How to Use Grammarly In VSCode

Many coding platforms lack effective grammar and spell-checking programs. Here, you’ll learn how to use Grammarly in VScode.

Grammarly and the Visual Studio Code are not compatible. If you are hoping to use a grammar checker with VSCode Grammarly does not work well. However, there are some workarounds to help you integrate the grammar checker with the coding platform.

Before taking a look at how to do this, first, you must understand VSCode and Grammarly, how they work and when you would use each one. Here is a closer look at these programs.

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The VSCode Grammarly Integration Hack

How to use Grammarly in vscode?

Grammarly does not have an API, which means it does not naturally integrate with VSCode.

However, there are several plugins that users have created that offer the same level of support Grammarly provides, but within the VSCode program. You cannot find these at or by logging in to your Grammarly account, but they are out there.

What Is VSCode?

VSCode is a shorter name for Visual Studio Code, a source code editor with a developer tooling program built-in. It makes the editing code and debugging the code you create fast and simple.

This program works with IntelliSense code completion to help you create code quickly, and it also has an interactive debugger diagnostic feature, so you can easily find problems as you code. 

VSCode is an Open Source platform and is completely free to use. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux, so you are not limited by the platform you prefer. It also integrates with JavaScript.

Grammarly, the robust grammar and spell-checking program writers know and trust can help coders avoid typos and grammar problems within the code itself. However, it does not integrate naturally with VSCode, so users who want to use the two together must get a little creative.

Using Grammarly with VSCode

How to use Grammarly in VScode
Some several extensions and plugins have hit the market that offers this functionality

Unfortunately, Grammarly is not compatible with VSCode as it stands, because it does not have a public API. There is not currently an official Grammarly extension or VSCode extension that makes the two compatible. 

However, several extensions and plugins have hit the market that offers this functionality. These unofficial extensions can make the two programs compatible. Oh and if you don’t have an account yet, be sure and claim our Grammarly deal. Extension

One place where you can find such an extension library is GitHub. If you are a skilled coder, you can play around with the library to find a way to add Grammarly’s functionality to your VSCode program. 

Znck Grammarly Program

Another option is the Znck Grammarly extension, which was built based on the GitHub extension library. It is a bit easier to use, once you download it from the marketplace. 

Once you install the extension from the marketplace, add the program’s code to your settings.json. You can also add the setting vial Settings > Extensions > Grammarly. Log in to your code, and you are ready to start editing in real-time.

Copy Code Into MS Word

Another workaround is to copy the code from VSCode into Microsoft Word, run the Grammarly extension in Word, and then put it back in VSCode. This adds another step to the process, but it allows you to utilize your Grammarly account while coding without adding a third-party extension.

Copy Code into Chrome or Safari Browser

You can also use on Chrome or Safari to do the same thing. Copy your code into the web-based grammar checker on Grammarly, use the grammar and spell check to look for typos and other issues, then put it back in VSCode to continue coding. This is not a real-time spell checker for the coding platform, but it does give you the functionality you need.

A Final Word On How To Use Grammarly In VSCode

VSCode and Grammarly are not integrated programs. However, if you get creative or use third-party plugins, you can use the powerful grammar checking program with the coding platform.

This helps ensure you are coding without typos. Even though VSCode has powerful debugging software, typos can mess up your results and add time to the process. For more, read our Grammarly review

FAQs on How To Use Grammarly In VSCode

Is There A VSCode Grammarly Extension?

No, Grammarly does not have an extension for VSCode, and VSCode does not have an extension for Grammarly. Some third-party, open-source programs have created this plugin. You can also use Grammarly to check code by copying the code into the Grammarly online platform.

Can I install Grammarly on VSCode?

No, Grammarly does not integrate with VSCode. But you can use it with a workaround.