Number 10 Flashcard Printable With 13 Activities

Download our number 10 flashcard printable featured in our helpful learning guide; check out our top activities to help children learn how to read and write numbers.

Reaching the number 10 marks an exciting milestone requiring understanding two-digit place values. To encourage learning number 10, inspire creative writing explorations and download out number 10 printable. Writing provides an excellent way for young kids to practice numbers while letting their imaginations soar. 

Here, you’ll find ideas for writing number stories involving groups of objects, drawing pictures and games. We’ll also share tips for incorporating place value into your child’s daily routine through counting games, rhymes, and hands-on experiences. To learn more about writing skills for young minds, check out our round-up of metaphor examples for kids.

1. Tracing Number 10

Give children worksheets with the number 10 outlined in dotted lines to trace with markers or pencils. The guided tracing allows them to focus on replicating the exact shape through repetitive practice. Combining visual focus with motor engagement is useful if you want younger learners to commit the number 10’s form to long-term memory. For more ideas, read our round-up of the best children’s book authors.

2. Finger Paint 10s

Set up a finger painting station for kids to use their fingers to draw the number 10 in the paint. The tactile, multi-sensory experience of using their hands to create the shape imprints it into tactile memory. Exploring painting techniques like strokes, dots, and lines integrates process skills into learning the visual pattern. Check out our guide with the best authors like Roald Dahl for kids.

3. Play Dough 10

Provide play dough for children to roll snakes and connect them to form the number 10, strengthening fine motor skills through creative activity. Manipulating the pliable material exercises hand muscles while allowing self-directed discovery of how to represent numbers like 10. It also reinforces the concept of ten as a grouping.

4. 10 Scavenger Hunt

Hide 10 items around the room and have children find them, relating the written numeral to the quantities it represents. Moving around to locate the hidden objects engages them physically and mentally in connecting the numeric symbol to an amount. Calling out progress builds excitement and a sense of achievement.

5. Sand Tray 10s

Fill a tray with sand for children to write the number 10 using their fingers. The unique tactile experience provides multi-sensory input that boosts retention as the shape drawn is associated with the written numeral. Reminding students to focus on the correct form maintains accuracy.

6. 10 Collage

Encourage learners to hunt for images of the number 10 in magazines, cutting them out and gluing them onto paper. Challenge them to find the number in various fonts and sizes. This exploration of diversity aids in recognizing numbers in different contexts. As you discuss the similarities and differences observed, it’s a perfect opportunity to sharpen observation skills. 

7. 10 Stamping

Get creative with stamps and sponges. Press them onto paper to form the number 10 through repetition. Feel free to experiment with different patterns – there’s no right or wrong way. I’ll be curious to see what unique designs emerge as you work. 

Taking the time to reinforce the shape helps them remember it. Be sure to celebrate each other’s efforts along the way. By the end, you’ll each have a personalized artwork to bring home proudly. Making numbers fun through crafts is the best way to learn.

8. Connect 10 Dots

Provide worksheets where connecting dots reveal the hidden number 10 inside, integrating visual and motor skills. As connections are formed, ask the children you’re teaching to count aloud to reinforce the numeric concept. 

9. 10 Story Time

Read a story about the number 10 and have children draw it, relating the concept to written symbols. Sequencing the story and application ties the listening experience to creating the numeral, strengthening the connection. Inviting volunteers to share drawings builds confidence.

For the number 10, a classic and beloved book is Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth. This beautifully illustrated board book is perfect for young children, featuring ten little ladybugs that disappear individually as each page is turned. It’s an interactive and tactile experience, with 3D ladybugs that children can feel as they count down from ten. For more, check out our round-up of the best Stan and Jan Berenstain books.

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10. Chalk 10s

Take chalk outside and write large number 10s for tracing, engaging students with a novel medium. The change of scenery adds novelty to capture interest while providing new tactile feedback. Kids learn numbers more easily when it feels like fun.

11. 10 Memory Game

Make matching cards showing sets of 10 things and the number 10 written out. As kids take turns trying to find all the pairs, they get lots of practice connecting the number to how many there are. If they mix up a match, no problem – it’s all about having fun and learning through play. 

12. Digital 10 Practice

Use fun apps or computer programs for drawing the number 10. The interactive experience engages students while offering creative ways to practice. As students complete activities, the program keeps track of their progress. Seeing how far they’ve come motivates them to keep trying their best! Working on tablets is a fantastic way for kids to learn.

13. 10 Hopscotch

Make a fun hopscotch board outside with the number 10 written in each square. Taking turns throwing the rock and hopping builds essential skills like patience and sportsmanship. As students play, everyone can cheer each other on. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, hopscotch is a great way for everyone to practice recognizing numbers while enjoying the outdoors!

Download Our Number 10 Worksheet

Number 10 Flashcard Printable
Number 10 Flashcard Printable

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