Slack Grammarly Integration: Is It Possible?

Learn how to use a Slack Grammarly integration hack to use the grammar checker with the instant messaging platform.

Slack is quickly becoming an important part of modern business. This real-time online meeting platform gives business teams the chance to talk back and forth without the need for a face-to-face meeting. The messaging platform works for iOS and Android, making it popular for mobile work as well as office-based work.

Yet as with all types of messaging and social media, your grammar still matters. IF you want your team to listen to your proposal, you don't want a misplaced modifier or mistyped word to cause them to overlook your great idea. This leaves you wondering if you can use a grammar checker, like Grammarly, to help catch errors before you hit “send.”

Grammarly is not integrated with Slack to work on the app, but you can use the two programs together if you do it carefully. Here's how.

The Slack Grammarly Connection – What You Need To Know

Slack Grammarly integration

Slack, the instant messaging platform for businesses, works on either its website or through a desktop or mobile app. It connects business partners and employees in real-time to make communication easier.

Slack Grammarly integration
Because Grammarly has a browser extension, you can make the two work together with a little bit of creativity

Grammarly's comprehensive grammar checker checks readability, grammar, typos, punctuation, and plagiarism if you have the premium version. It works through its own website or through a browser plug-in. 

Slack and Grammarly are not designed to work together. However, because Grammarly has a browser extension, you can make the two work together with a little bit of creativity.

How to Integrate Grammarly with Slack

So how can you integrate these two programs? Consider these steps:

1. Log in to Grammarly

First, make sure you are logged in to Grammarly. If you have not already done so, add the plug-in for Grammarly to your browser. This will enable its functionality across web pages. 

You may want to upgrade to Grammarly premium because this will catch more of your potential errors. It will save you time proofreading when working on the instant messaging platform as well, and the premium version catches more wording issues and grammar mistakes than the free version.

2. Open Slack with Your Browser

Rather than using slack on the desktop app or mobile app, open it with a browser, considering Chrome if possible because the Chrome extension works very well. If you have a Mac computer, use the Safari browser plug-in. With the Grammarly plug-in activated and slack used on your browser, the grammar checker will automatically scan your writing.

3. Wait for Grammarly

There can be a short delay between when you type and when Grammarly slows your errors. If it is working correctly, you will see a green or red spinning circle on the right-hand side of your chatbox. Wait for this to stop spinning as Grammarly scans your writing.

4. Fix Issues

If Grammarly finds any punctuation mistakes, typos, or grammar issues, fix them. Then send your message.

Alternative Options

One of the best reasons companies use SLack is because its app is easily integrated across platforms. Team members can log in on mobile devices just as easily as on a computer. Unfortunately, because Grammarly lacks a Slack integration, this makes it harder to use the grammar checker with the app.

To get Grammarly support with instant messaging, some companies are choosing Microsoft Teams. Grammarly for Microsoft Office works well with most Microsoft Word and other Microsoft platforms. This allows the same instant messaging capabilities with help from your Grammarly account.

A Final Word on the Slack Grammarly Connection

Slack and Grammarly are not integrated with one another. If a company wants to add Slack to their workflow but also wants their employees to focus on readability, they are going to need to be creative. Only by using Slack on a web browser with the Grammarly plug-in activated can companies integrate these two.

That said, instant messaging platforms can be helpful to today's businesses. Learning the ways to use these platforms with good grammar will help the modern business professional communicate well.

FAQs on the Slack Grammarly Connection

Does Grammarly work on Slack?

No, Grammarly does not integrate with Slack. However, users that work online through can use their Grammarly account to scan their instant messages for typos and other problems.

Can I add Grammarly to Slack?

Grammarly does not have a plugin or integration for Slack. It can be used in Slack only through a web browser, but not through the app itself.

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