20% Grammarly Lifetime Discount: Save With This Promo Code

Discover how to claim a 20% Grammarly lifetime discount in this guide. 

Grammarly is one of our top writing tools. We use it all the time to edit articles, blog posts, and even book chapters. We particularly like its AI writing assistant and support for plagiarism checks. Click the link below for a lifetime discount for Grammarly… or read on for more detailed instructions.

Grammarly Discount Codes 

  Details Discount
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Grammarly: 20% off Annual

Use the link to the right. Select an annual plan. Claim a 20% Grammarly discout automatically.

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Grammarly: 20% off Quarterly

Use the link to the right. Select a quarterly plan. Claim a 20% Grammarly annual discount automatically.

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Grammarly: 20% off Monthly

Use the link to the right. Select a monthly plan. Claim a 20% Grammarly monthly discount automatically.

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Grammarly: 20% off for Students

Use the link to the right. Select a monthly plan. Claim 20% off your preferred subscription.

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GrammarlyGO: 20% off for Students

Use the link to the right. Select any plan, GrammarlyGO is included. Claim a 20% discount off your preferred subscription duration.

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How to Use Our Grammarly Lifetime Discount

As mentioned in our Grammarly review, this tool helps writers improve sentence structure, writing style, and grammar errors. It also works as a useful plagiarism checker.  If you want to redeem a Grammarly lifetime discount for college students and academics, follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Use The Lifetime Discount Link

If you’re ready to enjoy the perks of a lifetime Grammarly account as a student, sign up using the below link. Then, follow our tutorial.

Step 2: Enter Your Name And Email Address

Clicking leads to a page that will prompt you to log in or sign up with a name and email address or with your Facebook or Google credentials. You can also access the Grammarly browser via Grammarly.com. You will then be prompted on a new webpage to add the Grammarly Chrome extension. This will change depending on what browser you use.


Step 3: Click Go Premium At The Top Of The Ribbon

Once you’ve added the browser extension to your account, a new Grammarly browser window will pop up, prompting you to create a Grammarly account or log in to your existing account.

Step 4: Choose A Grammarly Premium Plan

Grammarly Premium
Look for Grammarly Premium inside the web app

Next, Grammarly will give you subscription options. Click Level Up With Premium. After choosing this plan at the regular price, Grammarly will lead you to a special deal of 20% off their monthly plan, quarterly plan, or annual subscription, as shown below. Your discount code is valid for as long as you use Grammarly.

Step 5: Complete Your Payment Information

Grammarly accepts payment via Paypal or a credit card. Once you have chosen a subscription and entered your payment info, you can start grammar-checking and editing your essays and college submissions.

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How Do I Cancel My Grammarly Subscription?

1. Log into your Account

2. Click on the Account tab on the left-hand side. If you’re using the desktop app, look for the “admin panel”

3. Select Subscription

4. Click Cancel Grammarly subscription

5. Confirm when prompted

Why You Can Trust Us

Over the years, I  have written dozens of essays for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Several years ago, I also completed a Master’s thesis at Trinity College Dublin, which was awarded a distinction. I also have a degree and several diplomas from various Irish universities.

I worked with a team of writers to test Grammarly against other tools based on usability, functionality, and affordability for students and essayists. A good essay checker should help you find and fix errors in your work and submit it on time. It should also help rather than hinder the essay writing process.


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