9 Top Freelance Job Ideas for Writers

Learn about freelance job ideas for writers that can help you earn money immediately.

Have you ever thought about leaving your job and freelancing? Maybe it seemed like a far-fetched dream, to make money on your writing skills. As business ideas go, freelancing jobs don’t sound stable. Checking job sites and job boards, you’ll find a ton of writing jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for writers is over $60,000 a year — and that means writers are making far more. Small businesses offer freelance opportunities for their e-commerce. They need search engine optimization, user experience experts, graphic designers, and there are a ton of entries for high-quality writing work.

According to recent statistics, a quarter of all freelancers who started their own business left a job to do it. And more than 60% of them made more money as a freelancer than they did at their previous job. There are plenty of freelance job ideas for everyone, but there are even more freelance opportunities for writers.

Writers are in high demand. Content is all around us, and it takes someone with the skillset and proficiency to nail copy — all it takes is a little hard work. I will not tell you that it’s easy to become a freelance writer, but being self-employed is worth the hard work.

What Is A Freelancer?

Top freelance ideas for writers

Working as a freelancer means that you’re an independent contractor. A freelancer essentially owns their own business. The best way to make money freelance writing is by treating it like a business. You need to understand all of the different aspects of running your freelance business, like finding potential clients and cultivating new clients. You can take an online course or several to help you learn the skillset.

A freelancer is not an employee of one set company. They work with many clients. They might run their business like a startup. Some areas that freelancers work in include copywriting, SEO writing, blogging, graphic design, data entry, and web development. You can add to your freelance work by supplying extra offerings. You might work as a blogger or offer transcription.

There are many different types of freelancers and current statistics say that freelancers will make up over half of the US workforce by 2027. Some popular industries for freelancers include IT, web design, teachers (online tutors), marketers, virtual assistants, customer service, transcription, artists, photographers, and writers. There are many different specialties for writers.

You can also do freelance work as a side hustle. Working part-time allows you to build your freelancing business while still working for a regular company.

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What Freelance Job Ideas Make Money for Writers?

Freelance Job ideas for Writers
It’s not easy to become a freelance writer, but being self-employed is worth the hard work

There are several ways to create a career as a freelance writer. The best method for success is by specializing. Some writers will choose an industry where they have professional experience and make that their niche.

Some writers will choose a specific type of content. For instance, some copywriters specialize in a brand of writing that is essential for value-based sales. Other writers might specialize in journalism or blog writing. There are also full-time jobs available for writers, but a freelance career offers some security in the fact that clients can be replaced.

Here are some of the freelance job ideas that are perfect for writers:

  • Blog Writing – Some writers specialize in blog writing and may even specialize in specific industries. A blog writer can make money through monetizing their own blog, as well as writing content for business blogs, agencies, and website owners.
  • Article Writing or Direct Submissions – Freelancers who specialize in article writing can make money in a few ways. They might ghostwrite articles for clients. They might write articles for regular clients — this type of arrangement might be on a project-by-project basis or as a long-running column. Writers might also submit queries and articles directly to publications. If the editor accepts their pitch, the writer would complete the article for the agreed-upon fee. Straight publication tends to pay a higher rate than some other forms of freelance writing, but it’s also a long process that often doesn’t pay until publication.
  • Case Studies and White Papers – Case Studies and White Papers are specialty areas of writing. They pay well and tend to be more time-intensive to write.
  • Social Media Posts – Some writers specialize in social media posts. They may do the research and posting for client companies or run their entire platform. They may also use their own social media to promote affiliates and earn revenue as an influencer.
  • Ad Copy – Ad copy is a detailed intricate field of writing. The word count is low but every word counts. You should study this field before diving in.
  • Scriptwriting – Scriptwriting is currently highly sought because many businesses are turning to video content for their marketing channels.
  • Email Campaign Writing – Email campaigns are still a high conversion method of marketing and will likely be a viable campaign option for the foreseeable future.
  • Grant Writing – Grant writing is a highly specialized field and one that you need to be well-versed in because the business’s funding depends on the success of the work.
  • SEO Writing – SEO writing is exceptionally important for website owners. It covers landing pages, blog posts, and cornerstone content. Often, sales pages and other campaign collateral will need SEO writing, as well.
  • Copywriting – That is writing words that sell for clients or businesses. Our guide explains how to become a copywriter.

How Many Freelance Job Ideas Are Scams?

If you’ve ever thought freelance job ads were scams, you’re not alone. That’s because a lot of them really are scams. There are unscrupulous people everywhere, and the writing industry has no shortage of them.

We’re seeing an influx in “Get Rich Quick” webinars, programs, and eBooks. You know what these look like. They say things like, “You, too, can make six figures as a writer and you don’t even need to know how to write!” That’s beyond insulting to all of us who actually do know how to write.

Yes, there are scams and, what’s worse, those scams turn out people who are not qualified to write. It’s a shame for the person and a shame for the industry. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Taking courses and updating your knowledge is essential as a freelance writer. Just make sure that you check the credentials for every course and teacher. You should also check the credentials for any writing jobs and places you apply.

The Final Word on Freelance Job Ideas for Writers

There has never been a better time to make your living as a freelance writer. There are plenty of free resources to help you find the best niche and writing assets for your skills. You can also look for freelance writers who are successful to model your career on.

Freelance writing is a viable career if you love to write. Spend some time researching markets to find the kind of writing you love most. You’ll find many publishers and businesses looking for expert writers just like you.

Some final thoughts:

  • More than 60% of freelancers make more money through their freelance business than they did as an employee.
  • More than half the workforce will be freelance by 2027.
  • Freelance writing jobs are plentiful if you research your markets and learn to excel in the type of writing you specialize in.


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