Essays About Online Class: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Essays about online class tell many stories. If you need to write about e-learning, discover the top examples and prompts for the subject in our guide.

With over 5.8 million American students attending in 2021, online classes are now one of the education sector’s most popular and modern learning methods. Although it became prevalent because of the pandemic, it’s believed that the concept of distance learning began in the late 1800s.

Online classes pose many benefits that many still take advantage of even after the pandemic. However, not everyone adjusts well to this technology-centered learning due to no face-to-face contact and difficulty learning without the back-and-forth of lesson question time. 

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1. My Experience as an Online Student by Debra Sicard

“I am not a traditional student, so I have non-traditional needs… online classes fit my lifestyle.”

Sicard shares her positive experience with online classes, primarily centering her essay on convenience. She says that with online courses, she can fit more lessons into her schedule, save her money on gas, and have more time with her family. In addition, she mentions she can work and do other things besides taking her credits.

To have a proper perspective of the topic, Sicard also includes the disadvantages of virtual learning, such as devices catching viruses and missing in-real-life interactions with her professors and classmates. But, she believes that an online student can learn as much or even more than what students learn in traditional classes.

2. How to Succeed in Online Classes Essay by Anonymous on Ivypanda.Com

“In an online class, a student can only achieve success if he is committed to time management, balancing personal obligations, finding an ideal study environment, asking questions, and applying more effort to completing the course requirements.”

This essay contains steps a non-traditional student can take to avoid failing online classes. The author says that students, especially multitaskers, must know how to manage and balance their time to avoid losing focus. In addition, having a dedicated study spot is necessary to avoid distractions.

3. Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes by Anonymous on Selfstudymantra.Com

“Online classes or online method of learning presents an easy and comfortable method to achieve knowledge. Online classes have now become a great alternative to traditional classes.”

The writer delves into the benefits and drawbacks of online versus traditional learning. Virtual classes offer students freedom regarding their schedules and whereabouts. Some schools also allow students to learn for free. E-learning effectively trains individuals to be responsible and disciplined. 

However, individuals who are not computer literate will find online classes frustrating. Plus, electronic devices can be bad for health, and a lack of personal interaction can hinder personality development.

4. Online School Vs. Traditional School Essay by Anonymous on Gradesfixer.Com

“[Online course] will also help you become more self-motivated, a trait that will make you stand out in the workplace and beyond.”

By listing the similarities and differences between online and traditional schools, the author demonstrates what classes a student should pick. The writer concludes that while traditional schools prepare students for the real world by interacting with diverse people, online schools help students become more self-motivated to stand out.

5. Short Essay on Online Classes by Anonymous on Byjus.Com

“The advantages of online classes take over their disadvantages. If students want to learn, then they have immense opportunities to learn from online classes.”

The author defines online classes as a type of education system where students use electronic devices with an internet connection to learn. However, while online learning improves the quality of education, it can also make the student lazy and cultivates a sense of isolation. Ultimately, they believe that to have the best education system, school teachers and officials must learn how to combine the two methods.

7 Helpful Prompts on Essays About Online Class

If the topic you’re thinking of is still confusing and you don’t know where to start, here are seven easy writing prompts to inspire you:

1. Online Classes: Defined

Essays About Online Class: Online classes definition
You can also discuss various online classes schools offer, such as hybrid learning, interactive online courses, etc

Explain the topic to your reader and give a brief history of the origins of online classes. Then briefly compare it to the traditional class to make the differences clear. Finally, point out the distinct features of online classes that conventional learning doesn’t offer, such as face-to-face interaction and question-and-answer debates. You can also discuss various online classes schools offer, such as hybrid learning, interactive online courses, etc.

2. My Experience with Online Classes During Lockdown

Tell your story if you’re a student with experience with online classes. Narrate how your school switched to virtual classrooms. Relay the challenges you encountered, including how you adapted. Finish your essay by stating your current preference and why. 

For example, you favor e-learning because it cuts your transportation expenses, helps you be more responsible for managing your time, and lets you sleep in the mornings.

3. How Does Online Class Work?

Relate your experience when your school moved online. Discuss any equipment or devices you need to buy before enrolling in your online class. Explain how your school handles online courses and what it does when there are technical difficulties. Add how these challenges (such as unstable internet connection and sudden power outage), such as attendance and participation, impact a class.

To make your essay more intriguing, add the average price of your online classes and if you think it’s fair. For instance, you can argue that since schools don’t provide computers and save expenses on cleaning and utilities when physical classrooms are unused, they should cut their laboratory or miscellaneous fees. You may also be interested in these articles about back to school.

4. The Best Sites for Online Class

Essays About Online Class: The best sites for online class
Look for the most useful and efficient software sites teachers or schools should incorporate into e-learning

Zoom, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Team are just three of the most popular online teaching software for online classes. In this prompt, look for the most useful and efficient software sites teachers or schools should incorporate into e-learning. Find examples or reliable data that show the number of students or schools that use them. Finally, ensure the details you add are accurate to make your essay credible.

Do you want to write about technology instead? Check out our essays about technology.

5. The Pros and Cons of Enrolling in Online Class

Discussing online classes’ positive and negative effects is a usual essay topic. To make your essay stand out, pick the most impactful points on everyone involved. Don’t just explore the students’ perspectives. Include how virtual learning influences teachers, parents, and businesses.

To give you an idea, you can look into businesses near the campus that closed down when the school shifted to virtual classrooms.

6. Review of a Book About Online Class

This prompt requires you to search for publications about online classes and share your opinion on them.

For example, John F. Lyons’s book, How to Succeed in an Online Class, published in 2011, introduced technology students encounter in online classes. Suppose you read this book. First, enumerate Lyons’ advice, tips, and learning techniques to prevent a student from failing their online course. Then, briefly explain them individually and include examples or proof that his advice helped.

7. Should Online Classes Be the Norm?

Online schooling has been around for a long time but has only become widespread because of the pandemic. Use this prompt to write your opinion on whether schools should make virtual learning a permanent option for students. Whatever your answer is, explain your reason to your readers.If you’re interested in learning more about essays, check out our essay writing tips!


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