Essays About Cats: Top 5 Examples Plus Prompts

Cats are some of the most beloved animals to humankind; this article contains writing prompts and essay examples to help you write essays about cats

When you think of animals, two things come to mind: cats and dogs. Cats are some of the most popular pets, as they are, for the most part, relatively independent, low-maintenance, and easy to care for. The word “cat” most often describes domesticated house cats but also refers to some of the most vicious predators on the planet, such as lions, cheetahs, and leopards. Nevertheless, they make great companions for people who enjoy staying home and spending time sitting down and petting them, which reduces stress and anxiety. 

If you want to start writing essays about cats, start by reading some essay examples.

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1. Short Essay on “Cat” by Kirti Daga

“If your cat has given birth to kittens, make sure that your house is quiet because a lot of noise and activity can scare a small kitten and a cat lover would never wish to scare a kitten for sure. Cats can be shy in nature and can even take time while adjusting with the environment. One needs to be patient and deal with the animal with a lot of love and care.”

Daga gives a basic description of cats’ physical features, personalities, and misconceptions about them. They are gentle and playful yet, to an extent, selfish. Many believe that cats are related to black magic and bad luck; however, this is entirely false. Daga ends the essay by briefly discussing how to tame a cat and care for one that has given birth to kittens.

2. Life of Stray Cats by Nathaniel Bridges

“Although it’s impossible for us to adopt every stray cat on the street, but imagine if every family manage to keep a pet cat in their home. That can actually save a lot of their lives. Some might have allergies towards animals but you can still help by providing clean water and some food outside of your house for the cats. This can avoid them from eating poisonous or unhygienic foods and also let them have a healthier life.”

In his essay, Bridges implores readers to be more sympathetic to the plight of stray cats. They have difficulty finding food and are involved in many accidents, particularly with cars. Bridges suggest leaving out food and water for stray cats, so they eat healthier food than whatever they scavenge for. In addition, he encourages people to adopt stray cats, although this is not for everyone, as some may have allergic reactions. 

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3. Do Cats Understand Mirrors? by Christine O’Brien

“the extent of cat self-awareness is still a mystery. Despite all of the wisdom contained in her all-knowing eyes, when your cat’s pacing back and forth in front of mirror, she’s probably not admiring the sleekness of her coat or the smoothness of her freshly-trimmed nails.

More than likely, she’s investigating the stranger that is too close for comfort.”

O’Brien writes about the phenomenon in which cats look at themselves intently in the mirror. Based on research, cats do not recognize themselves and continue to look into the mirror to assess possible threats. As animal brains are less developed, they do not understand that they see themselves and instead see their reflections as other animals. They are not looking at themselves as people claim but trying to perceive the presence of another cat. 

4.  Why Cats Are Bad Pets? by Shannon Cain

“How many people do you see taking their cat with them on car rides? Or having a nice walk in the park? Absolutely no one. If you’ve ever brought your cat in the car, you know how loud, annoying and horrible it is, not only for them but you as well. The whole time, all you hear is their pitiful meow from the carrier, which is in the very back, covered in blankets to drown out the ear-splitting screeches.”

Cain’s essay explores the more negative aspects of cats, particularly compared to owning a dog. She starts by recalling ancient Egyptian traditions by which cats were associated with divinity and protectors from evil spirits, demons, and hell. She also discusses several bad qualities of cats; they are “a bit messy,” “filthy,” “annoying,” and “horrible.” While Cain does not hate cats, she believes dogs are preferable. 

5. ​​Why Are Cats So Incredibly Rude? by Julie Davidson

“Cats hold a grudge. When a cat is mad, she wants you to acknowledge it. Some will act out doing such things as clearing the books off the coffee table, sumo wrestling a feline roommate, or emptying her water dish out onto the floor—all to get your attention. But, just when she has pushed us to our absolute limit, a cat flashes those big kitten eyes (picture Puss in Boots from Shrek), and we melt like a snowman in the Sahara.”

Davidson writes about some of the cats’ bad habits, particularly their “rudeness.” They demand attention, put up a bad attitude when it is not given, and do things considered “adorable” to win back the favor of their owners. Cats are lovable yet manipulative; however, this is part of their nature, and cat owners must deal with it. For more, you can also see these articles about cats.

5 Writing Prompts For Essays About Cats

1. Should You Own A Cat?

Essays About Cats: Should you own a cat
This is an excellent topic for an argumentative essay, as you can find many arguments for and against owning a cat online

In this essay, research and list the advantages and disadvantages of owning a cat- what positive and negative traits do they have? Then, conclude whether you would recommend getting a cat as a pet to others. Of course, this would be easier if you own or have a cat, but ample research will suffice. This is an excellent topic for an argumentative essay, as you can find many arguments for and against owning a cat online. 

2. Why Are Cats So Loved?

It is a fact that cats are loved by many. What makes cats so lovable? In your essay, look into some qualities of cats that make them so beloved and ideal as pets. If you do not have a cat,  you can base your essay on interviews with cat owners or information from the internet. 

3. My Experience With Cats

Think of a memorable occasion when you interacted with a cat, whether with your pet, a family member or friend’s cat, or even a stray cat outside. How did it make you feel- were you stressed, relaxed, or disgusted? Your essay should be a retelling of a personal story; do not include others’ opinions or ideas from online sources. 

4. Cats vs. Dogs

For an engaging argumentative essay, decide which animal you prefer: cats or dogs. Research and write about the advantages and disadvantages of having either of them as a pet, then decide which one you would prefer. Be sure to justify your choice; you can use some of the essay examples above as evidence, 

5. My Favorite Breed Of Cat

Do you have a favorite breed of cat? How about the species of cat overall? For your essay, write about your favorite type of cat, whether a lion, tiger, or adorable Persian cat. Explain why it is your favorite and, if applicable, any other special meaning the cat has to you. 

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