Essays About Dogs: Top 5 Examples and 8 Easy Prompts

Essays about dogs address the close relationship between a man and his best friend. Discover our top essay examples and prompts to assist you in writing.

There are 69 million households in the US with dogs. This statistic attests to the fact that many are fond of dogs and have them for many reasons, primarily for their unconditional love and emotional support. In addition, having a dog at home helps improve physical and mental health.

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5 Best Essay Examples

1. Long Essay on Dog by Prasanna

“Dogs have been a companion to man for almost 40,000 years. Dogs perform many functions. They are trained and are one of the popular pets to have.”

Prasanna’s essay contains general facts about dogs, such as their origin, characteristics, behavior, love for meat, and more. She describes the dog as a four-legged animal with sharp eyes, sensitive ears and nose, and of different breeds, sizes, and colors. The essay includes the various functions of dogs, such as hunting, pulling sleds, protecting, comforting their owners, and improving their well-being. Check out these articles about animals.

2. Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay by Anonymous on Papersowl.Com 

“… Dogs are better than cats. The loyalty, bravery, and human characteristics of dogs, as well as, the service and personal benefits of owning a dog far exceed those owning a cat.”

In this essay, the writer mentions how dogs are more energetic, friendly, protective, and easier to train and bond with than cats. The writer effectively discusses the advantages and disadvantages of owning these pets as a dog and cat owner. It also provides the readers with the relevant information they need when they look for a pet to adopt. If you disagree with this stance, check out these articles and essays about cats.

3. Dogs Are Not Just Companions — they Are True Bae! By Anonymous on Gradesfixer.Com

“They can read your facial expression, socialize and communicate just like any other human does. Dogs can empathize with human feeling and match with the wavelengths of their owners in an instant. They can easily decipher your depressed condition and they can smell your fears.”

The author uses research findings and a real-life story to prove that humans and dogs share a strong bond that’s unbreakable and unfathomable. In addition, they say dogs are the best therapy animals because they are compassionate, respond in a friendly way, and do not show stressful behavior while playing with patients. 

To prove that dogs show loyalty, unconditional love, and strong friendship, the writer uses the story “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” The story is about Hachiko, the Akita dog that walks his owner to and from the train station until his owner suddenly dies at work. As a loyal dog, Hachiko always comes to the station and waits with anticipation to witness his return until his last breath showing that they are truly best friends for life.

4. Dog Is a Man’s Best Friend by Anonymous on Eduzaurus.Com

“… Not just a pet, but a part of the family. When we give love freely to dogs, we receive their love and affection in return. Dogs can truly be a man’s best friend, and we should be grateful to be theirs as well.”

This essay talks about the indescribable bond between a dog and its owner. Harley is the name of the writer’s big and muscular white female bulldog with a soft heart. The writer discusses how she gives them so much joy every time they play, train, and ride in the car. This essay also shows how protective the dog is and how it barks whenever someone strange approaches them. The author firmly believes that dogs are gifts sent by God.

5. Lessons We Can Learn from the Life of Our Pet Dogs by Anonymous on Gradesfixer.Com

“Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing. Aside the fact that they are a delight to look upon, they are also sweet creatures that act in ways we can learn from.”

This essay includes essential life lessons humans can learn from dogs, such as being adaptable to different environments or situations and remaining loyal and faithful to anything or anyone. Dogs’ carefree attitude allows them to be comfortable with themselves. It demonstrates how people can live freely to enjoy life happily. You might also be interested in these essays about animal testing.

8 Writing Prompts for Essays About Dogs

1. The Truths About Dogs

Did you know dogs are domesticated wolves? If you plan to write a fun and engaging essay, look for amusing dog facts that many are unaware of. You can focus on one breed or discuss dogs in general. First, share the dog’s history, characteristics, and unique behaviors. Then, search for common dog myths and correct them.

If this sounds like a lot of work, do a 5 paragraph essay instead.

2. Pros and Cons of Having a Dog

It has been proven that dogs are excellent for human well-being. They make people happy and comfort their owners whenever they’re sad. However, dog ownership is not just rainbows and sunshine. 

For this prompt, consider the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a dog. In the conclusion, give your own opinion on whether people should have dogs or not. Add your reasons; this could be the cost, aggressive dog breeds, or allergies.

3. The Most Famous Dog Breeds

Christmas Vacation
Write their characteristics and behaviors to help your readers learn about the similarities and differences between each dog

There are many dog breeds today. Pick the most popular ones and include why they are the ones usually seen, bought, or adopted. Write their characteristics and behaviors to help your readers learn about the similarities and differences between each dog. Use pet articles, scientific research, or other reliable sources to make your essay more credible.

You can also tackle the issue of dog crossbreeding, which can lead to genetic mutations.

4. Dogs and Expenses

Dogs need a place to sleep, training, grooming essentials, and other supplies besides the basics, such as food and water. These additional and continuous expenses hinder others from adopting dogs. Use this prompt to share factors that will help you decide whether to pursue adoption. Then, identify dog essentials and items and offer cheaper alternatives to save money.

5. A Dog’s Lifespan

The average lifespan of a dog is 10 to 13 years, which is much shorter than humans. This means humans usually outlive their canine companions. In this prompt, you can teach the readers how to calculate the lifespan of their dogs based on size and type. Then, advise the dog owners how they can make their dog’s stay on Earth worth it. For an interesting piece of writing, look for a story of a dog outliving its owner and how it reacted or lived out its remaining days, and include this in your essay.

6. Dogs and Society

Many households believe dogs symbolize protection and love. Society also adjusted to accommodate dogs with animal laws and dog parks. Further explain how interwoven dogs and the community are, that they’re now a necessary part of some people’s lives. For example, having a dog can make someone more sociable by setting a play date with other dogs and interacting with the other fur parents.

7. My First Dog

Use this prompt to share your first dog ownership experience with your readers. First, introduce your dog and how you got it. Next, describe your first dog’s unique qualities and add your unforgettable memories together.  End your essay with the greatest life lesson your dog taught you that you still practice today.

8. Dogs and Mental Health

Aside from helping their owners have a more active lifestyle, dogs also improve mental health. For this prompt, focus on therapy dogs. Discuss what they offer, including their therapeutic effects on their owners. Then, identify who needs them the most. Add the best breeds for therapy dogs and why.

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