11 Best Abbi Glines Books: Popular Series and Standalone Bestsellers

Are you looking to discover your next favorite romance author but don’t know where to start? Our list of the best Abbi Glines books will help you get started. 

Abbi Glines is a bestselling author hailing from Alabama, known for her captivating romance novels, but where do you begin when searching for the best Abbi Glines books? We’ve compiled a list of her most beloved stories to get you started. 

With numerous series under her belt, each book invites readers into a world of love, drama, and memorable characters. 

Her ability to craft relatable characters and situations has consistently earned her a spot on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. 

As for how Glines accumulated such a devoted audience and can inspire budding writers, the answer is simple:

Write what you love and what you want to write. If you love it, someone else will too.”

Abbi Glines

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Best Abbi Glines Books

1. Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze is set in a small beach-side town of the same name

The Sea Breeze series is one of Glines’ most famous works. It consists of nine books set in a small coastal town called Sea Breeze, with some of the titles including Breathe, Sometimes It Lasts, and Bad For You

Although each book is told from a different character’s perspective, they’re all interconnected, and you’ll spot familiar faces in every story. While each of the characters is on their own journey, one thing all these books have in common is steamy romances, bad boys, and plans going awry. 

If you’re looking to get lost in a series, the Sea Breeze collection is deeply engaging with characters that are flawed enough to feel realistic without making for a frustrating reading experience. Fans love following the protagonists as they navigate their messy teenage years and emerge in later books as more sensible young adults. 

“I know being with me is not easy. But I want you to understand no one has me, or has ever had me, except you.”

Abbi Glines, Breathe
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2. Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach
The Rosemary Beach is an angsty romance series set in a coastal town

Another beloved series by Abbi Glines is the Rosemary Beach novels, which consist of 14 books. The series takes place in the town of Rosemary Beach and follows different couples as they navigate their relationships. From learning to feel again after losing loved ones to being forced to choose between a partner and family expectations to unexpected romances, you’ll find yourself rooting for the protagonists to go the distance.

Readers will swoon at these angsty romances in these pages. Glines’ captivating writing style pulls readers in, while the non-stop drama will make these novels impossible to put down. Some of the most popular books in this series are Fallen Too Far, Going Too Far, and When You’re Back.

“Everyone always says that love was enough. It wasn’t. Not when your soul has been shattered.”

Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far
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3. The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys
The Vincent Boys series is about two cousins who are as close as brothers

The Vincent Boys series is yet another fantastic set of stories by Glines. Although shorter than her other works, containing only two novels, The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers, it’s just as enthralling. 

The series is centered around two cousins who are as close as brothers. The pair are total opposites: Sawyer, a football player and straight-A Student, and Beau, a bad boy. While Beau doesn’t want to hurt his cousin, he can’t help but fall for Sawyer’s girlfriend, Ashton. 

Their shared love interest, the conflicts, and the emotional turmoil within these books create highly engaging love triangles that keep readers hooked from start to finish. Readers can’t help but wonder if their bond will be severed for good.

“Trouble can be a lot of fun. It’s the straight and narrow that makes life tedious and boring.”

Abbi Glines, The Vincent Boys
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4. The Field Party

The Field Party
The Field Party is a nostalgic, sporty romance series

For fans of sports and romance, The Field Party series is the perfect blend. 

This seven-book series is set in a small Southern town and follows the lives of high school football players and the young women who capture their hearts. The series explores themes of love, loyalty, and personal growth within the context of sports and friendship.

It perfectly encapsulates the highs and lows of adolescence, from football games and parties to grappling with a change in life plans and grief. The Field Party series is perfect for readers who want to feel nostalgic for their own youth while still offering Glines’ classic swoon-worthy romances. Some of its best reads are Until Friday Night, After The Game, and Losing The Field.

“I had always been told my future was on the field, and I could be somebody great. I had wanted that. Until I found somebody who needed me. And I realized the only person I wanted to be great for was her.”

Abbi Glines, Until Friday Night
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5. The Existence Series

The Existence Series
The Existence series is a paranormal romance story

The Existence series is a trilogy of books and one spin-off novella, called Leif. The series shows off Glines’ versatility as a writer, having crafted a supernatural romance about a girl who falls in love with Death.

The first three books, Existence, Predestined, and Ceaseless, follow the protagonist, Pagan, as she pursues her relationship with Death. The novella Leif is the titular character’s version of events from the first two books. 

This change of pace is refreshing for seasoned Glines fans who might want to read something different. Fans of paranormal romance will undoubtedly enjoy this intriguing series.

“The emptiness where I used pain to fill the hole no longer controls me, no longer calls me because of you.”

Abbi Glines, Existence
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6. The Sweet Series

The Sweet Series
The Sweet Series is full of twists that will keep readers on their toes

The Sweet series is a four-book collection that mainly centers on Beulah, a woman who arrives on Portia Van Allan’s doorstep after her mother dies and is hired to take care of the house. Due to her cold demeanor, Beulah struggles to believe that her mother knew Porita but is intrigued by her son, Jasper. 

The longer Beulah stays with the Van Allan’s, the more dark secrets begin to emerge. This series is perfect for readers who love books that shock them and have unpredictable twists. Sweet Little Lies and Sweet Little Things, in particular, are among Glines’ most popular works. 

“I woke up each day with a mission and hope that eventually my life would get better. That my current situation wasn’t forever.”

Abbi Glines, Sweet Little Thing
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7. The Smoke Series

The Smoke Series
The Smoke series is a dark mafia romance story

The Smoke series contains 10 books that are just as steamy and dark as the title suggests. Some of the most popular in the series include Smokeshow, Firecracker, and Bombshell.

It primarily tells the tale of the Hughes family, known as “The Family.” As the series progresses, we learn more about the characters and the family dynamic as each book focuses on a different character.

Everyone is terrified to cross the Southern mafia family, and falling in love with one of them comes with risk and consequences.

“It’s not the demons you should fear, it’s the Devil who is charming.”

Abbi Glines, Smokeshow
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Best Abbi Glines Stand Alone Novels

8. Lyrics Of A Small Town

Lyrics Of A Small Town
Lyrics Of A Small Town is a beachy standalone romance

Lyrics Of A Small Town is a stunning love story for Glines’ fans who prefer to read standalone books.

After Henley Warren’s grandmother dies, she’s left with a list of tasks to fulfill on her behalf. That’s how she finds herself in the small town of Gulf Coast, Alabama. The very town her mom once lived in. 

Henley becomes more and more intrigued by Gulf Coast, and even more with one particular resident who always happens to show up whenever she needs him.

This novel has all the tension and angst Glines’ fans have come to expect and a whole lot of nostalgia. The beachy vibes are perfect for readers looking to fill a void after finishing the Rosemary Beach and Sea Breeze books.

“Life doesn’t prepare you for what is to come. It just happens and we are stuck with finding a way to live through it or giving in and letting it take us down.”

Abbi Glines, Lyrics of a Small Town
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9. As She Fades

As She Fades
As She Fades is a tragic love story

As She Fades is a heart-wrenching novel that will have readers in tears.

Having just graduated from high school, Vale McKinley and her boyfriend, Crawford, are eager to plan their future. After they get into a car crash following their graduation ceremony, Crawford falls into a coma. While waiting for her partner to wake up, she meets Slate, a friend of Crawford’s brother.

Once Crawford wakes up with no memory of their relationship, a devastated Vale decides to move on with her life. After reconnecting with Slate, she can’t help but feel guilty. 

This novel is impossible to put down and is full of twists that readers won’t see coming. It’s perfect for fans of college romances. 

“Life tosses you things you’re not expecting. This won’t be the first big hurdle in your life. What you have to learn is that you’re strong enough to live anyway.”

Abbi Glines, As She Fades
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10. Glitter

Glitter is Glines’ first attempt at a Regency romance

Glitter is another welcome change of pace for Glines fans. This novel is a Regency romance. 

Miriam is a bookworm who doesn’t have much interest in other people. She lives in a world where a woman’s greatest accomplishment is landing a husband, but she knows she has to find a way to support her mother and younger sister.

Meanwhile, Hugh Compton, the Earl of Ashington, has eyes for Miriam, but his brother, Nicholas, is determined to do everything he can to sabotage Hugh.

Historical romance fans will love Glines’ take on the genre due to its strong female protagonist at the helm. Meanwhile, existing fans of the author, who can’t resist the classic love triangle trope, won’t be disappointed. 

“I had dreams. Dreams that would not be because they couldn’t be.”

Abbi Glines, Glitter

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11. About Tomorrow…

About Tomorrow…
About Tomorrow… is all about lost love and second chances

About Tomorrow… is a heartbreaking but stunning read. 

It has a lot of the familiar facets of Glines’ words, such as steamy, beachy romances, but with a tragic streak. The story mostly focuses on Sailor and Creed, who used to be a couple but separated after Creed’s sister died. 

After she bumps into Creed for the first time in several years, Sailor is devastated and tries to move on with her life. However, she can’t escape him for long, and she’s left wondering if they can rekindle a friendship or should remain strangers. 

The timeline of the story jumps between before Sailor and Creed broke up and after, which keeps readers on their toes. Fans will also love how tangible the yearning between them is. 

“Creed didn’t just make me happy; he made me complete. Most of my life I had wandered through it never feeling like I belonged anywhere. Until Creed.”

Abbi Glines, About Tomorrow
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