Articles About Back to School: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Articles about back to school will always be relevant as long as there are students and education. See our examples and prompts to create your next piece.

Something I always looked forward to at the start of the school year when I was a student was visiting the bookstore to pick up new supplies. Nothing was more exciting than selecting an array of fresh notebooks and shiny new pens. But as a kid riddled with anxiety, 

I found the first week of school terrifying. I remember forcing myself to socialize as much as possible so I could latch on to friends I would be with for the year. Like my experiences, back-to-school articles tell many stories. Some define a child’s outlook in life, while some may be traumatic. To best tell your narratives on this topic, you must hone your skills through storytelling exercises.

5 Example Articles

1. COVID-19 and School Return: The Need and Necessity by Cecily L. Betz, Ph. D, RN, FAAN

“As the national dialogue continues about reopening schools, pediatric nurses have opportunities to listen to the concerns of parents and the public and provide evidence-based guidance on school return whether in hospitals, outpatient clinics or community-based settings where care is provided.”

This article focuses on pediatric nurses’ role in ensuring children’s safe return to school amid the 2020 pandemic. Betz reminds the readers of parents, child health experts, and educators’ concerns about the possible resumption of physical classes. She also presents other articles and statistics supporting these worries, such as the number of infected children. The researcher then discusses the impact of closing schools on students’ physical and mental health and notes that nurses must alleviate these anxieties with factual evidence.

2. Back-to-School Spending Likely To Top Pre-pandemic Levels as Parents and Kids Seek a Fresh Start by Melissa Repko

“The back-to-school season is usually a time of new beginnings, but consumers are more eager than usual for a fresh start after the pandemic. That emotion will fuel spending….”

Repko reports high expectations for back-to-school sales growth due to the reopening of the country’s economy and changes in the consumer environment. According to the forecast, clothing will be the best seller as most people want to fill their wardrobes with new and fashionable clothes to wear to work, school, and other events. She also reports on the future of department stores, e-commerce, and retailers.

After delving into businesses’ plans to increase sales, Repko interviews a mother who says the pandemic stole milestones, like her child’s first day of school. It’s also why many parents may want to go big and spend money on their children’s back-to-school shopping.

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3. How To Help When Your Child Is Anxious About Going Back to School by Leah Campbell

“…kids today have to deal with the impacts of social media seeping into their real-life social interactions. They’re facing ever-increasing academic expectations. They’re up against a rise in bullying.”

Campbell’s article contains various information about school anxiety and defines it as a range of school worries and fears students feel. She identifies its types, such as phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and isolation. She describes how it differs from one student age group to another, including its symptoms and causes. The author says that parents and teachers should work together and learn more about the topic to recognize warning signs and help students with their school anxiety. You might also be interested in these essays about education.

4. Children’s Concerns and Feelings Are Ignored in Back-to-School Planning by Juwaeriah Siddiqui

“As we think about their return to school, children have no voice in asking for reduced school hours, lesser workloads, or the option of attending school during a pandemic. We continue to push the boundaries around children’s education without addressing their concerns or recognizing their agency.”

Siddiqui supports her argument that children have no say in the back-to-school plan of the government and schools by illustrating it through her article. She points out that education is prioritized over children’s mental health. 

Then, she indicates how school officials focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning rather than children’s ability to interact, communicate, and have fun with others. She also highlights the unfair treatment of children as they are forced to adjust to a particular education system. You may also be curious in these articles about being a teacher.

5. Philippine Students Return to School for First Time Since COVID by Zubaidah Abdul Jalil

“…The prolonged suspension of in-person lessons has worsened an education crisis.”

The Philippines’ solution to protect its children is to close its schools. It’s also why the country endured one of the most prolonged school closures in the world. The author explains that the new system includes a hybrid of face-to-face and online classes to avoid overcrowding to circumvent the virus’s spread. However, while some are happy to return to school, experts are concerned about the impact of long online classes on students.

7 Prompts To Write Articles About Back to School

1. The Basics of Going Back to School

The basics of going back to school
Write an article that guides students on what they should prepare before the back-to-school period arrives

There are many things to prepare for as the new school year approaches. May it be buying new school supplies, reviewing old lessons, or enrolling in after-school classes. Write an article that guides students on what they should prepare before the back-to-school period arrives. Report why each is necessary and the possible outcomes of under-preparation. Collect real-life experiences by interviewing parents, teachers, and students to make the piece exciting.

2. Back-to-School Today: How Are Schools Preparing?

More than 100,000 schools in the US make new plans every new school year. Include examples of different school levels’ back-to-school programs and activities, then explain their roles in improving a student’s learning experience.

For example, kindergarten schools require teachers to submit new lesson plans and unique classroom designs. Lesson plans assist teachers in pinpointing their objectives and the concrete steps they need to take to achieve those goals. They also help students discover their interests. Meanwhile, distinctive classroom designs tickle students’ creativity. 

3. Back to School: Physical vs. Virtual Classrooms

Some youth want to stay in their virtual classrooms if given a chance. For this prompt, discuss the pros and cons of physical classes compared to online ones. Add studies and interview students to demonstrate what they anticipate or fear. Then, provide practical ways guardians and teachers can help young people overcome these fears. 

4. What Is Remote Learning

What is remote learning?
Use this prompt to thoroughly explain remote learning, its history, purpose, and future for e-learning

Distance education already existed way before the 2020 pandemic. However, many still need clarification about how this type of learning works. Use this prompt to thoroughly explain remote learning, its history, purpose, and future for e-learning

Discuss how the pandemic has positively and negatively influenced this particular type of learning and its users. Then, offer advice on how guardians can assist their children in dealing with virtual classes.

5. Back-to-School Icebreakers

While most children are thrilled to meet their new classmates and teachers, it is a nerve-wracking experience for some. In this prompt, provide at least five back-to-school icebreakers or new strategies teachers at each educational level can use during student introductions on the first day of school.

For example, giving students writing prompts to use with new friends to get to know them and practice their writing skills. Here, students can freely express themselves by writing about their hobbies, favorites, memories, and more.

6. Back-to-School Problems

Although there are many things to look forward to, many issues are connected to students returning to school. Tackle these problems and how guardians and students deal with them to produce an exciting article. To give you an idea, you can follow a single parent’s struggle to provide for his children’s education, speak about how he funded his kid’s tuition, etc. Or you can follow a student who studies hard to keep his scholarship.

7. Back-to-School Tips for New Teachers

New educators may still find teaching challenging even with sufficient knowledge of teaching and handling students. Create an article outlining the common reasons that prevent or make it difficult for new teachers to manage their schedules and students. Then, include tips to help them prepare for their first class.

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