Top 118 List of Positive Words To Lift Your Mood

Here is our top list of positive words you can add to your writing. Read our guide.

A great and simple way to make yourself and others happy is by imparting positive words. These words invigorate the brain’s motivational centers and encourage cognitive functions. See our list of positive words to use when you or someone you know is feeling down.

What Are Positive Words?

List of positive words
An optimistic tone makes your piece welcoming and fun to hear or read

In addition to raising our drive to do tasks, positive words are critical to boosting confidence and relieving stress. These words cultivate a positive thought pattern for good mental health and well-being. Knowing how to apply positive words in speaking and writing strengthens social relationships. An optimistic tone makes your piece welcoming and fun to hear or read. 

Below is a list of positive words to keep for yourself or share with others to make them feel better:


Positive Words: Adjectives

Positive adjectives describe a person, thing, or event in a positive light. Use these words to make someone feel good about themselves and give them a reason to smile.

  1. Adaptable

You can put him in any department as he’s an adaptable worker.

  1. Adventurous

Mark wants to try skydiving because he has always been adventurous.

  1. Amazing

There’s nothing to be afraid of; I know you’ll show an amazing performance.

  1. Amusing

Leo is an amusing individual who can keep anyone highly entertained. 

  1. Beautiful

He wants to marry her because she’s beautiful inside and out.

  1. Beloved

We always take our beloved parents on a date every Sunday.

  1. Blessed

I am blessed with a loving family.

  1. Charming

He’s a charming man who can make friends wherever he goes.

  1. Considerable

He’s a considerable man who’s always ready to help his students.

  1. Credible

Theo made sure to pass a credible essay with relevant citations and statistics.

  1. Delightful

We tried the new spa’s massage offering, which was a delightful experience.

  1. Dependable

Everyone on the team is glad that Angelo’s their new member because he’s a dependable employee.

  1. Desirable

One of her desirable traits is that she’s a great speaker.

  1. Elegant

Susan sported an elegant dress for the Halloween party.

  1. Enchanting

Taylor wants to buy the enchanting gown.

  1. Endearing

The people of the kingdom love to see the princess’s endearing smile.

  1. Exceptional

Sam’s exceptional art earned her a place at the national gallery.

  1. Excited

The excited kids jump up and down their beds.

  1. Faithful

Yuki remained faithful to her job and disregarded offers from other companies.

  1. Generous

He was a kind man with a generous heart.

  1. Grateful

The grateful scholar plans to visit his sponsor to show him his diploma. 

  1. Happy

Only you can make yourself happy.

  1. Honest

Jamie is a very honest kid.

  1. Knowledgeable

The class president is knowledgeable enough to handle a group of 50 people.

  1. Marvelous

Les Miserable is a marvelous play. 

  1. Perfect

Done is better than perfect.

  1. Responsible

Mikee is the only responsible member of the group.

  1. Spectacular

Many spectacular sights are waiting for us around the world.

  1. Terrific

It was a terrific show filled with surprises!

  1. Wise

My grandmother is a wise woman who taught me one could be good without letting others take advantage of you.

Positive Words: Verb

Positive verbs are those that refer to affirmative actions. These words are linked to activities with a positive connotation and inspire the reader or listener to act. 

  1. Accelerate

You must aim to accelerate your progress to reach your objectives

  1. Accomplish

You can accomplish anything when you believe in yourself.

  1. Aid

They aid me in reaching the target donations.

  1. Befriend

My grandmother told me to befriend everyone to avoid enemies. 

  1. Bloom

I watched him bloom from a young boy to a sensible man. 

  1. Complete

You must complete your requirements before graduation. 

  1. Cooperate

I hope our groupmates can cooperate and help us in completing our project.

  1. Encourage

You should encourage her to attend more outings.

  1. Fancy

Do you fancy a conversation with me? 

  1. Features

The organization features new membership benefits.

  1. Forgive

To forgive despite hurt and pain is the most courageous thing of all. 

  1. Gain

I believe we gain essential life lessons every time we make mistakes.

  1. Galvanize

Our managers often galvanize us with cheery greetings. 

  1. Guide

You should guide them along the way so the group won’t get lost.

  1. Handle

He’s a seasoned lawyer who can handle the trial efficiently.

  1. Happen

Good and bad things will happen to us, but what’s important is we trust each other.

  1. Heal

I walk through nature to heal my soul.

  1. Illustrate

Our art teacher wants us to illustrate our dreams through pen and paper.

  1. Imbue

The speaker uses her own experiences to imbue the students to follow her steps.

  1. Impart

The mother never fails to impart great values to her children.

  1. Join

You should join us for some drinks next time!

  1. Juxtapose

Their lifestyles juxtapose what they preach.

  1. Keep

Don’t worry; I know he will keep his promise to you.

  1. Liberate

They promise to liberate women from the burden of childbirth.

  1. Master

The HR department asked us to complete a month of training to master basic customer service.

  1. Overcome

You’ll soon overcome whatever doubts you have.

  1. Promoted

She was promoted because of her ability to convince clients.

  1. Reflect

Meditation is an excellent way to reflect and calm our minds. 

  1. Served

As a veteran, he served his country with honor. 

  1. Wonder

I often wonder and let my imagination take over. You might also be interested in our list of rhyming words.

Positive Words: Noun

Positive nouns show quality and goodness. In creating sentences, you can use these words to brighten the piece or enhance the positive meaning of a simple noun.

  1. Acceptance

Her full acceptance of reality pushed her to move forward. 

  1. Achievement

Helping others give Laena a sense of achievement.

  1. Ambition

Keep your ambition in check; it’s great to dream, but never be greedy.

  1. Bravery

The cop is up for promotion because of his bravery.

  1. Courage

I will need a lot of courage to take another exam this year.

  1. Discipline

The champion won the tournament with patience and discipline.

  1. Grace

She handles herself with grace.

  1. Hero

My mother is my hero.

  1. Journey

His journey to self-discovery is not easy, but he’s glad he went through it.

  1. Leadership

The company thrived under the new leadership.

  1. Lesson

Take this failed semester as a lesson that you should always give your best in whatever you do.

  1. Manners

He won my parents over with his impeccable manners.

  1. Mediator

You should reach out to Lena, as she’s the mediator between the students and teachers.

  1. Nest

He’s building a nest for his future family.

  1. Noble

His appeal and demeanor battle that of a noble.

  1. Oasis

Keep looking, and you’ll find your oasis.

  1. Opportunity

Take this opportunity to better yourself.

  1. Optimism

Her unwavering optimism makes her likable.

  1. Outlook

Agatha’s positive outlook on life spills over to her friends.

  1. Pact

We made a pact to plant trees on our birthdays.

  1. Pair

Jenna and Taylor are the funniest pair in the class.

  1. Potential

He has great potential to be the next department head.

  1. Quantity

When it comes to life-long friends, quantity isn’t as important as quality. 

  1. Request

Kylie has sent a request for the last box of documents to be mailed to her.

  1. Society

Society has given us so much pressure with today’s beauty standards.

  1. Spirit

It’s vital to keep the group’s spirit up.

  1. Strength

I always pray for the Lord to give me strength to carry on with my responsibilities. 

  1. Vision

The company’s vision involved creating a sustainable world. 

  1. Wisdom

The movie Miracles From Heaven has given me so much wisdom.

  1. X-ray

The fracture on his ribs was seen on his X-ray.

Common Positive Words

Every word in the English language can trigger a specific feeling, thought, or memory. These are common words that give a person a positive mindset that leads to benefits like improved relationships.

  1. Amusement

He answered his proposal with fondness and a hint of amusement.

  1. Contentment

Many people struggle to find their purpose and never know how contentment feels.

  1. Determination

Her determination to become a doctor shows how much she wants to change the world.

  1. Dignity

Despite her many troubles, she still held her head high with dignity.

  1. Growing

He eats a lot because he’s a growing young man.

  1. Harmonious

We should respect each other’s beliefs to have a harmonious society.

  1. Hope

We only need a sliver of hope to push through our problems.

  1. Inspiring

His willingness to share his wealth without asking for anything is inspiring.

  1. Laughter

Laughter filled the room as Miko recounted the group’s embarrassing memories.

  1. Lucky

You’re lucky she still loves you despite what you make her go through.

  1. Magical

I consider our wedding one of the most magical moments of my life.

  1. Respect

Respect is a two-way street. 

  1. Smiling

I hope you keep smiling despite any problems you go through.

  1. Unconditional

I want to meet someone who will show me unconditional love.

  1. Vacation

You’ve been working day and night on this project. You deserve a vacation.

Unique Positive Words

More words are continuously added to the English language. Unique positive words are unfamiliar but carry the same effect when used in writing and speeches.

  1. Benevolent

Johnny has a benevolent heart, and he’s willing to help anyone in need.

  1. Effervescent

Our school will hold an effervescent event to show appreciation for its students’ efforts during the school year.

  1. Epiphany

His realization of needing to love himself first is the most crucial epiphany he has ever had.

  1. Ethereal

She possesses an ethereal beauty.

  1. Extraordinary

No one knows that Clinton has an extraordinary talent for sculpting.

  1. Idealistic

Cindy has an idealistic view of love. I can’t say if that’s a good or bad thing.

  1. Ineffable

Knowing I’m the reason for my parents’ happiness gives me ineffable joy.

  1. Kismet

I like to think that it’s kismet that I met you during one of the lowest points in my life.

  1. Phenomenal

Watching the meteor shower is a phenomenal memory that I’ll always treasure.

  1. Scrumdiddlyumptious

My mother’s specialty is baking, and all her pastries are scrumdiddlyumptious!

  1. Serendipity

The ex-lovers believe in serendipity, and both agree to give their love a second chance.

  1. Tranquil

The city makes her feel crowded, so she plans to move to a tranquil place.

  1. Unparalleled

The happiness that comes with her freedom from mental abuse is unparalleled.

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