takes persevering through countless mistakes to learn how to play a new piece.
  • Learning a musical instrument is a skill that will last for the rest of someone’s life.

As you explore the benefits of learning a musical instrument, you might want to learn how to play one yourself!

9. Write About How To Get Started in the Music Industry

Many people look up to music stars, and they might be wondering how to start a career in music themselves. This could be a great research topic. Some of the points you might want to highlight include:

  • Highlight the average number of hours someone spends practicing to become a professional musician.
  • Talk about some of the competitions that could help someone get noticed, such as the International Chopin Competition.
  • Write about the different types of music careers, including touring classical pianists, popular rock stars, and music professors.
  • Explore the different parts of the music industry and how someone could get involved if they aren’t performing.

You might want to reach out to music professionals in the local area to see if you can interview them. Then, you can weave personal stories into your essay to make it more interesting.

10. Talk About the History of the Piano

There is a saying that the piano is the central instrument. When someone goes to a conservatory to study, it doesn’t matter what instrument they focus on. They need to learn a bit about the piano. You might want to write about how the piano evolved.

A few points to keep in mind include:

  • The precursor to the modern piano was the harpsichord. Most of Bach’s pieces were written for the harpsichord. So, you could research and write about the harpsichord, its similarities to the modern piano, and its differences.
  • Write about the pianoforte. This came after the harpsichord but is still significantly smaller than the modern piano.
  • Discuss the pedals on the piano and what they do. For example, there is a soft pedal, a sustain pedal, and a sostenuto pedal. When did each of these pedals become a part of the modern piano?
  • Dive into the different types of modern pianos. Examples include the spinet piano, an upright piano, and the grand piano. How much do they cost?

There is a lot of history behind the piano, and you can highlight some of the most important historical facts for your readers.

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