Articles About Animals: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Animals connect to humans and the environment. To help you with your article writing, see our top pick of articles about animals and prompts to guide you.

I am a certified animal lover, my family cares for 14 dogs and seven cats. They are primarily rescues, and we do our best to give them a merry home. When people learn this about us, they have the same question: “Isn’t it exhausting?”

Aside from helping humans cope with trauma, such as in the case of service animals, they are also a food source. They are necessary and, thus, must be protected to keep our environment stable. Elaborate on the different views on animals such as welfare, farming and testing. To inspire your writing style, take inspiration from the best argumentative essays.

1. Issues Regarding the Welfare of Assistance Dogs by Amanda Salmon

“Assistance animals increase the quality of life enjoyed by people with various disability types… In contrast to protecting a person’s quality of life, laws and policies fail to address the quality of life of assistance animals.”

Salmon believes that improving assistance dogs’ quality of life is just as important as those of humans. To prove that, the researchers discuss the gaps in the laws pertinent to assistance animals while highlighting their roles in helping, supporting, and protecting persons with disabilities.

The researchers explain various welfare issues, one of which is the difficulty in dog training. Some train dogs for hours without considering the animals’ health. Another is the lack of monitoring assistance animals for those with mental disabilities or financial problems. In their conclusion, the group calls for changes in relevant laws to accommodate persons with disabilities and assistance animals to better meet their needs.

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2. Optimising Puppy Socialisation Short and Long-term Effects of a Training Programme During the Early Socialisation Period by Lisa Stolzlechner

“The ability to habituate to diverse stimuli without fear, or to overcome any fear quickly during the socialisation period, is key for dogs’ ability to cope with the diversity of stimuli encountered in a human world.”

This article presents the results of an experiment by Stolzlechner that aims to show the effect of exposing three to six-week-old puppies to various tests. Through their methods, they conclude that the treatment group is more resilient to stress, has no fear of a novel object, has a calmer demeanor despite loud noises, and has a faster problem-solving rate than the other group. However, the program doesn’t have a lasting effect, and Stolzlechner believes they need more research.

3. The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation by Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H

“…animal experimentation is typically viewed as the default and gold standard of preclinical testing and is generally supported without critical examination of its validity.”

Akhtar’s purpose in this article is to prove animal experimentation’s unreliable and harmful effects through research and other studies. He explains that the evaluation of a drug for a particular disease or injury will vary among species because they have different physiology, genetics, pharmacokinetics, anatomy, and behavior.

The author explains that misleading claims on drugs tested by animal experiments harm people through clinical trials. Additionally, safe and genuinely effective drugs and medical procedures are often rendered useless by these false and unsubstantiated claims.

4. The Last Panda in Latin America? Mexico to Decide What Happens Next by Associated Press

“Xin Xin, the granddaughter of pandas gifted by China, is childless, in menopause and, at 32, very old. It could be the end for pandas in Latin America altogether if Mexico’s government balks at the price of a new panda.”

The article focuses on Xin Xin, the only surviving panda in Latin America. She’s the last member of the giant panda family that China gifted to Mexico during its “panda diplomacy” period. However, the Chinese government now demands a fee for loaning their pandas, which the Mexican administration refuses to pay. Aside from the Mexican government negotiating with China in taking the loan program, the author also mentions that  Xin Xin’s ovarian tissue can be preserved to continue reproduction. 

5. Ligers, Zorses, and Pizzlies: How Animal Hybrids Happen by Jason Bittel

“…every hybrid is a window into how evolution creates new species.”

Bittel divides his article into four parts to explain what hybrids are and the process animals go through to produce these hybrids. Different species of animals don’t always breed or mate, but when they do, they produce hybrids that both have the traits and characteristics of their parents.

A familiar hybrid is the ligers, introduced in movies like Napoleon Dynamite (2004). Bittel notes that due to climate change, hybrids will become more ordinary. He also mentions that mixed species can be weak, prone to health problems, or unable to reproduce. But hybridization also has benefits, such as pesticide resistance, that help animals survive and multiply.

7 Prompts for Articles About Animals

1. Best House Pets in the World

Best house pets in the world
In your article, stick to reliable statistics to discuss the world’s most prominent pet species and why people pick them

There are different opinions on the best pets, often because people use varying factors, such as allergies, access, and space. In your article, stick to reliable statistics to discuss the world’s most prominent pet species and why people pick them. Include excerpts from other articles, interviews, or research findings that help explain why these animals are considered the best. For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing?

2. Why Can’t Wild Animals Be Pets?

Some might say that no matter how much you care for a wild animal, their instincts could return at any moment, which is why many people do not want to keep them as pets. Use this prompt to discuss the differences between domesticated and wild animals. 

Add relevant statistics such as the number of people who keep wild animals as pets and incidents where these wild animals end up attacking their owners. You can also explain why some people want wild animals as pets. Then, discuss why a wild animal should not be kept as a house pet.

3. Protecting Endangered Animals

For this prompt, research which animals are endangered and why they are near extinction. Discuss the research method, gathered information, and government or organizations’ protection plans for these animals. 

Examine the effectiveness of these plans and include your thoughts on how they could be improved. In your conclusion, make a call to action on what your readers can do to help protect endangered animals in their way.

See our guide to grammar and syntax to improve your writing.

4. Global Warming and Animals

Global warming affects all integral parts of the ecosystem, such as animals. This prompt delves into the severity of global warming and its effects on animals. Use updated research findings to support your statements.

For instance, while some animals adapt to global warming by changing their body sizes and migrating, others are dying because they can’t alter their physical characteristics and can’t relocate from their original habitat. Because of these factors, there’s a lower chance of reproduction that has a ripple effect, inevitably affecting humans.

5. Importance of Livestock Animals

In your essay, identify the most important livestock animals and explain why people need to continue raising them. Discuss the benefits of livestock animals to people and the economy and what will happen if livestock animals vanish. For an interesting argumentative article, look at both sides of the argument. Include information from organizations that support livestock and animal farming, and also from those who oppose it.

6. Weirdly Cute Animals

Weirdly cute animals
For this article prompt, pinpoint some of the weirdest but endearing animals worldwide such as the pink fairy armadillo

Animals have different features, some unique ones that make them stand out. An example is the pink fairy armadillo from South America. It’s the smallest armadillo species with a pale rose color. For this article prompt, pinpoint some of the weirdest but endearing animals worldwide. Speak about their origin and distinguishing characteristics that attract attention.

7. The Pros and Cons of Raising Pets

Some choose to raise pets, while others avoid it like the plague. To better dissect this subject, interview two individuals, one with a pet and one with none. Then, list the advantages and disadvantages of raising or not raising house pets based on their experiences. Consider an individual’s lifestyle and advise them on what the perfect pet will be for them. You can also give tips on how the audience can enjoy raising pets. For help editing your articles, we recommend using the best grammar checker.

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