Articles About Being a Teacher: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Teachers are important members of society as they hone great minds. Discover articles about being a teacher, examples, plus prompts you can use in your writing.

Great teachers are vital to ensuring the quality and well-being of students’ learning. However, despite having more than 80 million teachers, the World Bank recognizes an ongoing shortage of educators. This scarcity is because of low salaries, disrespect, and an overly stressful work environment.

Every educator is dedicated to their profession and is passionate about helping students become upstanding citizens. Teachers are also coaches, mentors, and second parents that need to be appreciated more. If you want to learn more about teachers, see our essays about being a teacher.

5 Article Examples

1. The Qualities of a Good Teacher: How Can They Be Acquired and Sustained? By Samy A, Azer, MB Ph. D.

“Excellent teachers serve as role models, influence career choices and enable students to reach their potential. Some of the necessary qualities are inherent, others can be acquired.”

Azer introduces the article by comparing traditional courses to PBL or problem-based learning, where the teacher encourages critical thinking, monitors group progress, and more. The researcher explains that a good teacher is a good role model who can positively inspire and influence students. Faculty training, mentorship, etc., help to promote excellence in teaching, according to Azer.

After describing the characteristics of a good teacher, such as commitment to work and showing leadership, the author also includes an educator’s challenges, especially those in the medical field. Azer claims that a good teacher’s qualities can be inherited and acquired. You might also be interested in our guide on how to teach writing.

2. The Joys of Being a Teacher by Chron Contributor

“Teachers always have one more thing they could be doing. Their days are spent presenting lessons, developing new lesson plans, measuring learning outcomes, tutoring students, directing after school activities and grading papers. The benefits of being a teacher include the joy and pride of seeing students learn and grow.”

The author acknowledges that while teaching has disadvantages, seeing students enjoy being in the classroom to learn is enough to consider it one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. To prove that, they present more reasons why being a teacher is excellent. Aside from the promise of annual salary increases, they also have regular weekends, holidays, and summer vacations.

However, the best gain advocated by many teachers is the personal fulfillment they feel when they impart knowledge. Their satisfaction comes from knowing the children they interact with develop new skills and improve their well-being. Another joy of being a teacher is the respect they receive as a highly-valued community member.

3. The Tricky Ethics of Being a Teacher on TikTok by Wired.Com

“The hashtags #teacher and #teachersoftiktok have a combined 72.1 billion views on TikTok. While many of these videos feature educators simply discussing their job, others take place inside the classroom and include children’s voices, faces, and schoolwork.”

Many social networking apps surged, especially during the pandemic. TikTok is one of these sites where people spend hours watching, filming, and uploading videos. In this article, the author discusses how educators share their experiences on TikTok and delves into its effects. 

Although there’s a basis for what can be on TikTok, many still need to learn about these regulations and end up breaking the rules. In the US, as long as teachers don’t include personal student information, it’s alright to film inside the classroom, but this is only sometimes the case. So, the article tackles the positive and negative effects of teachers posting classroom videos. The piece ends by reminding teachers that social media is not a learning environment and that they should be vigilant about what they share online.

4. What Are the Teaching Responsibilities of Being a Teacher? By Mevlut Gunduz

“If a teacher can convey to the students the message of ‘I can teach you any subject in a lesson’ and ‘trust me,’ both the students’ motivation for success will increase, and the sense of self-efficacy will enhance.”

Using a mixed-method research design to obtain more reliable data, Gunduz aims to identify teachers’ responsibilities and their effects on student learning. The study shows that when teachers know their responsibility and teaching ability, the student’s confidence in learning increases. The teacher’s skills greatly influence students to become a leader. Meanwhile, a teacher’s dedication to teaching leads to responsible students.

5. This Is What It’s Like To Be a Teacher During the Coronavirus Pandemic by Katie Reilly

“… Educators face an entirely new set of challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic….”

Reilly’s article contains snippets of her interviews with various teachers about their perspectives on the pandemic, including their concerns and preparations. While one is happy with the increase in her salaries, others indicate that education in various parts of the US still needs additional funding and improvement.

There are different opinions on virtual learning. It’s the easiest and safest option, but teaching children through visual space is also more challenging. The article shows that although teachers are still determining the future of education, they will still strive to provide the best academic experience for their students that they can afford.

7 Prompts To Write Articles About Being a Teacher

1. Being a Teacher: What Does It Really Mean?

Being a teacher: what does it really mean?
In your article, discuss why the role of a teacher is crucial in communities and what can happen if they don’t exist

A teacher shapes a child’s view of the world. They work with the children’s guardians to prepare kids to face life. Devote your article to describing what makes someone a teacher, their characteristics, skills, and how their personality can affect the students they handle. In your article, discuss why the role of a teacher is crucial in communities and what can happen if they don’t exist.

2. The Pros and Cons of Being a Teacher

For this prompt, examine the similarities and differences of a teacher at each level of education, and add other relevant information. Then, identify the advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher. Remember to pick the most updated source material and remain honest and unbiased when writing your article.

3. Teachers Outside the Classroom

A teacher’s job depends on where they are with their students. For example, if they are on a field trip, the teachers act as security personnel tasked with ensuring the safety of their students. Write an article about the role and responsibilities of a teacher outside the classroom or school premises. Explain how it differs from regular teaching and why teachers need to do it.

4. Teachers in Kindergarten vs. High School

Teachers in kindergarten vs. high school
In this prompt, look at various resources, such as studies and cases, to illustrate the difference between teachers in kindergarten vs. high school

Teachers have different opinions on which students are the easiest to teach and handle. In this prompt, look at various resources, such as studies and cases, to illustrate the difference between guiding these two levels. If you use blogs or interviews, ensure that these educators taught both kindergarten and high school to create a reliable article.

5. How To Be a Teacher

Aside from completing an educational degree, aspiring teachers must have the proper experience to be licensed educators. Delve into this journey so it can also serve as a guide for readers who want to be a teacher. 

Include relevant statistics about the profession, such as demand for teachers in an area, possible hindrances, etc. Research the best tips from previous student teachers your audience can apply to make the journey to becoming an educator more bearable.

6. Inspiring Teachers

Teachers must constantly develop their skills and grow as a person. Dive into what makes a teacher stand out from the rest by identifying inspiring educators. Pick individuals who did more than the scope of an average teacher because they genuinely wanted to help others.

One teacher like this is Anne Sullivan, famous for being Helen Keller’s educator. Although she was also partially sighted, she taught Keller many words and even math, helping her communicate better. Her efforts in assisting Keller proved that disabled people also deserve education.

7. What Are the Challenges of Being a Teacher Today?

One of the most common challenges a teacher faces at the beginning of each school year is getting to know and understand their students. Pinpoint the common problems teachers have to deal with, how they affect their performance and health, and how they can overcome them. Interviewing teachers about their experiences is a great way to demonstrate these challenges.

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