Top 90 List of Halloween Words To Add to Your Vocabulary

Here is a list of Halloween words to add to your next horror story.

The night is getting darker, and the air is getting colder because Halloween is just around the corner! Make your Halloween party even more fun this year by reading scary stories or playing a spooky game of Pictionary. Check out our list of terrifying words related to Halloween.

What Are Halloween Words

List of Halloween Words
Cemetery is a word commonly used during Halloween

Halloween came from the pagan festival, Samhain. It got its name from All Hallow’s Eve (hallowed evening), where people dress as saints and knock on doors. Today, Halloween is not just about decorating your deck with carved pumpkins and unlimited candy. It’s a holiday celebrated every last Saturday of October and an excellent preamble to All Saint’s Day that happens the following day. 

If you want to fully immerse yourself with the wonders of Halloween to enjoy the event or use it in your writing, you need to know the words related to this highly anticipated night.


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Horror Halloween Words

These are words with particular meanings strongly associated with Halloween. As the word “horror” suggests, these terms usually convey intense fear, disgust, and shock to the audience. 

  1. Afterlife

Even though there is no certainty, he continues to believe in the promise of the afterlife.

  1. Blood

She can’t be a nurse if she faints at the sight of blood.

  1. Bloodsucker

Amy doesn’t need to disguise herself as a vampire because she’s a real bloodsucker for taking every penny my father owns.

  1. Bones

If you want your Halloween party decorations to be scary, place some bloody bones on the tables and shelves.

  1. Chainsaw

Since Carl always says he doesn’t scare easily, let’s watch the movie “Texas Chainsaw on the night of the 31st!

  1. Dead

If you always eat greasy, fatty food, you’ll be dead in no time!

  1. Decapitated

Due to the typhoon, many old statues were decapitated, damaged, and knocked over.

  1. Demon

Many people don’t want to ride with Kevin because he likes to speed down the highway like a demon is chasing after him.

  1. Evil

Mother is right about the love of money being the root of all evil.

  1. Exorcism

Clara loves everything gothic; she even owns an array of exorcism books and movies!

  1. Eyeballs

Quick! Add fake eyeballs to his drink, and he’ll scream his heart out.

  1. Fangs

Lisa’s chihuahua dog is very aggressive and will always bare his fangs at anyone.

  1. Ghoul

Adam’s detailed ghoul costume made his little brother cry.

  1. Gory

Why do you want to know all the gory details about the tragedy?

  1. Grim

All employees’ expressions turned grim when their boss told them the company would shut down.

  1. Gruesome

Let’s look for a gruesome abandoned house and stay there for an unforgettable Halloween.

  1. Knife

He’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the kitchen; he uses his knife as if it’s an extension of his hands!

  1. Lurking

There’s a warning sign that a wild animal is lurking in this area.

  1. Macabre

Dion has a macabre interest in dark stories, graveyards, and reports of unexplained killings.

  1. Pitchfork

It’s best to use a pitchfork when trying to lift and remove twiggy materials such as small branches, leaves, or hay.

  1. Ritualistic

She’s obsessed with ritualistic routines and gets annoyed whenever someone interrupts her schedule.

  1. Satanic

Many believed Dungeons & Dragons was a satanic game doomed to fail, but they were all proven wrong with its continuously increasing sales.

  1. Spine-tingling

To be a passenger on the Euthanasia Coaster is a spine-tingling thought.

  1. Tarantula

She has a tarantula for a pet.

  1. Trick-or-Treat

Remember to say “Trick or treat” after knocking on each door.

Haunted Halloween Words

Words related to being haunted are usually applied to games or writings related to ghostly interactions and other paranormal activities. Being haunted elicits disturbing feelings connected to being watched or followed. Thus, haunted words are necessary to relay these feelings of distress successfully. 

  1. Apparition

No one believes Clinton as he explains the apparition of her dead wife.

  1. Cemetery

We always visit the cemetery every November 2nd.

  1. Darkness

The darkness made it hard to see what lurks deep in the forest.

  1. Enchanted

Sheena’s indescribable beauty enchanted Rome.

  1. Goblin

The old lady told us a goblin was living in a desolate cave.

  1. Ghost

My friends and I plan to go ghost hunting on Halloween.

  1. Harrowing

Her harrowing experience last year made her wary of old buildings. 

  1. Laird

His grandfather was a laird who owned a huge mansion and hectares of land. 

  1. Levitation

Jill shows high interest in levitation and wants to research this phenomenon.

  1. Midnight

The campers prepare for a midnight feast in their tents to celebrate Halloween.

  1. October

The company will have a Halloween party on October 31st at the roof deck. 

  1. Orb

A red orb is watching us but just ignore it; let’s continue walking towards our cabin.

  1. Paranormal

She’s fond of watching haunting documentaries and real-life paranormal activities.

  1. Phantoms

Our camp master says that in the past, phantoms walks around with humans on the night of Halloween.

  1. Poltergeist

You expect me to believe a poltergeist threw and broke my cup?

  1. Possession

The movie “Exorcism of Emily Rose” was inspired by Anneliese Michel’s spirit possession.

  1. Spirits

According to the elders, wearing Halloween costumes is a way to ward off the spirits around you.

  1. Tombstone

I can barely see the scripts on Aunt Sheila’s tombstone.

  1. Unearthly

Why do newborns wake up at an unearthly time?

  1. Wraith

My siblings say that the wraith of our mother haunts the house.

Witchy Halloween Words

Witches and warlocks are linked to Halloween for their ability to contact the deceased. They serve as a bridge between the living and the dead, thereby posing a possible opening for the dead to cross over the land of the living. This list contains words that refer to objects, activities, or anything related to the use of black magic. 

  1. Altar

The focal point of her Halloween decorations is the altar to honor the dead.

  1. Broomstick

If you’re a real Harry Potter fan, what’s the other name of his broomstick?

  1. Candle

The witch begins to light up every candle around her to prepare for her ritual.

  1. Cape

That cape once belonged to a witch in ancient times.

  1. Cauldron

The witch pours all the vital ingredients into the cauldron.

  1. Coven

Your group looks like a witch coven; you gather in one place, wear all black, and do things together.

  1. Esbat

The town’s witches are preparing for an esbat to celebrate this month’s full moon.

  1. Evoke

She’s chanting to evoke the wild spirit.

  1. Herbs

Cloves, coriander, cumin, fennel, and lavender are the common herbs in witchcraft.

  1. Hex

He intimidates his bullies by creating a fake hex.

  1. Hocus-Pocus

All you need is a little hocus-pocus to make the children believe in the illusion.

  1. Incantations

How long have you been practicing witchcraft gestures and incantations?

  1. Magic

The wizard uses his magic wand to perform a spell.

  1. Manifest

Amy continues to manifest her eagerness to learn and finish college.

  1. Necromancer

The necromancer claims he can talk with my dead grandfather.

  1. Potion

What do I need to make a love potion?

  1. Pumpkin

My grandfather said we’ll make a Halloween pumpkin today!

  1. Shaman

We intend to pay respects to the great shaman.

  1. Sorcery

Mother believes there’s no harm in sorcery and witchcraft.

  1. Superstition

Old maids believe in every superstition and think they are guides left by the previous generation.

  1. Talisman

Amulets and charms are talisman jewelry that attracts more power and luck.

  1. Voodoo

I just saw her holding a voodoo doll while reciting an incantation.

  1. Wand

The fairy godmother waves her magic wand once and turns her into a beautiful princess.

  1. Witch

Because of her strange behavior and dark aura, many believe she’s a witch.

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Other Halloween Words

To say that a word is associated with Halloween, it must be scary and unpleasant to see, hear, and feel. The words listed below are Halloween words that are common names of creepy things and places. 

  1. Bat

Hanging a red-eye bat and pumpkins is the easiest Halloween decoration you can do.

  1. Casket

I don’t usually look inside the deceased’s casket because I’m afraid.

  1. Cobweb

The old furniture in the attic is not only dusty but also has a giant cobweb.

  1. Corpse

Lio wants to dress up like a corpse for the school Halloween party on Saturday.

  1. Crematorium

Grandma says she doesn’t want to be in a crematorium if she dies.

  1. Cursed

All the elders in their family say that Linda is cursed by her enemies.

  1. Decomposing

Reporters said the body had been decomposing for weeks.

  1. Disguise

Do you still think it’s weird when kids wear costumes to disguise themselves and ask for candies?

  1. Eerie

She doesn’t want to check the basement because of the eerie sounds that come from it.

  1. Flashlight

You must always have a flashlight whenever you plan to go ghost hunting.

  1. Graveyard

There’s a graveyard close to our school.

  1. Howling

I wonder why my neighbor’s dog is always howling at night.

  1. Jack–O’-Lantern

You can also use a big turnip for your Jack-o’lantern.

  1. Mausoleums

Wealthy people are usually put in extravagant mausoleums.

  1. Monster

Frankenstein is my favorite monster.

  1. Owl

She owns a great white owl.

  1. Scream

The blood-curdling scream came from the Master’s bedroom!

  1. Skull

Mark’s skull collection is both astonishing and frightening.

  1. Spider

A giant black spider is hanging on the ceiling of my room.

  1. Vampire

The vampire is the go-to costume of most people who decide to join a Halloween party at the last minute.

  1. Zombie

She looks like a zombie with her frizzled hair and large eyebags.

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