235+ Magical Words for Writers: Enchanting Words to Weave into Your Writing

Take your writing to the next level with our comprehensive list of magical words for writers. Discover powerful language to captivate your readers today.

What Are Magical Words?

Magical Word Example
The word “Sparkling” is one great example of a magical word a writer can use

Magical words are associated with intense feelings of joy, wonder, love, or anything surreal and dreamlike. Worlds related to magic are powerful tools for expressing emotions that are difficult to describe with ordinary language. When used in the proper context, they evoke a sense of enchantment and create a magical atmosphere. 

Using magical words allows writers to express their or their characters’ complex emotions powerfully and memorably. Magical words can include other words for beautiful, amazing, and more! Here are several magical words writers can use to relate to their readers.

AbjurationFascinatePresto Chango
Avada KedavraHandsomeSim Sala Bim
BelovedHeavenlySleight of hand
Black MagicHexesSorcery
CredentialsLovedThank you
DazzlingMay IUnbounded
EnchantingOpen SesameWarm
EngagingPardon meWhole
EnoughPartnersWingardium Leviosa
Excuse mePetrificus TotalusWizardry
Expecto PatronumPicturesqueWonderful
ExperiencePleasingYou’re Welcome

We express delight through positive words like compliments. Use these words relating to magic and their synonyms to describe your characters’ good deeds and accomplishments:

Delightful Magical Words

1. Appealing

She has an appealing attitude.

2. Attractive

She’s the most attractive woman on campus.

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3. Beautiful

You’re beautiful even without makeup.

4. Brilliant

The company values him for his brilliant ideas.

5. Charismatic

He has a charismatic presence when performing.

6. Charming

He told us all about his Arabic heritage; what a charming guy.

7. Confident

The team is confident they can win the game.

8. Endearing

The couple has an endearing connection.

9. Engaging

The seminar facilitated an engaging discussion of pressing societal issues.

10. Fascinate

The outputs of the students fascinate their teachers.

11. Friendly

The staff was so friendly; they even played scrabble with us!

12. Gorgeous

She has long, gorgeous hair.

13. Handsome

No one can match your handsome face.

14. Likable

He’s a polite, soft-spoken, and overall likable child.

15. Pleasing

The candidates have pleasing personalities.

16. Refreshing

The garden has a refreshing ambiance.

17. Smart

You’re smart; I’m sure you can figure it out.

18. Sociable

I notice that you have many friends, you must be sociable.

19. Sexy

She wore the trending, sexy dress to prom.

20. Unique

He has a unique talent for making people feel calm. You might also be interested in our list of Halloween words.

Magical Words for Love

Love is conveyed in different ways, both in thoughts and actions. Here are some words to highlight the magical feeling of love and attraction:

21. Admirer

I know who your secret admirer is.

22. Adore

I adore you, even with your imperfections.

23. Affection

I have the same affection for my dog as my husband.

24. Beloved

We visited our beloved alma mater yesterday.

25. Commitment

I told my boss I have 100% commitment to the job.

26. Cupid

I will play Cupid and set you two up on a date.

27. Darling

Oh, darling, you look lovely tonight.

28. Dear

My dear wife is preparing dinner.

29. Faithful

She is a faithful partner.

30. Feelings

Boys have a hard time expressing their feelings.

31. Forever

I’ll forever be with you.

32. Honey

He is sweeter than honey.

33. Hugging

I saw them on the street hugging each other.

34. Husband

He has been a reliable husband.

35. Intimate

I like how she became intimate with me.

36. Joy

The joy of seeing my family again is priceless.

37. Kissing

He enjoys kissing the most.

38. Lover

His tarot reading shows he will soon meet his soulmate and lifetime lover.

39. Passion

It’s his passion to teach the English language to children.

40. Romance

We’ve been together for 15 years, and the romance remains.

41. Self-love

Self-love is critical to having confidence.

42. Value

I value our relationship.   

Magical Words To Show Respect

Respect is crucial and is embedded in every culture. Here are some words to showcase the importance of respect in daily living:

43. Accept

You must accept the noble’s guidance.

44. Apologetic

The driver was very apologetic about the accident.

45. Commend

I commend her stage presence and entertaining us with her abracadabra and fake mojo.

46. Empathy

Kings should have empathy.

47. Excuse me

Excuse me, may I enter the classroom?

48. Express

You don’t need to express what you feel right away.

49. Gently

Gently hold her hand while she’s walking the stage.

50. Honest

I want you to be honest all the time, no hocus pocus.

51. Humbly

He’s humbly asking for a second chance.

52. Kindly

Kindly prepare for a short interview tomorrow.

53. Pardon

Pardon me. I didn’t hear anything you said.

54. Please

Please lock the door when you leave.

55. Polite

Be polite when talking, no matter the circumstance.

56. Quiet

Keep quiet because they’re having a meeting downstairs.

57. Sincere

The word of the day is “sincere,” which means being genuine and honest.

Were you sincere when you asked for forgiveness?

58. Sorry

Sorry, I didn’t mean to miss watching Shazam with you last night.

59. Valuable

Your contributions are valuable in today’s success.

60. Welcome

We want you to feel welcome in our home.

Magical Words for Expertise

 Words to express one’s expertise in their fields reassure them of their value. The following are magical words connected to experts and their skills:

61. Ability

His ability to work with multiple deadlines is remarkable.

62. Accuracy

All subscribers were amazed at the accuracy of the streamer’s aim.

63. Aptitude

It’s essential to test your employee’s writing aptitude.

64. Capable

She’s so capable that she can do a whole department’s job alone.

65. Credentials

His credentials suggest he’ll be a valuable asset to the company.

66. Critical

Be critical in hiring your associate.

67. Experience

We must hire someone with experience.

68. Expert

I heard he’s an expert in computers.

69. Flexibility

The dancers move with otherworldly flexibility.

70. Insights

We need your insights on this matter.

71. Intelligence

We should make use of his vast intelligence on the topic.

72. Knowledgeable

She’s knowledgeable in grimoires and potions.

73. Leadership

No one questions his leadership in this firm.

74. Precise

The layout must be precise so everything can fit.

75. Professionalism

The employees are held to a high level of professionalism.

76. Skillful

You must be skillful in doing layouts.

77. Specialist

The service specialist in the national volleyball team earned points.

78. Strategic

The project requires strategic planning.

Magical Words for Kids

These words relate to the magical feelings children connect to things they appreciate. They use it to describe their wonder and share their interests with others.

79. Amazing

You are amazing when you perform on stage.

80. Awesome

All he said was, “open sesame” and the door opened – that’s so awesome!

81. Chill

We can chill at our house after school.

82. Cool

The cool kids always hang out at the park.

83. Excellent

His mom said you bake excellent cookies.

84. Fantastic

The Halloween costume he has is fantastic!

85. Fresh

Remember to just be fresh as a mint candy.

86. Good

Dad said I did good on the field!

87. Great

I had a great time hanging out with them.

88. Impressive

He has an impressive lego set!

89. Incredible

Your daughter told the class an incredible story.

90. Rad

I met his sister, who loves Harry Potter, yesterday; she’s so rad!

91. Stellar

Our teacher said I would be a stellar actress when I grew older.

92. Super

He is a super jolly kid who still believes in genies and Santa Claus

93. Sweet

She’s always been so sweet to his parents.

94. Terrific

The crowd stood up after his terrific performance of magic tricks.

95. Wonderful

Your son is such a wonderful kid.

Magical Words for Scenery

Beautiful sceneries are described with magical words to showcase their stunning beauty. The following are the words you can use to depict nature:

96. Blooming

There are many blooming wildflowers in the garden.

97. Breathtaking

The view at the peak of the mountain is breathtaking.

98. Captivating

You can watch the captivating sunset on the balcony.  

99. Dazzling

The dazzling lavender field seems to go on forever.

99. Enchanting

We had an enchanting experience with the local scenery.

100. Flourishing

Palawan is famous for its flourishing beaches.

101. Glorious

The Amazon’s glorious forests are in danger.

102. Heavenly

The Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia is among Earth’s most popular heavenly places. 

103. Majestic

It’s a quaint town with a majestic display of all things magical – amulets, incantations, magic spells – you name it.

104. Panoramic

The hotel we booked was expensive because of the huge windows’ panoramic view of the ocean.

105. Picturesque

The picturesque pond has koi fish swimming in it.

106. Sparkling

The stars are sparkling bright every time in this area.

107. Spectacular

The Ifugao Rice Terraces is a spectacular site.

108. Stunning

The river’s clear waters make it easy to spot the stunning array of colorful pebbles under.

109. Unbelievable

It’s unbelievable how similar Sayama Hills’ sites are to those of the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

110. Vast

She feels calm whenever she stares at the vast ocean.

Magical Words for Food

Words to properly describe taste and flavors is important so we can convey how much we enjoyed our meals.

111. Chewy

Caramel candies are meant to have a slightly chewy texture.

112. Creamy

She prepared a creamy salad for dessert.

113. Crispy

My nephew wants to eat crispy chicken legs for dinner.

114. Delicate

Chefs need to have delicate hands necessary for dish plating.

115. Delicious

My mother cooked a delicious steak for my father’s birthday.

116. Juicy

Nothing beats a juicy chicken.

117. Moreish

This moreish dessert will destroy my diet.

118. Mouth-watering

The local cuisines are home to mouth-watering dishes.

119. Scrumptious

A scrumptious buffet is laid out for the VIP visitors in front of the hall.

120. Sour

She prefers mangoes with a sweet and sour taste.

121. Spicy

I did not expect that their main dish would be spicy.

122. Tender

The magic trick for an excellent stew is to only use tender cuts of meat.

Magical Words for Friendship

It is truly magical to find a friend, and words describing that incredible bond is important to communicate special thoughts and feelings.

123. Brotherly

We’ve been friends since childhood, so we have a brotherly relationship.

124. Connected

Even if we don’t utter words, we still feel connected.

125. Considerate

A real friend knows when to be considerate and when to point out faults.

126. Easygoing

He has an easygoing attitude that makes me comfortable.

127. Follow

Brandon says Josh is a friend he’s willing to follow even to the depths of hell.

128. Gentle

She’s a gentle soul who avoids conflicts at all costs.

129. Heartfelt

She delivered a heartfelt message to her friend.

130. Partners

They’ve been partners since they started schooling here.

131. Pure

We’ve been together for this long because we maintain a pure relationship.

132. Reciprocal

The key to long-lasting relationships is being reciprocal.

133. Strong

Our friendship has never been so strong as this.

134. Superb

They both worked with superb courage.

135. Together

We can do this if we stay together.

136. True

I’m a true friend, and I will never betray you.

137. Unbounded

He gave her unbounded advice about her situation.

138. Warm

He gave me a warm hug. 

Magical Words for Self-Love

Self-love is crucial to confidence and self-value. Magical words about self-love are powerful words to help you realize and affirm your worth.

139. Altruistic

Sadly, some people take advantage of my altruistic nature.

140. Deserving

Reading articles about being yourself helped me realize that I am deserving of love.

141. Enough

I am enough.

142. Loved

My parents reminded me that I am loved. 

143. Open

I am open to new opportunities that come my way.

144. Peaceful

Knowing that I am loved makes me feel peaceful.

145. Self-admiration

There is nothing wrong with self-admiration.

146. Self-Esteem

I am doing things outside of my comfort zone to Increase my self-esteem. 

147. Whole

Realizing self-love made me whole.

148. Worthy

I am worthy and don’t deserve toxic people in my life.

149. Vanity

My vanity is confined to my appreciation of my body.

Magical Words for Wizardry

Because the school of magic has different kinds, varying words are used to define each type. Use these or their original terms to pique readers’ interest in magic.

150. Abjuration

Carla hopes to learn the abjuration incantation in time to protect her family.

151. Black Magic

Be careful around her because she knows how to use black magic.

152. Charm

Dani’s mom bought her a good luck charm.

153. Divination

The fortune-teller uses divination to predict Migo’s future.

154. Enchantment

She wants to use an enchantment spell to make him fall in love with her.

155. Evocation

The evocation of the demon is something you should never try.

156. Hexed

Because she’s constantly dealing with misfortunes, many believe she’s been hexed since birth.

157. Hoodoo

He’s always hard to wake up in the mornings as if under some hoodoo.

158. Illusion

The king is afraid that the country’s sudden prosperity is merely an illusion.

159. Jinx

The coach is afraid of his overly confident players, so he tells them not to jinx their next games by being too laid back.

160. Necromancy

You must avoid that man at all costs, for he performs death magic called necromancy.

161. Sorcery

Harry Potter learned how to win the battle of the wickedness sorcery in Hogwarts.

162. Sortilege

We should ask the witch to perform sortilege first to ensure what we should do next.

163. Transmutation

The transmutation magic made him the best warrior to walk the Earth.

164. Trick

His coin trick makes the kids stare in awe and wonder.

165. Voodoo

Did you know that Marie Laveau is the voodoo queen of New Orleans?

167. Witchery

Her parents worry that she may be practicing witchery.

168. Witchcraft

The North tribe is known for their skills in witchcraft and magic.

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Magical Words for Spells

Before magic can be performed, characters must learn how to use it correctly. Use the words below to convey these actions effectively:

169. Alchemy

Her father desperately believes alchemy will help him find the cure to his daughter’s illness.

170. Bewitch

The siren’s song will bewitch you into an unwavering haze, seducing you to come closer to the waters to drown yourself unknowingly.

171. Chanting

The boy band’s fans start chanting their names to call them back on stage.

172. Conjured

The man has successfully conjured a demon through a grave sacrifice.

173. Devilry

Seeing her smile makes me sure she’s thinking about doing another devilry.

174. Incantation

The healer recites an incantation to cure the sick.

175. Malediction

James looks into the eyes of his bullies, mutters a malediction, and leaves with a smirk.

176. Spell

Her calmness is so uncanny that anyone who knows her will think she’s under some spell.

177. Theurgy

The general public believes she’ll be a productive politician because she can talk to the deities through theurgy.

178. Wizardry

My roommate used his electronic wizardry to fix my computer in just a few minutes.

Magical Words Used for Magicians

The following list contains words often voiced by magicians, witches, fairies, and other relevant creatures to accompany their magic spells or performances. Writers employ these words to demonstrate entertaining magical executions.

179. Abracadabra

The rabbit disappeared after the magician shouted, “Abracadabra!”

180. Alakazam

My mom is like a sorceress – when we can’t find anything in the house, all we have to do is ask her and alakazam! She knows exactly where they are.

181. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

I hope finding true love is as easy as bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

182. Daemon

I firmly believe that my daemon is always guiding and protecting me.

183. Grimoire

Even if you have the grimoire, it’s useless if you don’t know how to use it.

184. Hocus-pocus

I don’t believe in tarot cards because they’re just a bunch of hocus-pocus.

185. Mojo

If his mojo works well, he will surely win this election.

186. Open Sesame

Let’s see what’s inside the box! Open sesame!

187. Presto Chango

All I have to say is “presto chango,” and this handkerchief will turn into a stick.

188. Ta-da

We don’t have a TV, but press that button and ta-da! You can use the wall to watch movies! 

189. Shazam

Mix all the fruits and other ingredients and shazam – a sweet fruit salad!

190. Sim Sala Bim

She said she didn’t know what to say when performing magic on stage. So I told her to speak random words like the turban guy’s “sim sala bim” that aired years ago.

191. Voila

Magicians find it easier to saywallah” after every trick than “voila.”

Magical Words from Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is enjoying astounding success today, and she is one of the best British authors of all time, despite some recent controversies on Twitter.

The book series has sold over 120 million copies since its 1997 release, and the movie franchise is even more popular. Another undeniable proof of its impact is its vast fanbase that made the spells from the book easily recognizable.

Its influence trickled down to the general public and even some literary works. Here are some of them:

192. Accio

How I wish when I say “accio,” the remote control would move closer to me.

193. Alohomora

I don’t think it’ll be safe to use the alohomora spell unless it’s for emergencies.

194. Avada Kedavra

Be thankful that I can’t use Avada kedavra, or you will regret it.

195. Confundo

Hermione used confundo on Cormac Mclaggen to confuse him and ensure Ron retains his spot in Gryffindor.

196. Crucio

Crucio is a perfect punishment for people who commit unspeakable crimes. 

197. Expecto Patronum

Say “expecto patronum,” and summon Patronus to chase the dementors away.

198. Expelliarmus

Why did Harry always use expelliarmus as a defense incantation?

199. Lumos

If Harry’s wand lights up when he says “lumos,” my phone lights up when I say, “Hey, Siri.”

200. Obliviate

If only I could use obliviate and erase all my memories with you.

201. Petrificus Totalus

Don’t challenge me. One petrificus totalus, and you’ll be paralyzed.

202. Sectumsempra

A dark spell that will leave cuts that will never heal, that’s sectumsempra.

203. Wingardium Leviosa

Books are flying all around the library. Someone’s pranking the librarian with wingardium leviosa.

204. Reparo

Oh, I wish I could use reparo right now so mom won’t scold me for breaking these plates!

205. Riddikulus

Riddikulus and ridiculous are two words spelled differently but have the same meaning: to be laughable.

Magical Words to Express Politeness

Magic words are referred to as such because they can “magically” make people like you. It’s essential to teach these words to children early so they can practice them daily.

206. Actually

Use “actually” to politely correct someone or make a segue. Say: “Actually, instead of going to the mall, can we go to the park instead?” This is to avoid sounding demanding. 

207. Cordially

The new CEO was delighted to be greeted cordially by his employees.

208. Forgive Me

I don’t want to interrupt but forgive me; I must leave now because of a personal emergency.

209. May I

I’m having a great time with you, and if you’re not in a hurry, may I stay with you for a while?

210. Pardon Me

Pardon me, but I don’t think you understood what I just said.

211. Thank You

Always be grateful and say “thank you,” it’s a way to show that you recognize and appreciate the effort people put into whatever they did or gave you.

212. You’re Welcome

My father told me to always reply with “you’re welcome” instead of just nodding my head whenever anyone thanked me.

Magical Words to Express Admiration

If there are magic words for everyday interactions with other people, there are also magic words to demonstrate acknowledgment and admiration. These words are used to nourish and enhance any relationship.

213. Appreciate

I always appreciate my brother calling me on the weekends to update me on what’s currently happening in his life.

214. Feel

Communicate with each other, tell what you feel, and respectfully offer your opinion on an issue to avoid turning simple problems into big ones.

215. Happy

It makes me happy to know that my parents are very proud of me, even if I didn’t become a doctor as they initially thought I’d be.

216. Help

Asking for help doesn’t make you look weak.

217. Love

There are endless definitions of love, and we all have the right to give meaning to it depending on how we see fit.

218. Lucky

Don’t take anyone for granted; remember how lucky you are to have them.

219. Miss 

There’s no shame in telling someone you miss them.

220. Respect

It’s unfair that people want to be respected but cannot respect others.

221. Support

If my family didn’t give me their full support, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

222. Understand

It’s okay to ask questions to understand a problem and find a suitable solution.

223. We

Here’s my advice as your friend, if you want your relationship to last, avoid using “I,” and change it to “We.”Do you need help writing a magical story? Check out the best story-writing apps.

Words That Follow Magic

Words that follow magic can be used together to explain a certain kind of magic, spell, or fantastical experiment in your writing. These words that mean magic are ideal for fantasy novel writing where your characters may have magical abilities or powers.

224. Predicting

He has magic predicting abilities where he knows when disasters would occur before they happen.

225. Fortune-telling

Magic fortune-telling wizards are the most knowledgeable and most dangerous people in the wizarding world.

226. Spellcasting

She was an expert at magic spellcasting and reached the top of her class for transformation spells and enchantment.

227. Spellwork

The magic spellwork of Anastasia was impressive, considering she only started practicing a few months ago.

228. Hexes

Never cross a warlock who can cast magic hexes, or you might find yourself prone to mysterious accidents and bad luck.

229. Sleight of hand

Magicians love to use the magic sleight of hand to stun their audience and trick them into thinking the disappearances are real.

230. Power

The magic power of spellcasting transforms the lives of students when they discover they can do the simplest tasks without lifting a finger.

231. Transformation

Magic transformation spells can turn your worst enemy into a slimy frog, the perfect punishment for betrayal.

232. Conjuration

Magic conjuration has the power to create anything the mind can imagine with a simple spell.

233. Rune

Many warlocks use a magic rune to draw power from when creating an intensely powerful spell.

234. Makutu

In the Māori language, Makutu refers to witchcraft, wizardry, or a belief in the occult and unusual powers of magic.

235. Symphony

A magic symphony of color, sounds, and light surrounded the children as they cast the transportation spell to enter another dimension.

236. Omen

Magic omens can be a sign of what’s to come; whether it be wonderful or devastating, an omen can warn us of the most impactful events that are to come.

237. Foreseeing

Only a warlock with strong magic can practice the art of foreseeing what will happen in the future; this practice takes years of dedication and study to master.

238. Telepathy

She had the magic power of telepathy; she could read anyone’s thoughts and feelings without speaking a single word to them.


  • Maria Caballero is a freelance writer who has been writing since high school. She believes that to be a writer doesn't only refer to excellent syntax and semantics but also knowing how to weave words together to communicate to any reader effectively.