Resume Worded Review: Is This Worth The Hype?

Read our Resume Worded review to find out how this tool can streamline your job searching process and if it’s worth it.

Do you find writing resumes a challenge? I did too because it takes forever and requires a weird writing style.

But a few months ago, I learned about Resume Worded and had to give it a shot. The reviews were mainly positive, and I learned that you could access unique features like the resume and LinkedIn profile scanner on the free plan.

So is Resume Worded worth it, or is it better to write a resume yourself?

Below, I’ll go through everything you need to know before signing up for Resume Worded. Then, I’ll talk about my experiences with the tool, some features that stood out, and if it’s worth your time and money.

What Is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is an AI-powered application that optimizes your resume and LinkedIn profile.

What separates Resume Worded from the competition is that it has the identical ATS or applicant tracking systems that most companies use. So you can bypass machines and get your resume in front of humans.

Rohan Mahtani founded Resume Worded in 2017 because he wanted to help people land their dream jobs. I could sense this passion when using the tool, as the feedback was detailed and actionable.

Resume Worded Pricing

Resume Worded offers one paid plan, but you can choose between three pricing options:

  • A monthly plan of $49 per month
  • A quarterly subscription costing $99 every three months
  • An annual plan of $299 per year
Resume Worded pricing
Resume Worded offers one paid plan, but you can choose between three pricing options

What I like about Resume Worded is that you can access all the essential features without entering your credit card information. So feel free to paste your LinkedIn profile or resume into the tool, and you’ll receive feedback within seconds.

You’ll have to upgrade to the paid plan if you want to use the advanced features. With this, you’ll find:

  • Full resume analysis
  • 60+ metrics
  • Proven resume lines
  • Job search funnels
  • 350+ templates

These features are helpful when trying to land a job fresh out of college. You gain a data-backed insight into what works and doesn’t. There’s no need to play guessing games.

I also like the templates that Resume Worded provides. It’s vetted by experienced recruiters and optimized to pass ATS and recruitment software. So you won’t have to structure your resume; simply fill in the blanks, and you’re good to go.

Who Is Resume Worded For?

After testing Resume Worded, I feel it can empower the lives of:

  • Job seekers
  • Universities, boot camps, and educational institutions
  • Resume writers

Job Seekers

To land jobs at top companies, you’ll need to polish your resume and LinkedIn profile. This is where Resume Worded can help. It provides actionable feedback that lets you bypass ATS, so hiring managers can read your resume. This is useful if you just graduated and didn’t have much experience. The templates are concise, and you can communicate your value to companies within a few pages.

Universities, Bootcamps, and Educational Institutions

If you’re part of an educational institution, you’ll be happy to know that Resume Worded helps your students land jobs even if they have little experience. In addition, you won’t have to sign up for the personal plan. Instead, resume Worded offers bulk plans with personalized coaching that allow students to find jobs quickly.

Resume Writers

Although Resume Worded isn’t a replacement for resume ghostwriting, it streamlines the creative process. You must paste your client’s information into a Resume Worded template and use your copywriting skills to fill in the blanks.

How Does Resume Worded Work?

To get started, head to and sign up with your Google or Facebook account. It’s free, and you don’t have to enter your card information.

Next, choose between resume or LinkedIn profile checking. To scan your resume, copy and paste it into the software or attach the PDF file.

How does Resume Worded work?
To get started, head to and sign up with your Google or Facebook account

For LinkedIn profile feedback, go to your LinkedIn dashboard, select the “More” icon, and you’ll be able to download your profile as a PDF.

Save to PDF option
You’ll be able to download your profile as a PDF

Attach this PDF to the Resume Worded software, and after a few seconds, Resume Worded will generate an in-depth report showing what you’re doing well and where to improve.

Resume Worded report
Resume Worded will generate an in-depth report showing what you’re doing well and where to improve

If you want to upgrade, click the “Upgrade to Pro” icon, choose your pricing option, and start enjoying the premium features.

You can upgrade to pro
If you want to upgrade, click the “Upgrade to Pro” icon

Here, you’ll find tools that track your progress and help you build the best possible LinkedIn profile and resume. 

There’s also a playbook called “How To Get A Job Referral” that I highly suggest you download and study. It answers all your questions about how to land the perfect job.

How to get a job referral playbook
There’s also a playbook called “How To Get A Job Referral” that I highly suggest you download and study

Now let’s look at a few features that caught my eye.

Score My Resume

The standout Resume Worded feature is the online resume reviewer. It scores your resume based on criteria that hiring managers and recruiters look for. It takes less than a minute to upload your resume, and the software provides actionable advice.

When I pasted my resume into Resume Worded, it gave me a score of 72.

Score my resume
The standout Resume Worded feature is the online resume reviewer

It also analyzes job descriptions and necessary skills and adds these keywords to your resume. So while everybody uses the same resume to apply for positions, you can tailor your resume to different job descriptions and keywords. 

LinkedIn Profile Feedback

But a resume isn’t the only element to landing that dream job. Recruiters look at your LinkedIn profile too. This is where the LinkedIn profile feedback is valuable. It’s just like the resume scanner, but it shows you how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

I pasted my LinkedIn profile into the Resume Worded software, and it gave me an overall score of 47. 

Linkedin profile feedback
LinkedIn profile feedback is just like the resume scanner, but it shows you how to improve your LinkedIn profile

Certain parts of my profile, like my headline and education description, got a score of 100. But I’ll have to work on writing a longer LinkedIn summary and adding more keywords. You’ll stand out to recruiters if you’re constantly pasting your profile into the tool and improving as you gain more skills and experience.

350+ Templates

Resume Worded has writing templates for almost every area of the job application process. These templates include:

  • LinkedIn summary templates
  • Templates for connecting to new prospects
  • Inventory and invoicing templates
  • Templates for recent graduates
Writing templates
Resume Worded has writing templates for almost every area of the job application process

I like that they offer different types of resume templates and not just a generic, cookie-cutter outline.

Areas For Improvement

However, Resume Worded isn’t perfect, and I’ve noticed a few areas for improvement:

  • It emphasizes ATS too much
  • The customer service is lacking

It Emphasizes ATS Too Much

Although Resume Worded is effective at getting past machines and putting your resume in the hands of humans, I feel like it emphasizes ATS too much.

The templates suggest adding buzzwords and longer descriptions to meet ATS criteria, but it rarely tells you how to grip the recruiter’s attention and communicate your value.

I’d like Resume Worded to introduce more checks that provide feedback on how catching and concise your writing is. 

If you’re looking for a resume builder that gives persuasive writing tips, try TopResume.

The Customer Service Is Lacking

Online reviews also complain about customer service. For example, users have reported that it takes weeks for Resume Worded to give refunds or fix bugs. I haven’t encountered any customer service problems, but this is something to watch out for.

Resume Worded Review Criteria

I used these criteria to help me test and review Resume Worded:

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Additional features

After using Resume Worded to better my resume and LinkedIn profile, I can safely say that it meets these criteria. However, the developers should focus on accuracy.

Resume Worded is perfect for bypassing ATS, but it doesn’t offer much writing advice to increase your chances of getting hired. In addition, it won’t give tips on communicating your value to employers, so it’s still important to keep developing your copywriting abilities.

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve been creating various types of content over the years, and this is the first time I’ve used a resume tool like Resume Worded. I had my reservations at first, but I feel it’s an affordable way to improve the quality of your LinkedIn profile and resume. 

Although it won’t do everything for you as a resume writer would, it optimizes your resume for specific job descriptions, so it’s easier to land your dream job. I used Resume Worded for a once-off project and won’t be using it going forward as I’m currently not applying for jobs. But, if I transition into other fields or start applying for jobs in the future, I’ll sign up for this review service again.

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Resume Worded Review
  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Additional features

Resume Worded Review: The Bottom Line

Resume Worded is a tool that scans your resume and gives constructive criticism so you can improve. It has features like a targeted job funnel and 350+ templates that streamline application processes.  However, it isn’t a silver bullet, and your grammar knowledge must still be on point.

In short, if you’re applying for your dream job, Resume Worded is worth your time. It uses the same hiring systems that recruiters use, giving you insight into what works and doesn’t.

The tool will also provide resume feedback on improving your LinkedIn profile and resume, helping you create the best resume possible and stand out from the competition.


  • Get insight from recruiters.
  • Use ATS-optimized resume templates to structure your resume
  • Target your job search to meet specific criteria
  • Get LinkedIn profile and resume feedback
  • The weekly emails provide valuable career advice


  • The resume checker focuses on optimizing your resume for ATS too much
  • The customer service is poor