40 Easy Part-Time Jobs to Boost Your Income (2024)

If you’re looking for easy part-time jobs this year, we round up 40 great places you can try today. 

Sometimes we could all use a little bit of extra income on the side. Part-time jobs make an attractive side hustle for a college student, a struggling writer, parents with small kids at home, and just about anyone who may need to make extra cash. 

Even the retiree who is bored with staying home could do something productive to stay occupied.

But where do you find these easy part-time jobs? And which are the best ones that pay well?

In this article, I’ll go through the types of easy part-time jobs and how to get them. I’ll also cover 40 jobs that offer attractive pay – some of them even have flexible job hours.

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Types of Part Time Jobs

Easy part-time jobs

Part-time jobs can be hourly, shift-based, home-based or self-scheduled. Here’s a quick look at the different types you’ll likely encounter, and their pros and cons.

1. Remote part time work 

A remote job requires a computer and access to the internet. The nice part about it is that you’ll be able to do it from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have network access. Most people, though, would be working from home.

  • Flexible schedule. This means you’ll be able to work as much or as little as you like.
  • Freedom of location. Doesn’t require you to be at a specific place, so you could work from the comfort of home.
  • Needs self-discipline. This kind of job could be hard to maintain if you don’t have self-discipline.
  • Maintain your own gear. You’re responsible for your equipment. There won’t be any IT guy you can call for help if your computer gives you the blue screen of death (or BSoD – a fatal system error).

2. Weekend deals or after work duties

This is the most common type of part-time job and can be done by anyone with some free time on hand. You’ll usually have to be at a specific place to perform it. It may have set hours, so you’ll have to figure out how to fit it into your schedule. 

  • Set hours. Set hours gives you a clear view of when you need to fit it into your free time.
  • Steady side income. Since you’ll be working a set amount of time, you’ll have a steady side income stream.
  • Needs a regular schedule. Your primary job needs to be on a regular schedule to make it on time for the part time one.
  • Takes away from rest time. You could be committing to a second job that may take away needed downtime.

Do part time jobs require any training or specialized skill?

Some part-time jobs require you to have a specific skill. The ones that need a specialized skill will likely pay a little bit more. Think of a freelance graphic designer as an example — they would need to have some graphic design training or experience for the job. Or a massage therapist who’d have to be skilled in massage techniques.

How to Find a Part Time Job

Finding a part-time job is not hard. Here are some places you should look at:

1. Online job searches

This is one of the easiest ways to find a part-time job. There are plenty of part-time job listings online. You can look at Craigslist or FlexJobs, for example. If you’re looking for remote work, online job searches would also be the best bet for a job seeker.

2. Check your local businesses

Another option is to check with your local businesses. If there’s a particular store that you like, like a florist or bookstore, you could check if they have any positions for a part-time worker. This way, you’ll be working in a surrounding you’re fond of, with people you’re likely familiar with.

3. Networking

Ask your friends or family members if they know, or have, any part-time positions available. You could be surprised by what work might turn up if you only make an effort to ask.

Now, let’s go through some of the best part-time jobs you could take up.

40 Easy Part-Time Jobs You Should Consider 

I’ve classified these jobs into the following categories and added an average hourly rate (US$) to give you an idea of what kind of pay to expect. The job title can vary from one job board to another (like Test Proctor is also known as Exam Proctor). 


1. Library Assistant

Love the feel of a book in your hands, the smell of paper when you turn the pages? Then this job is for you. You’ll need good communication skills, especially with children, to maintain discipline and order in the library. You’ll also be helping patrons check books in and out, and navigate the library catalog.

Average pay (payscale.com): $13.48 per hour

2. Daycare Teacher

If you like being around small children (even the occasional screaming toddler), this job would be a good fit. You’ll spend time helping with arts and crafts, monitoring nap times, giving milk breaks, and even cleaning up the occasional oopsy. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $10.89 per hour

3. Substitute Teacher

Remember the substitute teacher that everyone used to look forward to when you were in school? If you’re a graduate in the education field, the substitute teacher could fit you. You’ll have to be fairly flexible with your availability, as you could be called in at the last minute. You could fill in for a single session or even months for maternity leaves. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $11.91 per hour

4. Test Scorer

School teachers are typically overworked. You could help lighten that burden helping grade those masses of test papers and make some money on the side. This job can be done online, so you won’t have to leave home. As exams are seasonal, test scoring isn’t one that will be available all year round. 

Average pay (glassdoor.com): $13 per hour

5. Test Proctor

Exam halls need someone to supervise examinees during testing. You’ll distribute papers, explain any rules that apply to the exam, monitor the time and ensure no cheating occurs. This job won’t require much interaction with students beyond making sure the examination goes smoothly. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $12.27 per hour

6. Tutor

If you’re good at a particular subject, are adjunct faculty, or already teaching full time, you could make some extra money as a tutor. Many college and grad school students take up tutoring to earn some side cash. Tutoring could be done at a tuition center, from your home, or you could make house calls. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $17.80 per hour

Restaurant & Food services

7. Bartender

Great at shaking and stirring cocktails? If you enjoy being part of a social atmosphere, a bartender gig is a good fit for you. You could have a lot of fun mixing and creating innovative new cocktails. You’ll also have to be ready for late evenings, the occasional drunk, and spilled liquor on the countertop. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $8.31 per hour

8. Barista

Love the scent of coffee and can tell which bean is which by just a sniff? Learning how to blend the lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos might just be the part time job for coffee addicts. You could be dealing with high-speed orders in the morning rush or calmer clients wanting to relax in the evenings. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $10.58 per hour

9. Foodservice Crew (Kitchen Helper)

Enjoy handling food? Handy with a knife or good at peeling potatoes? Whatever your kitchen skill level, if you’re interested in learning the restaurant kitchen’s inner workings, being a kitchen helper could teach you many things. You might even get to help with grocery selection or storage as well. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $10.30 per hour

10. Waiter

Waitering is a standard part-time option for a student to earn side money. It doesn’t require you to have many other skills, just the ability to get orders right and smile at customers. Just know that you’re going to be on your feet most of the time. 

Average pay (salary.com): $9 per hour

Transportation & Delivery

11. Delivery Driver

If you have a license to operate a truck, you could take up delivery driving as a part-time post. You’ll need to stick to a schedule to ensure the products that you’re delivering reaches their location on time. 

Average pay (salary.com): $20 per hour

12. Newspaper Delivery

The news can be accessed electronically, but many people still like the feel of a real newspaper in their hands. If you’re okay with waking up early, you can deliver the morning newspaper to make some money. This is a simple task that doesn’t require more than the ability to drive and get to the right locations. Or you could deliver the evening newspaper if that option is available. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $10.07 per hour

13. Ridesharing Driver

Suppose you have a valid driver’s license, a four-door vehicle and a mobile device. In that case, you could consider signing up for a ridesharing service. This is a simple way of making some extra cash, even if you’re just porting people on your way to work and back. 

Average pay (salary.com): $17 per hour

14. Valet Parking Attendant

The valet driver greets guests, typically at a hotel or casino, and is responsible for parking and retrieving their cars. You’ll need a valid driver’s license, and be comfortable handling many different vehicles, from the simple to the exotic. 

Average pay (salary.com): $10 per hour


15. Brand Promoter

If you’re a people person and can take being on your feet most of the time, you could make some money with this as your part-time gig. You’ll be handing out product samples, promoting those products, and giving more details if customers are interested. HubSpot has a great grand kit that anyone can use to generate a logo.

Average pay (salary.com): $12 per hour

16. Food or Cooking Product Demonstrator

Do you like cooking? Comfortable talking to a crowd? If yes, being a food demonstrator could be a good part-time job for you. Many supermarkets or product manufacturers hire part-timers to demonstrate how to use their cooking products. This would be a way for you to indulge in a hobby and earn some good money.

Average pay (payscale.com): $11.49 per hour

17. Merchandiser 

Stores are supplied by vendors who have merchandisers to help restock products and displays. There are often plenty of part-time positions for merchandisers. You’ll likely be lifting boxes, planning displays and helping replenish or removing products in a shop. Flexible job hours are typical. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $12.80 per hour

18. Cashier

Cashiers usually have set working hours, so if you want to do this as a part time worker, make sure you can fit it into your schedule. The cash drawer is filled at the start of the day. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the level of money there as you process payments. You’ll also be keeping track of the merchant’s copy of receipts. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $9.92 per hour

Office & Administration

19. Appointment Setter

Appointment setters call up potential clients to set appointments for sales representatives. You could either be calling up new clients or following leads given by the company. If you have excellent communication skills and don’t mind being on the phone a lot, this could be for you.

Average pay (payscale.com): $12.65 per hour

20. Accountant

If you have a background in accounting and enjoy the job, you could offer your services part-time. Many companies hire part-time accountants to help them keep their financial records straight and ready for audits. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $20.33 per hour

21. Data Entry Operator

Data entry can be a tedious job. But if you’re an accurate typer and comfortable with sorting out text or numerical data, this could be a decent source of money. You might have to enter data from paper documentation or import it from electronic sources, work in an office, or remotely.

Average pay (payscale.com): $14.23 per hour

22. Front Desk Receptionist

The receptionist handles several duties, from greeting guests and maintaining guest logs, to answering calls and routing them. This kind of work requires some ability to multitask and will have set hours.

Average pay (payscale.com): $12.52 per hour

23. Freelance Transcriber

Transcribers create written records of conversations, meetings, audio and video recordings. You’ll need a good ear for spoken audio, and capable of quick and accurate typing. Transcription work can be done in an office or remotely. There are dedicated agencies that hire part-timers for this type of service.

Average pay (payscale.com): $15.09 per hour

Marketing & Customer Service 

24. Call Center Representative

Company call centers are usually busy places. You’ll be handling either inbound calls from, or outbound calls to, customers. You’ll be answering questions on the company product or services, and may have to diffuse an angry customer now and then. Good communication skills are essential for this post.

Average pay (payscale.com): $14.02 per hour

25. Telemarketer

If you’re interested in telemarketing, you’ll need some good persuasive skills. That’s what you’ll be doing — persuading potential clients to sign up and buy services or a product. Your goal will be to generate sales for your company via the phone. It’s not a physically demanding job, but be prepared to deal with rejections on a regular basis.

Average pay (payscale.com): $10.83 per hour

26. Guest Services Rep at hotels, museums or event spaces

This is usually an entry-level position and can include a wide variety of tasks. It depends on where you’re working. At a hotel, you could be handling guest check-ins and -outs. At a museum, you may be handling visitors and directing them to events and displays. This is a good post if you like dealing with people as your main task is to make sure guests are happy.

Average pay (payscale.com): $11.52 per hour

27. Social Media Manager

Many companies need help creating promotional content and dealing with clients on social media. If you have a knack for tinkering with content on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like), this could be a way to make an extra buck. This is a job opportunity that could be performed on-site or remotely.

Average pay (payscale.com): $16.47 per hour

28. Freelance Web Developer

Good with source code and comfortable interacting with database systems? Web developers are the guys putting the code into a designed website. They also maintain it to make sure it keeps running. It’s quite common to perform this job remotely these days and be ready to work odd hours as you may be required to troubleshoot emergencies.

Average pay (payscale.com): $20.72 per hour 

29. Freelance Writer

There’s plenty of work for a freelance writer, spanning a wide variety of fields, from marketing to academic. With freelance writing, you’ll be researching and creating written content for websites, blogs or even social media.  Sometimes you’ll work alone, and other times you’ll be collaborating with other writers. Freelance writers often work remotely

Average pay (payscale.com): $18.26 per hour 

Fitness & Lifestyle

30. Lifeguard

If you’re a good swimmer, here’s a potential part-time job for you. You’ll need knowledge of life-saving techniques like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an automated external defibrillator (AED). As a lifeguard, you’re usually working outdoors, unless assigned to an indoor swimming pool.

Average pay (payscale.com): $9.94 per hour 

31. Fitness Instructor

Are you a gym enthusiast and know all the moves to classes, or how to use all the equipment? You could sign up to be a fitness instructor and spend your time helping others get into their fitness regime. If you’re not into fast-paced aerobic workouts, you could do something slower like yoga or pilates. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $20.32 per hour 

32. Personal Trainer 

The personal trainer is a little more specialized than the fitness instructor. You’ll be dealing with clients one-on-one, planning their fitness schedule, including diet and nutrition. Your goals will be more focused, and that would be getting your client into shape. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $25.39 per hour 

33. Massage Therapist

A good massage can be worth a lot to a stressed client. Why not become a massage therapist? Help clients work those knots and kinks out of tight, painful muscles. Spas, hotels, and health clubs hire massage therapists. Many therapists are attached to physical therapy centers too or work on their own.

Average pay (payscale.com): $20.50 per hour 

34. Model

Are you photogenic and comfortable posing in front of the camera? You don’t necessarily have to model your entire physique. If you have attractive features like hands, legs or even lips, you could be a parts model, like the ones you see on jewelry catalogs. It’s best to work with an agency to help you find the best modeling opportunities.

Average pay (payscale.com): $20.18 per hour    

General Services

35. Babysitter

Love being around babies and young children? Help parents out by keeping an eye on their kids when they have to be away for a couple of hours. You could do this as a home job, or make a house call and babysit in your client’s home. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $10.75 per hour    

36. Gardener

Do you have a green thumb, enjoy spending time with plants? Gardening could be a rewarding part time job for those who like being outdoors and growing things. Your task could be as simple as mowing the grass to the more advanced work of keeping landscape designs in shape.

Average pay (payscale.com): $15.11 per hour    

37. House Sitter

Your main task as a house sitter is to make homes look occupied when their owners are away. You’ll likely have to temporarily move in and take care of the house, and any pets and plants. The idea is to deter break-ins and prevent vandalism. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $11.98 per hour      

38. Janitor

Janitors are required everywhere — schools, restaurants, offices, public buildings. You name it. One of the key duties of a janitor apart from being a caretaker is cleaning. If you don’t mind picking up a mop and vacuum after hours, this is a physical job that doesn’t typically require any other skill. 

Average pay (payscale.com): $11.33 per hour    

39. Parking Attendant

Parking attendants usually work from a booth that controls access to the parking lot. Sometimes you’ll be required to handle the parking fees if the parking area is not prepaid. You’ll also need to monitor the parking area to ensure vehicles are safe.

Average pay (payscale.com): $11.77 per hour    

40. Pet Sitter

If you love animals, this could be the perfect part-time job for you. Take care of dogs and cats (or any other pet for that matter) when their families have to be away. This could be on an hourly basis or an extended period if owners go on vacation.

Average pay for a dog sitter (payscale.com): $13.16 per hour    

This list should give you a fair idea of the part-time jobs available today. 

Fun fact: I know of someone whose part-time job is being a caregiver to a friend’s father and keeping her dog fed during the day. Part-time jobs can be found in unusual places, so keep your eyes open for these unique opportunities.

However, there are some caveats.

Things to Remember When You Look for Part Time Jobs

Here are two important things you should keep in mind when you look for part-time jobs.

1. Understand what jobs fit you

The first you need to think of is, will it be an easy job for you to do? 

What’s “easy” for one person may be “hard” for you. You’ll be doing this in your free time, so it’s advisable to find something that’s easy and preferably enjoyable. But hey, no one said you have to refuse a challenge if that’s your thing.

So, depending on why you’re looking for a part-time job, you could:

  • Pick something that will suit your weekly schedule.
  • Have an earnings target, and pick something that will earn you as much money.
  • Pick something that you can learn some new skills from.
  • Pick something that you’re good at and will enjoy doing.
  • Pick something where you can meet people who share your interests.
  • Do something that serves the community.
  • Pick something that will give you a different work experience.
  • Get a summer job to earn some good money.

You likely already have a full-time day job, and the truth is, most people don’t particularly enjoy their jobs. If you fall into this group, there’s even more reason to find part-time work that you like or have a strong motivation to do. 

2. Beware of scams 

This is most important. Never pay to get a job unless you’re buying equipment. Pay attention to the small details in the job posting. If ever in doubt, look up the company with the Better Business Bureau. You might be interested in reading about what the average salary is for a technical writer.

Ready to Take Up a Part Time Job?

Some of us take on part-time jobs for the extra money and others for the work experience. If you need the money to help cover bills, then, by all means, find a part-time job that suits your talents and free time. 

But you also need to figure if part-timing is going to cut into much-needed rest. You don’t want to damage your health in the long term, no matter how good the money is. You could find a source of passive income if a part-time job is not a good option.

Ultimately, if you do take on a part-time job, be sure you can balance it with your lifestyle. See if the minimum wage or pay range is worth it. A part-time job should be beneficial, not detrimental to you in the long term.