Articles About Discovering Yourself: Top 5 Examples and 6 Writing Prompts

Self-discovery is a continuous journey to understand ourselves better. See our examples and prompts for articles about discovering yourself to start writing.

Those who don’t know themselves are easily influenced by others. It’s why teenagers find it hard to say no to peer pressure or try hard to fit into society. As an adult, I thought I would have grown out of the uncertainties that began when I was a teenager. However, discovering ourselves is a continuous, exciting, and frightening journey. 

Positive words will help us improve our self-perception, but it’s not enough. Learning and understanding ourselves are critical to finding our life mission and being more resilient to challenges. 

Articles About Discovering Yourself Examples

1. Taking Part in Community Helps You Discover Yourself by City of Good

“We tend to read books, watch videos or look to the people around us to gain inspiration on how to shape ourselves – shaping our likes, dislikes and views on the world.”

The author believes that joining a community where a person feels comfortable or follows similar beliefs and values ​​is a great way to discover oneself. A person’s identity is not self-created but formed through life experiences and interactions with others. Building a community also contributes to self-discovery, like the example where Nicole K’s organization assisted her in finding her purpose in life.

However, the writer still reminds readers to set boundaries to balance helping the community and helping oneself. When there are no concrete boundaries, people find it difficult to say no to things they don’t want to do. In this type of self-discovery, there should be time to explore their passion and interest in the community. You might also find these essays about myself helpful.

2. Discovering Yourself: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults by Medium.Com

“Determining who we ‘are’ and what our place is in this world can be a daunting task to confront. Especially if we lack life experience or we associate ourselves with various types of groups.”

The writer of the above article briefly mentions how “Be yourself” is easy to say compared to the challenging take of “Discover yourself.” Then, they discuss five quick and easy steps to help readers discover who they are. It includes defining their boundaries, strengths, understanding of the world, and goals in life.

The last step is to use doubt after discovering their true self as it’s a great driver to get more life achievements. In the end, the writer suggests readers find their true selves because it helps them become more confident, reach goals, and build stronger relationships. Check out these articles about gratitude and articles about confidence.

3. The Fascinating Journey of Discovering the Real You by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“In the journey of self-discovery, the true self is both goal and guide. It promises supreme fulfillment and delivers on the promise simply by being there already.”

Chopra’s article contains descriptions and examples of the ego-personality, the unconscious self, and the true self. Each person has three types of self that stand as the source of human fulfillment through which consciousness rises.

In the situation where two friends develop romantic love, the author shows how the journey of self-discovery works similarly with these three types of selves. It’s because initially, people usually mask their true identity and pretend to be someone they are not. But no matter how they hide their true selves, if something triggers it, it will later show anyway.

4. Discover Yourself by Trying New Things by Jori Hamilton

“It is difficult to really discover yourself if you keep doing the same actions over and over. Whether you start a new hobby or seek a more varied skill set, trying new activities can unlock aspects of who you are, waiting to be uncovered.”

In this article, Hamilton mentions the common reasons for a person to question who they are, such as a lack of career motivation and time for themselves. It’s sad for someone to feel this way, but it’s also an opportunity to discover themselves and what’s important to them. Hamilton believes that when people try to discover themselves but do not make significant changes in their lives, they will fail.

To ensure that readers can successfully discover themselves, the author suggests leaving their comfort zone and connecting with new people who share the same hobbies and interests. They should also try new activities to discover their interests and gain new skills. Hamilton believes these methods will allow readers to explore and unlock aspects that may be hiding within them.

5. 9 Tips To Help You Kick off Your Self-discovery Journey by Crystal Raypole

“Day-to-day priorities are important, certainly. But a life that’s nothing more than a series of going through the same motions usually doesn’t provide much enjoyment.”

Raypole describes self-discovery as examining life, identifying what is missing, and moving toward fulfillment. To achieve its maximum benefits, the author presents nine essential tips for beginners, including visualizing what they want to be and discovering their passions and interests. He also points out the value of learning and trying interesting things, evaluating, and enriching unique abilities.

The author then suggests identifying personal values ​​such as honesty and courage to describe the way of life and behavior one expects from others. Raypole includes questions to ask during self-discovery and the importance of keeping a journal and talking to a professional therapist. She also reminds readers that while the process varies from person to person, patience is a vital virtue that should be cultivated.  

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Prompts for Articles About Discovering Yourself

1. What Does It Mean To Discover Yourself?

Although there are many talks about the importance of discovering yourself to be successful, only some understand what it means. This article explains the true meaning of discovering yourself and why it is essential to do so. Use this article to provide tips from experts on how your readers can search for their purpose.

For instance, Erika Martinez, a doctor of Psychology, defines self-discovery yourself as “Cultivating a deep understanding of yourself.” She urges others to find what motivates them in life, including their core values.

2. The Pros and Cons of Discovering Yourself

Discovering yourself has various benefits, such as dealing with stress effectively, building strong confidence, and improving well-being. To make a compelling article, you should also identify the disadvantages of self-discovery. Ensure that you present the pros and cons with evidence from research or professionals.

For example, when you understand yourself, you are sure of what you want in a partner. However, it can also keep your standards high that you refuse to compromise, making it challenging to reach these standards.

3. Does Travel Help With Self-discovery?

Does travel help with self-discovery?
You can also add your experience if you’ve tried to find yourself by traveling

We often see people traveling the world to discover themselves in movies like “My Blueberry Nights”. Create an interesting article by answering the question prompt with support from reliable sources such as research and studies. You can also add your experience if you’ve tried to find yourself by traveling. Tell your readers what the journey taught you and offer tips to readers who may want to do the same.

4. Discovering Yourself Through Art and Music

Like fashion, a person’s choices in art and music say a lot about who they are, as it’s the direct result of their culture and experiences. Discuss in your article why a person’s taste in art and music can be a basis for knowing who they are and how. You can also present a person’s personality traits based on their choices in music and art. For instance, people who love blues, soul, or jazz are highly creative and confident.

5. Inspiring Quotes To Discover Yourself

Inspiring quotes to discover yourself
Inspiring quotes focusing on how we can learn more about ourselves

How we motivate ourselves plays a critical role in our self-discovery. For example, the quotes that inspire us to speak volumes about our personalities. Make an article with inspiring quotes focusing on how we can learn more about ourselves to incite your readers into action. For help editing your articles, we recommend using the best grammar checker. Our round-up profiles these tools and offers discounts.

6. Questions To Ask in the Self-discovery Phase

Asking ourselves questions about various things is an integral part of self-discovery. To guide your readers on how they can better understand themselves, enumerate questions they should answer during the process. These questions will give them insights into who they are and what they should work on more. Some example questions are: “What makes me special?” and “What scares me the most at the moment?”

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