16 Best Article Rewriters For 2023: Tried and Tested

Want to create unique content in seconds? Check out the best article rewriters for 2022. These tools can help you rewrite articles quickly and easily.

Article rewriters allow you to create unique content within seconds. This saves days of writing, and you can use the rewritten content to improve search engine rankings.

So in this detailed post, I’ll go through the 15 best article rewriters based on my extensive testing. I’ll also cover some pros and cons and what additional features stood out to me as a freelance writer and blogger.

1. Quillbot

Best For: Writers and content marketers looking for the most accurate paraphrasing tool that produces quality content

Founded by Rohan Gupta in 2017, Quillbot is the leading article generator tool because it produces human-readable content. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and rewrite your work.

According to Quillbot, 85 percent of students improve their grades, and you can expect to save 75 percent of time writing. Here’s an example of the output Quillbot produced after I pasted in an article about CreativeLive.

Best Article Rewriters: Quillbot
Quillbot works well if you’re writing copy for your website or creating a school assignment

Quillbot works well if you’re writing copy for your website or creating a school assignment. You’ll find different modes to customize your content around. These include:

  • Fluency
  • Creative and Creative+
  • Standard 
  • Shorten 
  • Expand
  • Formal

Let’s say you have an 800-word post and you’d like to expand it into a 3000-word article. Simply go to Quillbot, select the expand option, and paste your content. The outcome might not be perfect, and you’ll have to make a few edits, but it’s a solid starting point.

You’ll be happy to know that Quillbot is affordable if you’re on a budget. It offers three pricing options:

  1. A monthly plan costs $4.95 per month
  2. The semi-annual plan costs $24.96 every six months
  3. An annual plan costs $39.95 per year

Here are some handy Quillbot features that stood out to me:

  • Freeze Words
  • Compare Modes
  • Plagiarism checker

The Freeze Words feature allows you to prevent Quillbot from changing certain words when rewriting content. For example, if you paste an article into Quillbot talking about red light therapy, Quillbot might swap out the word “Red” for a synonym like “Scarlet,” and your writing will make no sense. Quillbot leaves certain words alone with Freeze Words, resulting in better output.

Compare Modes is another feature that stood out to me. With Compare Modes, you can look at a sentence and see the result in each one of Quillbot’s modes. It’s helpful if you struggle to decide which writing mode to paste your content in.

The last stand-out feature is the plagiarism checker. You can double-check to see if the spun content will trigger the attention of search engines. It also helps if you’re writing content and want to avoid accidental plagiarism.

Read our detailed Quillbot vs. Grammarly comparison.

  • It offers helpful writing modes like Creative and Expand
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Freeze Words produces better outputs when rewriting content
  • The monthly subscription is affordable
  • Combines a rewriter with a useful plagiarism checker and grammar checker
  • Free version has a limit on characters
  • Grammar checker isn’t as advanced as Grammarly or ProWritingAid

2. Wordtune

Best For: Anyone looking for a paraphrasing tool and writing assistant in one

Another popular article rewriter is Wordtune. It aims to revolutionize the lives of readers and writers by changing the way we write. Wordtune does this using natural language processing to rewrite sentences and phrases that are hard to understand.

But what sets Wordtune apart is it also offers a writing assistant alongside the rewriting tool at an affordable price. It has three pricing plans:

  1. Free
  2. Premium costs $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year
  3. Premium for Teams

The free plan is helpful for anyone looking to get a feel for the platform without having to invest money. It allows you to rewrite 10 articles per day but doesn’t offer advanced features.

With the premium plan, you can check unlimited articles. You also access different writing tones and modes, which helps customize your writing around your audience.

There’s no price for the team plan, so you’ll need to contact Wordtune for a personalized subscription. However, this lets you invite team members and colleagues.

These are the results I got after pasting a short article into Wordtune.

Best Article Rewriters: Wordtune
What sets Wordtune apart is it also offers a writing assistant alongside the rewriting tool at an affordable price

Here are some Wordtune features that stood out to me:

  • Tone adjustments
  • Grammar and style checking
  • Compatibility with several apps and websites

Like Quillbot, Wordtune offers tone adjustments that let you rewrite unique articles based on specific tones. For example, if you’re a student, you’ll want Wordtune to rewrite your work formally. And as a blogger, you need a more casual writing voice.

But Wordtune doesn’t just offer article spinner tools. It’s an all-around writing assistant because you can use it to check for grammar and clarity issues. Although it isn’t as accurate as Grammarly, Wordtune spots many errors and is more affordable than Grammarly.

I also liked the compatibility it has with other popular apps and websites like:

  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp

So if you’re writing an email to team members or colleagues, you won’t need to copy and paste your writing into Wordtune. Simply install the Chrome extension, and it’ll spot errors while you’re writing.

Learn more about Wordtune by reading our in-depth review.

  • It’s a writing assistant and paraphrasing tool in one
  • Wordtune integrates with apps like Google Docs and Gmail
  • You can check unlimited articles on the paid plan
  • The free plan is quite flexible and gives you access to free content
  • It only rewrites in English
  • The writing assistant isn’t as accurate at Grammarly

3. Spinbot

Best For: New writers looking to boost content production without spending money

Founded by Aamir Malik in 2019, Spinbot is a tool that allows you to rewrite unlimited pieces of content, even on the free plan. This makes it perfect for new writers on a budget because you can take your content strategy to the next level without spending anything.

I spun an old article covering the best CreativeLive photography courses in the example below.

Best Article Rewriters: Spinbot
Spinbot is a tool that allows you to rewrite unlimited pieces of content, even on the free plan

However, the free plan has ads that can be annoying if you’re trying to work. So as you get used to the software, consider signing up for the subscription. It only offers one paid plan, but you have two payment options:

  1. A six-month plan costs $50
  2. The 12-month plan costs $75

There are no ads on the paid plan but compared to Quillbot and Wordtune, it doesn’t offer many additional features since it’s a new company.

Fortunately, they are planning to introduce a “Translate and Spin” feature that’ll allow you to translate and spin content with a click of a button.

Generally, if you want to translate and spin content, you’ll have to put your work into a translation app and paste the results into your paraphrasing software. Luckily, Spinbot allows you to save time when spinning and translating words.

This feature is beneficial for those who create content in different languages. Simply paste your text into Spinbot, and make edits based on your audience because Spinbot doesn’t offer tone adjustments.

  • There’s no learning curve
  • The pricing plans are affordable and you won’t have to pay monthly
  • It’s planning to introduce a “Translate and Spin” feature
  • The free plan lets you rewrite unlimited amounts of work
  • It doesn’t offer tone adjustments
  • The software is a bit basic since it doesn’t have many additional features

4. Spintax Generator

Best For: Content creators who need a free and simple article rewriter that doesn’t offer many distracting features

Spintax Generator is a free and easy-to-use tool that spins your articles within seconds. You’ll find two different modes:

  • Spintax with Title Case
  • Title Case Converter

The Spintax mode with title case lets you keep your original formatting and the same letter case you’re using. With the Title Case Converter, Spintax converts selected words in your article into title case. This is helpful when changing several headings from sentence case to title case.

However, you’ll notice that Spintax Generator is basic and doesn’t offer additional features like tone adjustments, plagiarism checkers, and writing assistants. This makes it perfect for writers looking for bare-bones tools that are free yet accurate. But if you want something more advanced, opt for Quillbot or Wordtune.

Best Article Rewriters: Spintax Generator
The Spintax mode with title case lets you keep your original formatting and the same letter case you’re using

What stood out to me about Spintax Generator is how simple it is. When you head over to SpintaxGenerator.com, you’ll find a place to paste your text in, and that’s it. There are no distracting features, and you won’t have to go through a learning curve.

  • It’s free and allows you to spin an unlimited amount of words
  • The dashboard is distraction-free and simple
  • It keeps the original formatting of your work
  • It’s not a good option for advanced writers because it’s too basic
  • It doesn’t integrate with other tools

5. Word AI

Best For: Writers looking for an accurate paraphraser that allows for mass rewrites

Word AI is an artificial intelligence-powered rewriter that competes with Quillbot in terms of accuracy. It offers a free trial when signing up and three pricing plans:

  • Monthly costs $57 per month
  • Yearly costs $324 per year
  • Enterprise 

With the monthly and yearly plans, you access AI-powered rewriters, content that passes Copyscape, and bulk article rewriting.

The bulk article rewriter is unique since most tools don’t offer it, and it saves precious time. No longer do you have to rewrite one article at a time. Simply copy and paste several articles into Word AI, and it’ll rewrite them within seconds.

The website doesn’t show a price for the enterprise plan, so you’ll need to contact Word AI, and they’ll design a plan around your team. This way, you can invite multiple users, the quality of content produced is better, and you get your own account manager.

There’s also a content calendar feature within the software. This allows you to plan content pieces for months.

These are the results Word AI produced when I pasted an article covering Grammarly alternatives into it.

Best Article Rewriters: Word AI
Word AI is an artificial intelligence-powered rewriter that competes with Quillbot in terms of accuracy
  • The bulk article rewriter saves time
  • The enterprise plan allows you to invite your entire team
  • The content calendar makes content planning easy
  • It’s as accurate as Quillbot
  • The content spinning features are accurate
  • The subscription is a bit costly
  • It doesn’t offer a grammar checker

6. Spin Rewriter

Best For: Creatives who need a straightforward tool that offers mass spinning and exporting features

According to Spin Rewriter, over 180,000 content creators use their software to generate SEO-focused content. It’s easy to see why because Spin Rewriter is an accurate yet affordable software that offers advanced features.

Here’s an example of the output Spin Rewriter produced after I pasted in an article talking about Ginger and Grammarly.

Best Article Rewriters: Spin Rewriter
Spin Rewriter is an accurate yet affordable software that offers advanced features

When signing up for Spin Rewriter, you’ll find three pricing options alongside a five-day free trial:

  1. Monthly costs $47 per month
  2. Yearly costs $77 a year
  3. Lifetime costs $497 once-off

If you don’t like Spin Rewriter for some reason, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. This way, there’s no risk on you.

Here are some Spin Rewriter features that stood out to me:

  • Unlimited article rewrites on all plans
  • Detailed video tutorials
  • Mass spinning and export 

I like Spin Rewriter because all the plans offer unlimited rewrites. This stands out because you can only rewrite a certain amount of text in other apps.

I also found the in-depth video tutorials helpful when starting out. It allowed me to sign up and start using Spin Rewriter to its full potential within minutes.

With the mass export feature, you can generate over 1,000 different pieces of copy using your original article. You’ll fill out months of content production by just clicking a button.

  • The video tutorials makes getting started easy
  • You can rewrite unlimited articles with all paid plans
  • The mass spinning feature saves time
  • You get a money-back guarantee so you aren’t risking anything
  • It doesn’t offer team plans

7. CleverSpinner

Best For: Writers looking for an affordable article spinning tool that won’t swap words out for illogical synonyms

CleverSpinner is software that rewrites content within seconds and ensures it passes Copyscape while being 100% readable. There’s only one paid plan available, and it costs $9.90 per month. But you access a three-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel CleverSpinner isn’t for you.

Here are some reasons why CleverSpinner stood out to me:

  • It understands context and the meaning of words
  • It’s affordable
  • The software takes less than 10 seconds to rewrite a 500-word blog post

Did you ever paste your writing into a spinner, and it chooses synonyms that make no sense? It’s tedious and takes hours to remove these synonyms manually. This is a big reason why I like CleverSpinner. It understands both the context and meaning of your writing so all its synonyms are accurate. Here’s an example of CleverSpinner’s output.

Best Article Rewriters: CleverSpinner
CleverSpinner understands both the context and meaning of your writing so all its synonyms are accurate
  • It understands context and the meaning of your work
  • The software takes less than 10 seconds to rewrite content
  • It’s only costs $9.90 per month
  • The output is guaranteed to pass Copyscape
  • It doesn’t offer a mass rewriter
  • The software can be too basic for advance content creators

8. Chimp Rewriter

Best For: Writers who want a tool that’ll research the content topic instead of just spinning it.

Chimp Rewriter creates complex and original content within seconds. But what’s unique about it is that it doesn’t just spin content by swapping out words for synonyms. It researches your topic and grabs articles and videos across the web to write the best piece possible. Below are the results I got after pasting a piece of text into Chimp Rewriter.

Best Article Rewriters: Chimp Rewriter
Chimp Rewriter creates complex and original content within seconds

Chimp Rewriter offers one plan, but you can choose between two payment options:

  1. The monthly plan costs $15 per month
  2. The yearly plan costs $99 per year

This plan gives you access to features like one-click tools, Thesaurus customization, and multilingual options. So you can spin content in multiple languages like French, German, and Dutch. The only drawback is Chimp Rewriter doesn’t work in Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

The Chimp Rewriter API also integrates with SEO tools you’re already using like RankWyz, Search Engine Ranker, and WP Robot. 

  • It researches the topic for you can gatherers the best pieces from across the web
  • Chimp Rewriter can rewrite words in multiple languages
  • It offers one-click tools which streamlines your work processes
  • The software integrates with WP Robot and Search Engine Ranker
  • It doesn’t rewrite content in Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic
  • It can’t integrate with Google Docs and Gmail

9. Copymatic

Best For: Copywriters who’d like to rewrite email newsletters, social media ads, and landing pages

Copymatic is specially designed for social media ads, landing pages, and email copy, whereas other tools mainly focus on rewriting articles. 

Even though it offers all these options, the interface is still straightforward. Simply select the writing tool you want to use, for example, landing page or social media ad, and fill in your product details. Explain as much as possible about the product or service you offer so Copymatic can better customize copy around your business. The last step is to click “Generate,” and you’re good to go.

These are one of Copymatic’s handy templates:

Best Article Rewriters: Copymatic
Copymatic is specially designed for social media ads, landing pages, and email copy

Copymatic offers two pricing plans:

  1. Starter costs $19 per month
  2. Pro costs $32 per month

Copymatic uses credits, which are the cost to generate content based on length and complexity. The starter plan offers 1,000 credits per month and access to all Copymatic features like:

  • 25+ languages
  • API access
  • WordPress plugin
  • Website generator
  • Different writing tools like social media ads, landing pages, and blog post generators

The pro plan includes all these features, but you access unlimited credits. This is perfect if you’re generating content for multiple websites.

  • It specially designed for copywriters
  • The software works in over 25 languages
  • It integrates with your WordPress website
  • The interface is straightforward
  • The starter plan limits you to 1,000 credits per month

10. Spinner Chief 6

Best For: Creatives who prefer a once-off pricing method and want to avoid paying for a monthly subscription.

Spinner Chief 6 is a bulk paraphrasing tool that can produce hundreds of plagiarism-free articles within minutes. It also rewrites articles at a high level of readability using its advanced natural language analysis.

Best Article Rewriters: Spinner Chief 6
Spinner Chief 6 is a bulk paraphrasing tool that can produce hundreds of plagiarism-free articles within minutes

With over 200,000 active users, it’s easy to see why Spinner Chief 6 is so popular amongst content creators. You’ll find three pricing options on their website:

  • Free
  • Elite costs $78 once-off
  • Ultimate costs $122 once-off

This once-off pricing strategy is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to pay monthly fees. With the elite plan, you access features like a basic NLP and grammar checking assistant, making rewriting and editing easy.

The ultimate plan also offers a Super BigFileSpin, Spin Tree, and Translation Spin. This lets you spin files that contain over 100,000 words while switching between languages.

  • The once-off price means you won’t have to pay monthly
  • You can spin over 100,000 words at once
  • It contains a basic grammar checker
  • You’ll find useful features like Translation Spin and Spin Tree
  • Generous free-option available on the website
  • The grammar checker isn’t accurate
  • It’s more costly upfront
  • Difficult to install and use on a Mac
  • Old and outdated UI

11. The Best Spinner 4

Best For: Content creators who need a high-quality spinning and text-to-speech tool in one

Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, The Best Spinner 4 is another popular article rewriter that uses artificial intelligence to create new articles. It offers three pricing plans:

  1. Basic costs $67 per year
  2. Standard sets you back $127 per year
  3. Pro costs $297 per year

The Best Spinner 4 works using credit. So depending on how long your piece is, the tool deducts a certain amount of credits. With the basic plan, you get 30 credits per month, while the standard subscription offers 60 credits, and the pro plan gives you 300 credits.

You also get a free spin for up to 500 words when visiting their website. This allows you to get used to the platform before buying. If you find the software isn’t for you, simply contact support, and you’ll receive a full refund.

Here are some features that stood out to me:

  • Auto-translation
  • Blog publishing
  • Audio conversion

When you paste content into The Best Spinner 4, you’ll find an option to translate and spin it in any language like Spanish, French, or Portuguese. This is helpful for writers creating content in multiple languages. Here’s an example of The Best Spinner 4 spinning and translating content into German.

Best Article Rewriters: The Best Spinner 4
The Best Spinner 4 is another popular article rewriter that uses artificial intelligence to create new articles

The Best Spinner 4 lets you publish content directly to your website via the app, saving time. But the feature that stood out to me the most was the audio translation. It uses cutting-edge text-to-speech technology, so feel free to create videos within minutes. Or, if you have content pieces you’d like to convert into audio, simply use the audio translation feature.

  • It translates and spins content in multiple languages
  • You can publish work directly to your website
  • The text-to-speech technology makes repurposing content easy
  • The Best Spinner 4 doesn’t offer paraphrasing modes
  • It works with a limited credit system

12. SEOToolsCentre

Best For: SEO professionals looking for a free article spinner that offers SEO and rewriting features.

SEOToolsCentre is free software that offers multiple SEO tools like:

  • Sentence rewriter
  • Article builder
  • Plagiarism checker and changer
  • Binary translator
  • Grammar checker
  • Text-to-speech converter

SEOToolsCentre aims to make search engine optimization easy by offering content production and analysis tools. Everything is also free, so it’s perfect for small businesses on a budget looking to boost web rankings. Simply head over to SEOToolsCentre.com, and without having to sign up for an account, make use of the tools.

For example, the sentence rewriter lets you paste an unlimited number of words, and it’ll produce paraphrased work within seconds. It isn’t as accurate as paid tools like Quillbot and Wordtune, so you’ll have to make some edits, but it still saves time.

Best Article Rewriters: SEOToolsCentre
SEOToolsCentre aims to make search engine optimization easy by offering content production and analysis tools
  • It’s 100 percent free
  • You can check your work for duplicate content within seconds
  • This text rewriting tool offers a text-to-speech converter
  • The free SEO tools lets you boost website rankings without spending money
  • The spun content isn’t as accurate as other options

13. Super SEO Plus

Best For: Anyone who needs an article rewriting and backlinking tool in one

Super SEO Plus is more than just a rewriting tool. It’s a complete SEO, website manager, and content creation software. The features offered are also surprisingly advanced and accurate. You’ll find options like:

  • Article rewriter
  • Keyword density and suggestion tool
  • Backlink checker 
  • Broken link finder
  • Website reviewer

These are helpful if you’re running a website and are looking to increase search engine rankings without spending money.

The primary tool is the article rewriter, and it only takes seconds to produce new content. Head over to SuperSEOPlus.com, click on “Article Rewriter,” and paste your original content. 

Best Article Rewriters: Super SEO Plus
Super SEO Plus is more than just a rewriting tool

But there are a few drawbacks. Since it’s free, it isn’t the most accurate tool, so you’ll need to check for grammar and readability issues. Also, the website contains many ads that are distracting when you’re trying to work. There’s no paid option to make these ads go away.

  • It offers a backlink builder and broken link finder
  • The keyword placement and density tool ensures your work is SEO optimized
  • The website reviewer helps improve your website
  • The ads are annoying
  • There’s no paid option
  • It isn’t the most accurate article rewriter

14. Rewrite Guru

Best For: Writers on a budget looking for an affordable yet accurate rewriter and plagiarism checker.

Rewrite Guru is an article spinner and plagiarism tool offering a handy free version that allows you to get used to the software before opting for a monthly plan. The word count limit for the free paraphrase and plagiarism checker is 800 words, but you get unlimited inquiries.

Best Article Rewriters: Rewrite Guru
The word count limit for the free paraphrase and plagiarism checker is 800 words, but you get unlimited inquiries

If you want to get rid of the ads and access more advanced features, consider Rewrite Guru’s paid plans:

  1. Basic costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year
  2. Pro costs $12.99 per month or $135.99 per year

The basic and pro plan offers the same features like similarity, grammar, and plagiarism checks. But the pro plan allows for 40,000 words per month while the basic limits you to 25,000.

  • It’s affordable
  • Rewrite Guru offers a plagiarism checker
  • You access unlimited inquiries
  • The free plan is flexible
  • Although it offers unlimited inquiries, you’re still limited by the number of words per month

15. SEO Magnifier

Best For: New writers who need a free tool that works in various languages and offers basic SEO features

SEO Magnifier is a free article rewriter tool that works in seven different languages. These include:

  1. English
  2. Dutch
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. German
  6. Turkish
  7. Indonesian

Using SEO Magnifier is straightforward. First, head over to SEOMagnifier.com, paste your text in the blank box, hit the paraphrase button on top, apply your favorite synonyms, check for plagiarism, and copy the paraphrased content. 

Best Article Rewriters: SEO Magnifier
SEO Magnifier is a free article rewriter tool that works in seven different languages

But since the SEO Magnifier algorithm doesn’t understand context, some of the changes will alter the meaning of your work. This is why it’s still important to proofread and edit the results to ensure the rewritten content is up to scratch.

  • Its article spinning feature works in seven languages
  • The interface is clean and straightforward
  • The tool is 100 percent free
  • The spun articles aren’t the most accurate so you’ll need to make edits
  • It’s too basic

16. Jarvis. AI

Best For: Copywriters and those who find it hard to write blog posts, articles, and social media copy. Anyone interested in trying AI writing software

Best Article Rewriters: Jarvis. AI
Jarvis uses artificial intelligence to write and rewrite the copy

Jarvis.ai is a popular content rewrite that includes 50 different templates. These are useful for creating and writing copywriting sales pages, email copy, blog post headlines, introductions, conclusions, and more. Jarvis uses artificial intelligence to write and rewrite the copy. 

You can train it and improve the quality of its output dramatically tool. It starts at $29 per month. At Become a Writer Today, we regularly use this tool to produce copy for YouTube descriptions, headlines, and more. It’s a real-time-saver. 

  • Exceptionally accurate
  • Useful templates
  • Outputs don’t require much edits
  • Small learning curve
  • Templates can become overwhelming
  • Pricey
  • No plagiarism or grammar checker

Our Testing Criteria

We regularly update this roundup as the article spinners and rewriters evolve. We test new features by using them for articles, blog posts, and more. Our writing samples range from several hundred to several thousand words in length. Typically, we test them using the web, desktop, and browser apps and plugins. We also evaluate based on criteria like price, ease of use, and affordability.

Final Thoughts On The Best Article Spinner

Article rewriters are powerful tools that allow you to create and rewrite content within seconds. It might not be as compelling as work written by a human, but it’s nothing a few rounds of proofreading and edits can’t fix. They can spend up the writing process because you don’t have to sit down and rewrite thousands of words repeatedly. 

If you’re looking for an accurate yet affordable content rewriting tool, consider Quillbot or Wordtune. Whatever your choice, remember to cite your sources, include links and check the results with the best plagiarism checker.

What Google app is best used for writing an article in collaboration with others?

Google Docs is a perfectly good app for writing an article and collaborating with others. It’s free to use, supports changes and annotations and is widely used by editors and other article writers.

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