Overleaf and Grammarly: How to Use Both Tools Easily

Integrating Overleaf and Grammarly is possible, but it requires the right tools and know-how.

LaTeX Editors allow professional writers and academic writers to prepare documents with the right visuals and research easily inserted. They allow the insertion of images, mathematical symbols, tables, and other visual elements easily. These .tex documents often require their own editors, and Overleaf is a popular choice.

When you write professionally, whether using Overleaf or another program, you must know that all grammatical mistakes are gone from your document. Use a Grammarly lifetime discount to avoid grammar mistakes with a powerful AI, but it is not integrated with several platforms. If you use Overleaf as a LaTeX editor to create formal writing, you may get frustrated that the two programs are incompatible.

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Why An Overleaf Grammarly Integration Is Important

Overleaf and Grammarly: How to use both tools?

Overleaf is a collaborative writing and publishing system designed for academic papers and professional writing. It allows users to collaborate through LaTeX, store files in the cloud, and access research and writing on the go.

Overleaf and Grammarly
Overleaf makes it easier to produce and publish academic writing

Overleaf makes it easier to produce and publish academic writing. However, academic writing requires strong grammar, and this means the need for a robust grammar checker. Grammarly is one of the best on the market, but it does not currently have a plugin or integration for Overleaf.

Thankfully, writers can find a workaround to use Grammarly with an Overleaf LaTeX document to save time with proofreading and provide real-time grammar checking. All it takes is a little creativity to get started.

How To Use Grammarly With Overleaf Online LaTex Editors

If you want to use Grammarly with Overleaf, there are specific steps you need to take. Since Grammarly does not have a plugin or application for Overleaf, you will work within your browser. Here’s how:

Step 1. Add the Grammarly Browser Extension or Mobile Keyboard

Open Grammarly.com and log in to your Grammarly account. Find the Grammarly for Chrome extension and add the plugin. If you are using iOS or Android mobile devices, you can add the editor to the device through the Grammarly Keyboard add-on.

Step 2. Log in to Overleaf.com

Next, log in to Overleaf.com to access your Overleaf account. Choose the LaTeX editor template, and start typing. If the plugin is installed properly, you will see a green or red circle in the bottom right-hand corner of your text editor. This means it is working.

Write your document and use the Grammarly grammar checker to check your grammar and give syntax or language feedback. Make any suggested corrections you think are applicable to your document, and save.

Upload Text to Grammarly.com

If that two-step process does not work for you, another option is to write your paper or article in Overleaf, then copy and paste it into Grammarly on the desktop app or through Grammarly.com.

Go through the spelling and grammar checking recommendations, then load it back into Overleaf to finish formatting. Though a little cumbersome, this process allows you to use the two programs together without a complex plug-in installation.

How to Use the Overleaf-Textarea Plug-In

Another option to use Grammarly with Overleaf is to download the open-source Overleaf-Texterea plug-in from GitHub. This plug-in turns the Overleaf text source into a text area. This allows Grammarly to check it.

Once you download the plug-in, you can turn it on while using Overleaf. Select Rich Text Mode, and the Grammarly browser extension will then check your grammar while you type.

A Final Word On Overleaf Grammarly Integration

Unfortunately, Overleaf is too complex of an editor for Grammarly to integrate with it. It does have an extension, but it is not as robust as Grammarly. If you want your academic and professional writing to shine, you want to have Grammarly on board.

Thankfully, through the Grammarly browser plug-in and the Overleaf-Textera plug-in, you can use the two together. Take the time to synchronize them, and you can check your grammar as you go. For more information, check out our detailed Grammarly review.

FAQs About Overleaf And Grammarly Integration

Does Grammarly work with LaTeX?

Grammarly does not currently support Markdown, LaTeX, or PDF files. To check your work when writing in these files, you will need to convert the text into a supported format first, either through a plug-in or through copying it into a different format.

How to use Grammarly in Overleaf?

To use Grammarly in Overleaf, you must type on your browser with the Grammarly extension added. You can also use the Overleaf-Texterea plug-in to allow Grammarly to scan the text while you type.


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