Articles About Being Yourself: Top 5 Examples and 6 Prompts

To be yourself is the most important principle you should follow in life; to write articles about being yourself, see our guide for inspiration.

Being yourself means to be authentically you in all aspects of life. This is essential to success because self-improvement starts with self-love. It may be difficult to stay true to yourself, and what you want, so you must continue to value the person you are, complete with all your flaws and insecurities. 

Being your authentic self is the best thing you can do for your well-being, which can, in turn, make you into a more positive presence in the lives of others. Reading some of the best self-help books can be a great place to start before writing articles about being yourself.

5 Example Articles

1. What You Need to Know About Toxic Positivity by Mckenna Princing

“We often have excuses for not engaging with our complicated emotions: We’re too busy to deal with them, we don’t want to be distressed, we don’t want to upset others. Remember, though, your negative feelings won’t go away unless you eventually deal with them. So acknowledge them, try to understand where they might be coming from, and think about what you can do to address them.”

In this article, Pricing describes that an important part of being yourself is allowing yourself sometimes to feel negative emotions. Even if we may not want to address our more difficult emotions, it is an essential part of being ourselves to let ourselves go through everything we are feeling. That way, we do not bottle the feelings until it becomes too severe. We should still focus on the positive, but not at the cost of repressing our more negative inclinations. 

2. Authentic Self-expression on Social Media is Associated With Greater Subjective Well-being by Erica R. Bailey, Sandra C. Matz, Wu Youyou, and Sheena S. Iyengar

“Our results suggest that whether or not engaging with social media helps or hurts an individual’s well-being might be partly driven by how they use those platforms to express themselves. While it may be tempting to craft a self-enhanced Facebook presence, authentic self-expression on social media can be psychologically beneficial.”

In this article, the authors discuss their research results which showed that people more concerned with creating an (often fake) impression on social media were less satisfied with life than those who did not. Their research shows the importance of being yourself and that it can lead to much greater levels of self-satisfaction, more than any fame gained from a false online persona.

3. Being Your Authentic Self is Easier Said Than Done but Worth It by Meg Lyons

“In the workplace, this inauthenticity can show up as a role mismatch. You may not feel that you’re fully able to express your values or strengths in order to get the work done. If you love designing new concepts or thrive in the creative phase of idea generation, you might struggle to enjoy the day-to-day details.”

Lyons discusses how being authentic can make you more grounded and gives tips on how to maintain your authentic self. She also gives readers eight strategies they can use to be authentic, such as embracing feelings, determining strengths and weaknesses, and facing one’s fears. An important example she gives involves exploring the values you may hold dear. For example, you should choose what you believe rather than what’s popular or what will get you somewhere. You might also find these essays about myself helpful.

4. Importance of Being Yourself (Author Unknown)

“Being yourself means you like who you are. Being yourself means living life how you wanted to live it, regardless of other peoples’ opinions. And it just means you respect yourself. Worrying about what others will think is just a waste of time, you can’t control them or control their thoughts. Everyone has their own life and they are free to live their life on their own terms and conditions.”

In this article, the author stresses the importance of being yourself and not worrying about what others have to say. She gives examples of her past when she constantly tried to satisfy others with little regard for her well-being. However, she realized how much healthier it is to stop being so concerned about what others think and be authentic. 

5. Finding Your True Self During the Coronavirus Lockdown by Hayley Broughton-McKinna

“Social distancing has presented us with an invaluable opportunity to get to know our true selves. We have nothing but time to listen to ourselves and to tune in to our thoughts and feelings. We have an unprecedented opportunity to get to know what motivates us, what scares us, what drives and excites us. We can ask ourselves who we want to be, and who we don’t!”

This article explores the challenge of staying true to oneself during an extreme situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Broughton-McKinna discusses several habits readers can adopt, even in a time of lockdown, to get to know themselves. These include journaling, spending time in nature, and video blogging. She encourages readers to use their time in self-isolation to discover themselves and what makes them happy. 

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5 Writing Prompts On Articles About Being Yourself

1. Embracing Your Imperfection

Embracing your imperfection
In this prompt, give examples of people you know who have embraced their flaws, or you can give an example from your own life

In this article, address your words to readers and remind them that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. You can give examples of people you know who have embraced their flaws, or you can give an example from your own life. Then, advise the reader on how to live out their authentic selves more and embrace their imperfections. 

2. How to Practice a Positive Mindset

If you want to be yourself, you must see yourself positively. Discuss different ways to practice positive thinking, including exercise, meditation, self-care breaks, or even drinking tea in the morning. It can also involve going to therapy or cutting out toxic people from your life. Take a look at how positive practices can create space for happiness in everyday life, and share your top tips with your readers.

3. The Importance of Self-Love

You cannot be yourself if you do not love yourself first. In your article, discuss why self-love is so important and explain the concept from a more reflective and scientific standpoint. In addition, you can explore the connection between self-love and being your authentic self, explaining the impact of being yourself along the way. 

4. The Challenges of Being Yourself

The challenges of being yourself
In this prompt, share why people can be prone to being inauthentic portrayals of themselves on social media

As Lyons’ article states, being yourself is easier said than done. Many people find it hard to be authentic, especially when it is easier to fake aspects of yourself online. Research why people can be prone to being inauthentic portrayals of themselves on social media and explain the different reasons. Cite credible sources for an accurate and reliable piece.

5. Reflecting on Being Yourself

For this topic, reflect on what it means to be yourself. What does “being yourself” look like to you, and how do you practice being your authentic self in life? Use specific events in your life to explain your points. Then, use your reflection as a basis to guide and encourage others to be themselves online and in a social setting.

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