130+ Other Words for Beautiful

Here is our list of other words for beautiful that can you can add to your writing.

English is a rich language with various words describing beauty. These words are used to show personal preferences, degree of emotions, and appreciation for the best things in life.

What Are Other Words for Beautiful?

What are other words for beautiful?
Discovering alternative words pertinent to beauty helps authors create more vivid descriptions of their works

The word “beautiful” applies to various subjects such as people, things, places, and experiences. Discovering alternative words pertinent to beauty expands one’s English language knowledge and lets writers and speakers express themselves more, including their subjective ideas of beauty. Furthermore, it helps authors create more vivid descriptions of their works. You might also be interested in our list of nice words to describe someone.

A lookerFantabulousPicture-perfect
A tenFantasticPicturesque
Babe magnetGoodlyProfessionally
Bang up-to-dateGood-lookingProficient
ClementHot chickSexy
Cover girlImpeccableSpectacular
Drop-dead gorgeousMasterlyUnspoiled
ElegantlyMoonlitVery Nice
ExpertOf the highest standardsWell-favored
Eye candyPanoramicWonderful

Other Words for Beautiful: Person

These words pertain to a physically attractive person, which is one of the main definitions of beauty.

  1. Adorable

My niece’s fingers are tiny and adorable.

  1. Angelic

Her dream is to have an angelic face like Selena Gomez.

  1. Attractive

His defined eyebrows, prominent nose, and thin upper lip make him attractive to me.

  1. Comely

My brother is asking for the comely brunette’s number.

  1. Curvaceous

I’m proud of my curvaceous body.

  1. Cute

A deep dimple makes a person cute.

  1. Dainty

She looks dainty in her French-inspired dress.

  1. Dollish

My little sister has dollish eyes.

  1. Drop-dead gorgeous

You look drop-dead gorgeous with blonde hair!

  1. Exquisite

He has the most exquisite face among all contestants.

  1. Eye-catching

His pouty lips are eye-catching.

  1. Fine-looking

The Jonas Brothers are all fine-looking men.

  1. Good-looking

My dad was a good-looking guy during his youth.

  1. Gorgeous

Olivia looks gorgeous in red.

  1. Handsome

Doctor Williams is our hospital’s handsome pediatrician.

  1. Ideal

My brother has the ideal height and weight for his age.

  1. Pretty

Elijah has a pretty eye smile.

  1. Sexy

The sexy Isabella has finally arrived.

  1. Tantalizing

Many are fascinated by Sabrina’s tantalizing eyes.

  1. Well-proportioned

I want to hire the third model with a well-proportioned body. You might also be interested in our list of magical words for writers.

Other Words for Beautiful: Scenery

Use these words to express your fascination with a beautiful place you’ve seen or visited. You might also find our list of other words for good helpful.

  1. Aesthetic

I love the aesthetic view of the mountains from my window.

  1. Artistic

These Vincent van Gogh rooms are very artistic!

  1. Breathtaking

You can see a breathtaking ocean view on the third-floor balcony.

  1. Colorful

I would love to revisit Busan’s colorful villages.

  1. Idyllic

This is the idyllic location for my café.

  1. Magical

Amusement parks feel so magical.

  1. Panoramic

I want to see the panoramic view of Singapore in person.

  1. Paradisiacal

Japan is the most paradisiacal place I have ever been to.

  1. Picture-perfect

This is a picture-perfect place to take our wedding photos in.

  1. Picturesque

I keep a record of the picturesque places I’ve visited.

  1. Spectacular

This suburban town of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, hides spectacular places.

  1. Unspoiled

I prefer visiting the unspoiled beaches to the famous, highly commercialized ones.

Other Words for Beautiful: Climate

These are the words to describe beautiful and pleasant weather conditions.

  1. Bright

It’s a bright day for a walk!

  1. Clear

The clear skies are perfect for our event today.

  1. Clement

Clement weather is usual in our area.

  1. Cloudless

The cloudless night sky allows us to see the stars.

  1. Fine

My lover and I met on a fine afternoon.

  1. Moonlit

A romantic proposal in front of the moonlit sea sounds like something out of a fairytale.

  1. Pleasant

Have a pleasant morning, everyone!

  1. Rainless

It’s been rainless since I came home to my province.

  1. Relaxing

My boss told me to go and enjoy a relaxing day with my family.

  1. Serene

I hope for serene weather on my birthday.

  1. Summery

Lana moved to the tropics, where they have summery weather all year round.

  1. Sunlit

Her complexion looks better under the sunlit sky.

  1. Sunny

It will be a sunny day today, so make sure to put on sunscreens before you go out.

  1. Warm

I prefer having warm nights.

Other Words for Beautiful: Qualities

These words refer to a subject with unique qualities that please one’s feelings and thoughts.

  1. Appealing

Architect Brown’s designs are appealing to practical and minimalist clients.

  1. Enviable

Optimism is one of Emma’s most enviable qualities.

  1. Goodly

Mrs. Martinez has a goodly amount of patience with her students.

  1. Gracefully

The man dancing gracefully in the park is named Jimmy.

  1. Immaculate

He’s keen on constantly cleaning his room. He likes to keep it immaculate.

  1. Likable

Jia has a likable boyfriend who can easily befriend anyone.

  1. Lovely

Babies look lovely regardless of what they wear.

  1. Prime

Charlotte is a prime example of an exemplary child.

  1. Supreme

Nike is the supreme clothing brand today.

  1. Very nice

My art teacher makes very nice origami.

Other Words for Beautiful: Performance

These are words used to refer to nouns and their ability to give an impressive performance in completing a specific task.

  1. Competent

Benjamin is a competent hotelier.

  1. Dexterous

My uncle is a dexterous piano player.

  1. Excellent

The newcomer submits an excellent report.

  1. Expert

Our manager is an expert in handling customer-related problems.

  1. Faultless

Noah’s paper is faultless.

  1. Flawless

Her dance presentation was flawless.

  1. Impeccable

William’s group wrote an impeccable thesis paper.

  1. Masterly

The chef masterly cooks all the dishes within the given time.

  1. Perfectly

As an engineer, she needs to measure every width and length of the plan perfectly.

  1. Polished

Our new vacuum cleaner does a polished cleaning job.

  1. Professionally

This is a quality gown that has been professionally made.

  1. Proficient

The cabin crew is proficient in three languages.

  1. Skillfully

Keena skillfully finishes the annual sales report.

  1. Spotless

Professional cleaners ensure that every corner is spotless.

  1. Well-executed

Although he’s a novice, he’s well-executed in his tasks.

Other Words for Beautiful: Very Best Kind

These words indicate that the subject has done something distinctive or excellent that satisfies the viewer.

  1. Amazing

She’s amazing at organizing parties.

  1. Awesome

It’s awesome to see students working together.

  1. Exceptional

He’ll show his exceptional talent in baking next week.

  1. Fabulous

He did a fabulous job of decorating the front lawn.

  1. Fantabulous

That was a fantabulous performance!

  1. Fantastic

My tutor did a fantastic job in teaching me math.

  1. Great

I know the annual year-end party will be great!

  1. Marvelous

She’s marvelous at gift wrapping.

  1. Of the highest standards

Our company was recognized as having one of the highest standards of production in the industry.

  1. Outstanding

My mother was awarded as one of the most outstanding employees this year.

  1. Premium

The bag my husband gave me is of premium quality.

  1. Prizewinning

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is the most prizewinning novel of all time.

  1. Stellar

He received stellar feedback from the panelists.

  1. Terrific

Camping is a terrific experience, do it at least once!

  1. Wonderful

People voluntarily helping others is a wonderful thing to watch.

Other Words for Beautiful: As in Rich

These words suggest abundance and extravagance.

  1. Elegantly

The heiress elegantly welcomes their guests by the mansion door.

  1. Extravagant

They want an extravagant birthday party for their only son.

  1. Grandiose

The palace is preparing for the grandiose wedding of the crown prince.

  1. Luxurious

They have a luxurious sports car collection.

  1. Noble

Part of being noble is the possibility of marrying a royal.

  1. Palatial

They have a palatial house in California.

  1. Princely

This white suit has a princely feel to it.

  1. Rich-looking

A rich-looking guy is waiting at my door.

  1. Royalty

They live like royalty because their only problem is how to spend a lot of money.

  1. Stunning

She’s the most stunning woman I’ve ever met.

Other Words for Beautiful: Style

These words indicate someone whose preferred style and clothing make them look beautiful.

  1. Bang up-to-date

She likes to wear clothing that is bang up-to-date.

  1. Chic

My brother’s typical rock chic outfit is classic vintage shirts and leather pants.

  1. Cool

Cool people don’t try too hard.

  1. Dapper

He looks dapper when he wears his school uniform correctly.

  1. Dashing

My cousin looks like a dashing prince in his wedding suit.

  1. Dressy

Ms. Irene says she likes wearing dressy outfits at school and parties.

  1. Flamboyant

He incorporates his fashion style into the design and turns it into something flamboyant.

  1. Flashy

My professor’s flashy suits will always be legendary.

  1. Fresh

She is not a fashionista, but many want to achieve her fresh look.

  1. Neat

Marco’s decision to cut his long hair makes him look put together and neat.

  1. Presentable

We need to look presentable at the company dinner tomorrow.

  1. Sleek

She regularly visits her favorite salon to ensure that her hair remains long and sleek.

  1. Smart

My brother thinks a guy in a white polo shirt and glasses wants to look smart.

  1. Sophisticated

How does she look sophisticated in everything?

  1. Well-groomed

Since childhood, his parents have always trained him to be well-groomed.

Other Words for Beautiful: Slangs

These slang words for beautiful are usually used in informal speaking and writing or dialogues included in literary pieces like novels and screenplays to enrich characters’ personalities. 

  1. A looker

Oh, Dane is indeed a looker!

  1. A ten

I don’t usually rate people, but she’s a ten.

  1. Adonis

The modeling company is looking for its next Adonis.

  1. Babe magnet

Wherever the gang goes, Lance becomes a babe magnet.

  1. Belle

Marian is a belle in their university.

  1. Cover girl

She looks like a cover girl from a high-end magazine.

  1. Eye candy

He’s the new eye candy of the group.

  1. Foxy

He was staring at the foxy lady who had just arrived.

  1. Goddess

I heard that the new student is a goddess.

  1. Heartthrob

He wants to be a heartthrob so much.

  1. Hot chick

I met a hot chick at the bar.

  1. Hottie

Every barista at the new café seems to be a hottie.

  1. Hunk

He goes to the gym regularly to become a hunk.

  1. Knockout

Look at the guy ordering food, a total knockout.

  1. Lady-killer

Romeo is known for being a lady-killer, but he’s humble about it.

  1. Ripped

Oh my god, his muscles are ripped!

  1. Snazzy

I mean, she looks snazzy in that black suit.

  1. Zaddy

My boss’s son is zaddy.

Unique Words to Say Beautiful

These unique words describe something beautiful and pleasing to our five senses. 

  1. Beautified

The newly planted trees in the park have grown and beautified the place.

  1. Celestial

My mother believed that Marilyn Monroe‘s celestial features were unparalleled.

  1. Harmonious

The band needs to work together to produce harmonious music.

  1. Junoesque

Her Junoesque features make her perfect for the volleyball team.

  1. Ornamented

Everyone worked together to make the pine tree at the church fully ornamented.

  1. Prim

Even when a customer yells at me, I stay prim and assist them.

  1. Pulchritudinous

I know our newborn baby will grow pulchritudinous.

  1. Voluptuous

Don’t be shy about your voluptuous body because it’s the new sexy!

  1. Winsome

I want to date someone with a winsome personality rather than looks.

  1. Youthful

My aunt Chie takes good care of her youthful appearance.

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