Articles About Autobiography: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Finding autobiographies to spark your creativity can be a hit or miss. Discover our top articles about autobiography and prompts you can use in your writing.

My mom likes to talk about her past and how we should appreciate what we have today. Her stories remind us of her hardships and how we should appreciate what we have today, but it’s also an account of her challenging youth. I always tell her to write down her experiences to inspire others. However, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to write it to a high enough standard.

I encourage and even offer her essays about autobiography to help her understand it better. I even tell her it doesn’t have to be publicized. It can be for our personal keeping, one my children can read and pass on to their kids. 

An autobiography is narrative writing that informs readers of the thoughts and life experiences of the original writer. Writing one can be complicated, so we prepared our top picks of articles about autobiography for you to check out.

5 Article Examples

1. An Insatiable Hunger: A Literary Analysis of Richard Wright’s Autobiography, “Black Boy” by Sarah J. Turner

“The autobiography Black Boy, by Richard Wright, is a tale of hope and determination. It catalogues Wright’s life growing up as an African-American in Jim Crow South, depicting the economic and social struggles that were stereotypical for African-Americans at the time.”

Turner reviews Wright’s “Black Boy,” which recounts the hardships poor men are forced to overcome for survival. She delves into Wright’s desire to escape these obstacles, alongside his intense hunger for love and security that he didn’t get from his family. Their mistreatment of him pushed Wright to be emotionally distant and suspect their intentions when they tried to save him.

2. 55 Years Later, ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ Still Inspires by Lakshmi Gandhi

“Malcolm X’s strong denunciation of white supremacy and his moving telling of how he went from being a troubled youth in the foster care system to become one of the most influential civil rights leaders of the 20th century is one reason the autobiography endures 55 years after its publication, with several activists, lawmakers and advocates crediting it with being instrumental in their decision to fight for civil rights.”

Gandhi talks about Malcolm X’s autobiography, which remains popular more than five decades after it was published and now has an audiobook version. Malcolm X became famous for supporting and promoting black empowerment through speeches and writings. The autobiography let people know the real Malcolm X, despite many portraying him negatively.

According to interviews, many black Americans, especially the youth, consider his autobiography a scary book. However, his courage, bravery, and unapologetic speaking touched many people’s hearts, and they consider his autobiography as a guide toward building and living the life one wants for themselves.

3. Michelle Obama’s Memoir ‘Becoming’ ‘Set To Become Most Popular Autobiography Ever’ by Katie O’Malley

“Michelle Obama’s memoir is on track to become the most popular autobiography to date, according to its publisher. The book, titled Becoming, was first published in November and has already sold more than 10 million copies….”

O’Malley demonstrates the buzz around the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s autobiography, “Becoming.” She shows how the book is expected to be the biggest autobiography of all time, citing its successful release and sale of millions of copies just months after, surprising many publishers. Michelle Obama’s autobiography is about her public and private life, including her experiences from childhood to becoming First Lady and author.

4. A Study of Autobiographical Approach and Understanding by A.V.S. Jayaannapurna

“Autobiographical works are by nature subjective. However, the power of personality is inseparable from the subjectivity of the author in an autobiography. Autobiographies give novel approach and in sight in to the way how individuals define themselves and understand their own experiences.”

Jayaannapurna describes autobiography as a critical, unique, and attractive writing that maintains its historical value. He delves into the different techniques authors employ to create their autobiographies, including memory, subjectivity, accounting, and identity self-reflection. Readers discover the author’s beliefs and genuine feelings through these approaches. Jayaannapurna also suggests what their fellow researchers, interviewers, and teachers should do to distinguish fact and fiction.

5. Pandemic Sparks Autobiography for Delaware State Professor by Associated Press

“Like many individuals, Dr. Charlie Wilson was scared at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic. He had a vast collection of memories and anecdotes that he wanted to leave behind for his four sons.”

The above article presents the driving force behind Dr. Wilson’s desire to write an autobiography during the pandemic. The college associate dean of Delaware State University wants to leave his life story to his children if he becomes infected with a deadly virus. However, it turned into an 80,000-word published manuscript available for all. In the end, Dr. Wilson discovered his passion for writing and is now creating his second book.

7 Prompts To Write Articles About Autobiography

1. What Is an Autobiography?

What is an autobiography?
In this prompt, present the earliest published autobiographies that are still popular today, who it is about, and why it is still famed for inspiration

Dedicate your article to guiding a first-time autobiography writer and explain what autobiographies are all about. Talk about its function and importance. Discuss its origins and present the earliest published autobiographies that are still popular today, who it is about, and why it is still famed for inspiration. Include details that an autobiography should have, tips on what the writer should focus on, and what they should do to make their autobiography stand out.

For instance, an autobiography should have an interesting plot or story arc to keep the readers engaged.

2. Honesty in Autobiography

While an autobiography is narrative writing, it is also non-fiction – it should only include factual information and actual events. Your article should firmly establish the importance of the author’s honesty in telling their life story. Then, discuss why some people might want to embellish their life experiences, such as to make it more entertaining or because few people can prove they lied in their writing. 

To drive home why honesty is crucial in an autobiography, offer cases where someone was caught up in their lies and the backlash they faced. You can also incorporate ways to spot a fake autobiography.

3. Types of Autobiography

Autobiography has four main types: thematic, religious, intellectual, and fictional. Briefly define every category and compare them with each other. You can also list published examples of each type to further guide the readers in writing their autobiographies. For instance, “The Americanization of Edward Bok” falls under a theme that focuses on providing information and knowledge.

4. Autobiography vs. Memoir vs. Biography

Autobiography vs. Memoir vs. Biography
In this prompt, write an article that contrasts the autobiography, memoir and biography with each other

Autobiography, memoir, and biography all refer to writings about life experiences, but they are different in function and purpose. Point out why they are often used interchangeably and why they should not be. Then, write an article that contrasts the three forms with each other. 

5. How To Write an Autobiography

Writing an autobiography is a daunting task for both professional and beginner writers. You should pick what areas of your life you’re comfortable sharing, how you should present your achievements and challenges, and how your readers can relate to your unique experiences. 

Focus your article on listing tips on how authors can produce a fascinating autobiography. You can divide your piece into three parts: start, middle, and end, so your readers can pick valuable advice depending on which part of the autobiography process they are in currently.

6. Most Popular Published Autobiographies: A Review

In your article, name famous autobiographies and analyze why they became popular. This prompt caters to writers who want to achieve the same success these books have and can be a guide on how they should write their autobiographies. 

To make a compelling article, look for interviews from a renowned author with a successful autobiography and cite the advice they give on completing a successful autobiography.

7. Can Young People Write Autobiographies?

Influential people like Zayn Malik and Malala Yousafzai wrote their autobiographies at a young age, but both received a lot of criticism from experts and readers. Write an article explaining whether young people should have an autobiography, what they can write, and the most common problems with autobiographies that writers under their 30s face. You can also include autobiographies from young individuals who have received awards and positive feedback.

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