Articles About Gender Equality: Top 5 Examples 7 Prompts

Articles about gender equality offer us valuable information regarding human rights. Discover our examples and prompts on gender equality for your next article.

Gender equality demands that all genders receive the same opportunities. It’s a simple concept, but because of long-standing gender inequality and harmful stereotypes, it’s still difficult to achieve gender equality. The countless articles and essays about gender equality available today prove its importance.

Articles About Gender Equality Examples

1. Gender Equality and Democracy by Ronald Inglehart

“…the link between women’s representation and democracy should be self-evident, since women account for over half the population of most societies: if the majority doesn’t have full political rights, the society is not democratic.”

Inglehart et al. aim to prove gender equality’s importance to democratization and defeat traditional norms. They incorporate historical anecdotes demonstrating gender equality’s role in parliament and other political institutions. In the conclusion, the researchers found a significant change from survival to self-expression values. They also note that cultural heritage and economic development impact gender equality. You can also check out these articles about gender inequality.

2. Worldwide Optimism About Future of Gender Equality, Even as Many See Advantages for Men by Juliana Menasce Horowitz and Janell Fetterolf

“Sizable shares say men have more opportunities for high-paying jobs, should have preferential treatment when jobs are scarce.”

Menasce and Fetterolf share a comprehensive article about gender equality and analyze each in detail. They start by presenting how the support for gender equality changed and use statistics and graphs to prove the unfairness between genders. They mention how this inequality exceeds in various areas of life, such as career and leadership opportunities. 

Their report shows that more people have recognized the traditional system’s bias toward men over the years compared to women, not only because of the research they see but because of their observations in their countries. The authors state that although gender equality initially primarily catered to women, its impacts are now so significant that even men can expect its benefits.

3. Gender Equality in Decision-making Positions: The Efficiency Gains by Paola Profeta

“Women are under-represented in decision-making positions worldwide. However, gender equality and diversity are recognised to have beneficial effects on organisations, institutions and the overall economy.”

Profeta focuses her article on how letting women break the glass ceiling and letting them have upper-level positions lead to not only the institutions’ overperformance but also the overall improvement of the economy. To back up her argument, she uses reliable sources throughout the article. She states that gender equality’s close link to development and economic growth makes it a top priority in several countries. Moreover, Profeta dedicates a section that proves gender equality’s efficiency gains and concludes the article by echoing her introduction.

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4. Stanford Scholars Examine Gender Bias and Ways to Advance Equity Across Society by Melissa de Witte

“Stanford scholars have studied the obstacles women face across society – at work, in education, as leaders – and how to reach a more equitable society for everyone.”

De Witte’s article centers around women’s struggles in various aspects, like career and education. She opens her piece by sharing one of the most controversial issues concerning a woman’s right to her body: the overturning of Roe c. Wade or the right to choose abortion. She shares Stanford scholars’ studies on gender equality and devotes different sections to inspect each issue in detail. Some of these sections include COVID-19’s effect on women, feminism, discrimination across history, and roadblocks in the workplace.

5. Gender Equality Now: 7 Injustices We Need To Address To Change the World by Concern Worldwide

“In order to fight poverty, we have to begin by investing in women. Tackling gender inequalities doesn’t just affect women, but it can end global poverty — for everyone.”

The article presents seven examples of unfairness caused by unequal rights for genders. These examples are backed up by reliable data that urge the readers to support gender equality. Some heavy examples tackled in the list are girls locked in child marriages, gendered violence, and the shortage of women’s representation in legislation. When editing for grammar, we also recommend improving the readability score of a piece of writing before publishing or submitting it.

Writing Prompts for Articles About Gender Equality

1. What Is Gender Equality?

Although there are many issues concerning gender equality, there are still several people who don’t know the real meaning of it. Imparting the correct definition of gender equality makes it easier to explain its goal. 

In your article, ask random people to define gender equality to gauge the public’s understanding of the topic. Then, speak with professionals about how people’s confusion or obliviousness to the topic impacts the advancement of gender equality. Add a section where you explain gender equality in the simplest terms possible so the readers will understand the matter thoroughly.

2. The Importance of Gender Equality

The importance of gender equality
In this prompt, discuss how allowing a woman to become a part of the upper management will help give the company a new perspective and insight

In connection with the previous prompt, write about why gender equality is essential on different levels: for the individual, the company, and the economy. You can also follow a chain of impacts that shows how gender equality can affect society as a whole.

For instance, present a fictional woman character and treat her the same as society will treat a man. She receives the same salary, is promoted solely based on her work performance, and reaches the upper management position without any issue. Allowing a woman to become a part of the upper management will help give the company a new perspective and insight.

3. Why Support Gender Equality?

Interview professionals and gather responses from individuals online or in real life to answer this question. Then, compile the best answers to include in your article. To have a significant impact that will last with your readers, including a true story of inequality. You can use a personal experience that made you want to support gender equality. 

For example, you may have experienced gender bias when applying for a job or asking for a promotion for which you feel you were more than qualified.

4. Common Issues Concerning Gender Equality

Many call for gender equality because unfair treatment between the genders leads to discrimination and partial distribution of opportunities. In your article, identify the issues usually linked with gender equality and why. For example, for access to education, there are more out-of-school girls than boys, thereby blocking their access to education and, consequently, a better life.

5. Hindrances to Gender Equality

In this article, list the common reasons why gender equality exists and delve into how these causes can be mitigated or removed. A common problem that causes gender bias is a lack of education on gender stereotypes and workplace culture. 

6. Misconceptions About Gender Equality

Misconceptions about gender equality
In this prompt, debunk misconceptions about gender equality men experience

Many have the notion that women will only benefit from gender equality. However, this is not true. In your article, identify the usual assumptions connected to gender equality. For example, men experience gender inequality differently, such as a lack of emotional support and stigmas surrounding mental health.

In your article, debunk misconceptions about gender equality. Ask what people think of the subject to find out the most updated misconceptions. You can post your queries on online forums, your university board, or ask people on the street. For help editing your articles, we recommend using the best grammar checker. Our round-up profiles these tools and offers discounts. 

7. Gender Equality and Politics

The lack of representation of women in policy-making decisions, like parliamentary seats, leads to them having less chance to be treated fairly in various areas of society. In your article, point out this gap and scrutinize how this difference can’t be considered democracy and how it impacts governance. Support your arguments with research, data, and surveys relevant to the subject. You can also add efforts done by various institutions to address this issue.