How to Find a Ghostwriter: 7 Best Resources

How to find a ghostwriter? Here, we’ll cover the best ways to find a professional writer who provides high-quality ghostwriting services.

Ready to write your memoir, start a series of business books, or have a great book idea? Many people interested in self-publishing struggle because they aren’t experienced, writers. While anyone can learn how to be a good writer, some prefer hiring a great ghostwriter to take over their writing projects. Many resources are available to help you find the right ghostwriter.

Here, we’ll look at what you need to consider when searching for freelance writers to take on ghostwriting projects, where you can find experienced ghostwriters online, and what you can expect to pay a ghostwriter to take on your social media or book project.

How to Find a Ghostwriter

If you’re searching for a ghostwriter, it’s likely that you already know one of the lasting secrets of the literary world: publishing a poorly written work is worse than not publishing anything. So if you don’t feel comfortable with your writing experience or ability level, it’s wise to learn more about getting a ghostwriter to take over the writing process.

When you work with a ghostwriter, their work will be attributed to you, so you must find a ghostwriter with years of experience and a writing style that makes sense for the type of work you want to create. Since you depend on your ghostwriter to represent your ideas, choosing someone with a good track record is vital. Asking others for referrals makes sense. Reaching out to others who have produced similar work to the content you want to create can help you get in touch with ghostwriters who can meet your needs.

Now, we’ll look at resources you can use to find the perfect ghostwriter.

Top Resources for Finding a Professional Ghostwriter

1. LinkedIn

How to find a ghostwriter via LinkedIn
Reaching out to a ghostwriter over LinkedIn can also help you understand how easy or difficult it is to work with a writer

Many ghostwriters create content and books for others as their full-time jobs. Taking some time to sift through ghostwriters on LinkedIn can be time well-spent. Reading a professional writer’s profile will give you a sense of the work they typically write, helping you to decide whether their writing style is a good fit for what you have in mind.

Reaching out to a ghostwriter over LinkedIn can also help you understand how easy or difficult it is to work with a writer. While it’s not reasonable to accept an instant response, your potential ghostwriter should respond to your messages within a 24-hour window. If you find it hard to get in touch with your potential ghostwriter, it may be wise to move on to another writer.

While sending messages back and forth can help you understand whether your potential ghostwriter is reliable, it can be challenging to gauge whether their personality is a good fit. Asking your ghostwriting candidates to chat with you over Zoom or Skype can help you better understand whether what they have to offer is the right fit and style for your needs.

2. Professional Portfolios via Google

Ghostwriters often have websites that help them connect with potential clients. The key to finding a ghostwriter through Google: get specific with your search. Don’t just search for ghostwriters in general, as your search results will be far too broad to help you find a suitable writer for your project. Instead, searching for terms such as “ghostwriter non-fiction sports book” or “ghostwriter biography book writing” can help you narrow your query so that you can more easily connect with a writer who can meet your needs.

When searching for a book ghostwriter by browsing online portfolios, take some time to read the work samples offered by the ghostwriters. You should be able to get a sense of whether their style matches your needs, and you’ll be able to use that information to narrow down your list of who you’d like to chat with regarding price quotes for your writing project.

If you find a writer you love but are unsure whether they’re willing to work as a ghostwriter, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Some ghostwriters are only willing to sell their work to be published under someone else’s name for specific projects, such as white papers or social media content. Others may be willing to entertain the idea of taking on a book ghostwriting project, even if they’ve never worked in that way before. Bottom line: if you never ask, you’ll never know.

3. Upwork

On Upwork, you’ll be able to connect directly with writers

In today’s gig economy, connecting with vetted talent who can meet the needs of your project is easier than ever, mainly to platforms like Upwork. This website connects freelance workers with those who need their services. When you log onto the site, you’ll be able to check out samples from ghostwriters, searching for the people who are a good fit for your project.

On Upwork, you’ll be able to connect directly with writers (illustrators and other gig workers, if those services are necessary for your project). You can also browse samples offered by writers to learn more about their style and experience. Some people looking for ghostwriters find that platforms like Upwork result in faster response times, as writers on Upwork are actively searching for jobs, which may not be the case for people you contact through LinkedIn or their websites.

It’s important to remember that sites like Upwork do much of the work for you when it comes to helping you find the right talent for your needs, and you may need to pay a higher price for writers you hire through Upwork or similar sites. This is because the company gets a cut of the writer’s pay, so the writer may need to charge a higher rate than they would on their own to make their standard rate. However, working with this platform can also give you recourse if the project does not turn out as expected. In addition, the at-in customer service department can help you resolve any issues you have with your writer or your order, which can result in a better experience for you and your freelancer.

4. Reedsy

No matter what your needs are for getting your manuscript written or published, Reedsy has you covered. Reedsy offers many services to help you get your ideas out into the world, including ghostwriters, editors, marketers, designers, web designers, and publicists. Think of Reedsy as your one-stop shop for all aspects of moving your project forward, from content creation to publicity once the project is finished. If English isn’t your first language, or if you’re interested in publishing content in a language other than English, Reedsy also offers a translation team.

If you’re unsure whether hiring a ghostwriter is the right fit for you, Reedsy offers free courses that can help you boost your writing chops while deciding whether you’d like to take on writing your manuscript. On the other hand, you may decide that you’d like to do the writing yourself and hire an editor to help you along the way. No matter what path you choose, the professionals at Reedsy can help you make your book, social media, white paper, or other writing projects a reality.

5. American Association of Ghostwriters

Members of the American Association of Ghostwriters work closely with people who want to publish their ideas, listening closely to their vision for their project and working tirelessly to make an idea a reality. Members of the American Association of Ghostwriters don’t just sell their services–they have access to the Association’s multitude of tools to help them hone their craft.

When you search for a ghostwriter through the Association, you’ll be able to browse each writer’s profile, helping you get a sense of their style and experience. You’ll get to learn about your potential ghostwriter’s areas of expertise, as well as their past projects. You can contact your potential writers directly through the contact information listed on the site, making it simple for you to get in touch with ghostwriters who are currently offering their services to clients.

6. Mediabistro

Mediabistro works to connect creative freelancers with clients. Not just a site to connect clients with ghostwriters, Mediabistro also offers communications, advertising, social media, and graphic design connections. When you use Mediabistro, you’ll be able to find a writing professional who will be able to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re in the first stages of developing your ideas for your book or you already have a manuscript that needs to be beefed up.

On Mediabistro, you can post your job and have potential ghostwriters contact you or reach out to them directly with more information about your job. Joining a site like Mediabistro can be helpful if you’re running a business beyond the idea you’re attempting to share with the world by hiring a ghostwriter, as you can outsource many of your communications and social media needs to professionals available on the site.

7. Scribe Media

Scribe Media works exclusively to help authors, co-authors, executives, leaders, and others get their books published. The company offers varying services, from complete book writing to coaching, to help you get your ideas moving forward. When you work with Scribe Media, you’ll discuss the level of control you’d like over your manuscript. For example, some authors want complete control over their publication, while others prefer to hand the creative control to a professional. No matter what level of help you need, Scribe Media will work with you to connect you with a book writer who will carefully work to understand your vision for your final product.

Scribe Media works solely to help those in the non-fiction market, so you must be looking to publish a biographical or informational text, not a fiction book. In addition to book writing and coaching services, Scribe Media also offers marketing, helping you get the word out about your book before it hits the shelves. If you’re still unsure whether hiring a ghostwriter is the right fit for you, check out the company’s free resources to learn more about how the process works.

How Much Does a Ghost Writer Cost?

There’s no way around it–hiring a good ghostwriter is expensive. Not only are you paying someone to put in a ton of time to write your book, social media, or other content. You’re also paying them for the privilege of claiming their work as your own. This means that the ghostwriter will not be able to get referrals or networking opportunities as quickly as if their name were listed as authoring their work.

Professional ghostwriters can charge anywhere from $25 to $500 per page. While you may be tempted to discount shop when looking for a ghostwriter, remember–you’ll get what you pay for. When you’re trusting someone to write your book in your place, it’s wise to ask for testimonials to learn whether the ghostwriter you’re considering is a good fit.

You’ll also want to chat with your potential ghostwriter about their feelings on revisions. Finally, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with a ghostwriter who is comfortable going back and forth with you until they create precisely the piece of content writing you had in mind for your book or social media.

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