8 Best Catherine Bybee Books by Series: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover the best Catherine Bybee books for your next thrilling romantic adventure – from contemporary romance to paranormal and romantic thrillers.

Our roundup of the best Catherine Bybee books showcases this prolific writer’s versatility. We are pretty sure that whatever kind of romance you like, Catherine’s got it covered. 

Bybee has captivated readers with her engaging novels, becoming a #1 Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and Indie Reader bestselling author and topping the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list. They’re notoriously unputdownable!

“Once upon a time a husband said to his wife, “Your writing is a hobby.” Five years and 6 million copies sold later. ..”Does this ocean view, five thousand square foot San Diego hobby house make me look fat?” she asked her ex-husband.”

Catherine Bybee

Prior to becoming a writer, Bybee worked as an emergency room nurse, which she says gave her considerable material for her books. Although she’s published two standalone novels, Bybee is best known for her book series. That being said, not all of the series have connecting themes, so you can pick and choose which books to read as take your fancy.

Let’s explore her back catalog further.

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About the Author

Bybee’s novels are all romance stories but have a diversity of themes, including contemporary romance, suspense, and fantasy.

Born and raised in Washington State, Bybee worked as an ER nurse before becoming a full-time writer. She gained widespread recognition through the Weekday Brides series, which follows the stories of women entering into fake marriages for different reasons, only to find true love in the process. Now that is lucky!

Catherine Bybee has garnered a dedicated fanbase and numerous accolades throughout her career as a bestselling author in the romance genre. It seems she has found her calling.

Best Catherine Bybee Books – Best Series

1. Not Quite Series

Not Quite Series
Not Quite Series

The Not Quite Series is a popular collection consisting of six books: Not Quite Dating, Not Quite Mine, Not Quite Enough, Not Quite Forever, Not Quite Perfect, and Not Quite Crazy. I particularly like the last one!

Each book tells a unique story, so you can pick and choose which to read first. I often find the cover of a book is the initial lure.

In Not Quite Crazy, we meet Rachel Price, who falls in love with her boss, Jason Fairchild. Jason is all about work and has little time for romance, but will Rachel change his mind?

This series is pure contemporary romance at its best!

Say the word, and I’ll turn this friendship into a relationship faster than a rattlesnake can strike his prey.” He would, she knew he would. The fire in his gaze said more than any of his words could.

Catherine Bybee, Not Quite Dating
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2. Weekday Brides Series

Weekday Brides Series
Weekday Brides Series

The Weekday Brides series is a set of seven books. The collection includes Married by Monday (2), Taken by Tuesday (5), Wife by Wednesday (1), Treasured by Thursday (7), Fiancé by Friday (3), Single by Saturday (4), and Seduced by Sunday (6). The books weren’t published in day order, so I added the number after the title, but you don’t have to read them in order of publication. 

Each book focuses on a different couple, featuring women who defy societal expectations and fall in love unexpectedly. The novels blend romance with intrigue and a strong dose of humor.

In the first book, Wife by Wednesday, Blake Harrison is a wealthy businessman who needs to find a bride to secure his inheritance. He turns to Gwen’s matchmaking services for help and finds himself unexpectedly falling for his bride-to-be, Samantha.

In the second book, Married by Monday, Carter Billings is a charmer with Hollywood looks who’s running for governor of California. He pursues the heart of Eliza, a woman with a checkered past. In time their marriage of convenience blossoms into true love.

“Apologies are only words until they are backed up with actions.”

Catherine Bybee, Single by Saturday
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3. First Wife Series

First Wife Series
First Wife Series

The First Wives series includes five books, Fool Me Once, Half Empty, Chasing Shadows, Faking Forever, and Say It Again

Each novel is structured around a central character exploring her journey of self-discovery. The books are connected through various sub-themes.

In Fool Me Once, Chloe, a successful but cynical divorce lawyer, opts for a break from her busy life by taking a cruise with some of her recent divorcées. There she meets Reed Barlow, who certainly isn’t all he seems. 

“Concentrating on what you can control, and not the things you can’t, has a way of keeping us focused and moving forward.”

Catherine Bybee, Fool Me Once
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4. The Richter Series

The Richter Series
The Richter Series

The Richter Series is described as adrenaline-fuelled and features several women involved in different aspects of law enforcement. It includes Changing the Rules, A Thin Disguise, and An Unexpected Distraction.

In Changing the Rules, book one in the series, a detective Claire, is thrown into a world of danger and deception as she pairs up with a former colleague to root out the mastermind behind a prostitution ring targeting young girls. But as Claire and Cooper go deeper undercover, they discover more than the truth about the case.

A Thin Disguise is book two and tells the story of FBI agent Leo Grant and an ex-assassin, Olivia, who saves his life one night by jumping into the path of a bullet meant for him. But why? Olivia recovers but is suffering from amnesia. The two try to piece together the past, both unaware of Olivia’s sinister background. 

“It takes more strength to walk away than to let him make a fool of you.”

Catherine Bybee, An Unexpected Distraction
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5. Most Likely To Series

Most Likely To Series
Most Likely To Series

The Most Likely To series is a trilogy centered around the lives of three friends, each labeled with a yearbook superlative. All three novels and set in the same town of River Bend. 

The series includes: Doing It Over, Staying For Good, and Making It Right.

Doing It Over follows Melanie Bartlett, a down-on-her-luck single mom who had been voted Most Likely to Succeed. She finds herself returning to her hometown of River Bend where she draws on the strength of her friends Jo and Zoe, and meets an intriguing and rather rugged builder, Wyatt Gibson. Will true love develop?

Staying For Good tells the tale of Zoe Brown, who was voted Most Likely to Never Leave River Bend, but it turns out they were wrong. Zoe didn’t just leave, she escaped her hometown in search of a better life. Circumstances force her to return, where she encounters an old flame, Luke. But will he be enough to make her stay this time?

“Lesson number one. Don’t pick up strangers in bars.”

Catherine Bybee, Making It Right
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6. Creek Canyon Series

Creek Canyon Series
Creek Canyon Series

The Creek Canyon Series is a captivating collection of three books: My Way to You, Home to Me, and Everything Changes

The Creek Canyon Series mainly takes place in the picturesque town of Santa Clarita, California. In all three novels. Bybee beautifully describes the breathtaking landscape.

In My Way to You, Parker Sinclair faces numerous threats to her home and her life, including wildfires and mudslides. The public works supervisor, Colin Hudson, is challenged with protecting Parker’s property, but he finds her more than a match for his own tenacity.

Home to Me is about Erin Fleming, a woman running from an abusive ex who takes refuge in Santa Clarita. She finds herself intrigued by her landlord, Matt Hudson, a firefighter and adrenaline junky. But her past is about to catch up with her in an explosive way. 

“Everything changes, and then you meet the right guy who changes everything.”

Catherine Bybee, Everything Changes
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7. The MacCoinnich Time Travels

The MacCoinnich Time Travels
The MacCoinnich Time Travels

The MacCoinnich Time Travels is a series set in Scotland and follows the MacCoinnich clan, who possess the ability to time travel. 

Each book focuses on a different member of the clan as they navigate love, adventure, and the complexities of altering history while traveling through time. The series combines elements of historical fiction, romance, and fantasy.

The first book in the series is Binding Vows. Duncan MacCoinnich time travels to the twenty-first century Renaissance Fair intent on deflowering the Druid virgins. But the virgin in question, Tara McAllister, proves more than a match, and he finds himself bound to her by a hand-fasting ceremony. Duncan takes Tara back to 16th-century Scotland, but they are not alone; something else comes back with them.

In Highland Protector, Gavin Kincaid is charged with protecting the MacCoinnich family and their line through time travel. Gavin encounters Amber MacCoinnich, who is traveling to the 21st century to fulfill a premonition that may just save her life. But the encounter brings danger to them both. Will Gavin’s gift save her, or will his heritage kill them both? 

“Love is always the answer.”

Catherine Bybee, Highland Protector
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8. The Ritter Werewolves

The Ritter Werewolves Series
The Ritter Werewolves Series

Set in the picturesque town of Ritter, Oregon, the 2 book series revolves around the Ritter family, who harbor a secret—they are werewolves.

With intense romance and gripping plot twists, The Ritter Werewolves series delivers a spellbinding reading experience for fans of both romance and the supernatural.

In Before the Moon Rises, an ER nurse Janet O’Brien encounters an unusual patient who arrives unconscious and naked. The patient, Max Ritter, falls for his carer on waking, and romance blooms, but this is not an ordinary Romeo and Juliet story. Max is a werewolf.

Embracing the Wolf tells the story of Kate Davis, who encounters Richard Ritter. The two fall in love before she finds out that he is a werewolf. Legend says that werewolves come in two types, good and evil, but which is Richard?

“The animal at his feet snarled, baring massive teeth.”

Catherine Bybee, Embracing the Wolf
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