140 Other Words for Good: Expand Your Vocabulary and Grow Your Knowledge

Here is our list of other words for good that can you can add to your writing.

There are many terms and expressions that imply something good. See our list below to know which ones you should use to convey your message. It pairs nicely with our list of mood words.

What Are Other Words for Good?

What are other words for good?
‘Godly’ is another word for good

The word “good” is used in different contexts to imply approval, suitability, and others. Knowing the other words for “good” not only expands our vocabulary but also guides us in identifying the correct terms to apply for proper written and verbal communication. You might also be interested in our list of nice words to describe someone.

All RightGodlyScrupulous
Bona FideKnowledgeableSuited
ConvincingNourishingUp to Par
ConvivialOkUp to Scratch
CourteousOpportuneUp to Standard
CrackerjackPeachyUp to the Mark

To Express Fitting Qualities

These are the words that demonstrate suitability or superiority.

  1. Acceptable

Carla is an acceptable candidate for graduation.

  1. Adequate

She has adequate knowledge of the system.

  1. All Right

The group’s initial presentation was a disaster, but the subsequent ones were all right.

  1. Authentic

Her mother-in-law asks her to make an authentic Filipino meal for dinner.

  1. Beaut

Allan’s new motorbike is an absolute beaut!

  1. Befitting

Princess Diana had a ring befitting royalty.

  1. Bona Fide

The DNA results prove he’s a bona fide Valdez.

  1. Cogent

The prosecution’s cogent explanation makes it look like it’ll be a cut-and-dried case.

  1. Competent

You’ll see Ariel’s competent nature firsthand at the next company outing. 

  1. Convincing

Her ex-fiance put on a convincing act of being in love with her.

  1. Fine

Everybody agrees that he’s a fine man.

  1. Hunky-dory

All you need is a vacation, and everything will be hunky-dory.

  1. Legitimate

Everyone knows he’s the only legitimate son of the previous emperor.

  1. Ok

You don’t have to worry about me. Everything’s ok on my end.

  1. Persuasive

Abram and Sarai’s persuasive act of pretending to be siblings duped the Pharaoh.

  1. Quality

The company’s quality assurance encourages more customers to buy its products.

  1. Satisfactory

There were a few problems with the hotel room, but overall, we had a satisfactory stay.

  1. Sound

The defense’s claim of the killer never having a sound mind is a blatant lie!

  1. Spiffing

The actress walks the carpet in her spiffing custom-made gown. 

  1. Superior

She’s looking for an internet provider with a superior connection.

  1. Swell

We had a swell time at her bachelorette party.

  1. Telling

One of her telling lies was when she told everyone she lost the baby despite never being pregnant. 

  1. Up to Par

Bianca failed to bring her performance up to par, so she was let go by the firm.

  1. Up to Scratch

None of the employees appreciate the new manager constantly checking if everyone’s work is up to scratch.

  1. Up to Standard

The department extended the required inspection time to ensure that every product was up to standard.

  1. Up to the Mark

She’s the organization’s last choice because her contribution has never been up to the mark.

  1. Valid

There is no valid excuse for what she did to him,

  1. Well-Judged

The two nobles’ wedding was a well-judged liaison benefiting their respective clans.

  1. Worthy

The protagonist should always have a worthy opponent.

  1. Able

Nothing is stopping him from working; he’s an abled young man with nothing to do all day!

  1. Accomplished

Dr. House is an accomplished diagnostician. You might also be interested in our list of uncommon words.

To Express Proficiency

Use these words to illustrate someone’s high capability in both competence and skill set. You may find our list of deep words for love useful.

  1. Ace

He was an ace player at the university for four years.

  1. Adept

She’s an adept judo contestant.

  1. Adroit

We desperately need someone adroit at fixing hacked computers. 

  1. Capable

He painted our house flawlessly. You can rest assured that he’s a capable carpenter. 

  1. Crackerjack

It’s not a good idea to mess with Jina – her father is a crackerjack lawyer.

  1. Deadly

Her little brother is a monster on the field with a deadly aim.

  1. Expert

He’s an expert at anything related to cars.

  1. Gifted

Haru is a gifted swimmer. 

  1. Great

It’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss.

  1. Knowledgeable

She’s a knowledgeable historian who loves to spend time in libraries.

  1. Masterly

The poet delivers a masterly description of heartbreak.

  1. Mean

She’s a mean spiker on the national volleyball team.

  1. Nifty

The magician’s nifty tricks never disappoint the audience.

  1. Proficient

It wasn’t surprising that he became a proficient coder in no time.

  1. Qualified

Before sharing intimate details of your life, ensure that your new therapist is qualified.

  1. Seasoned

Gordon Ramsey is a seasoned chef who travels the world.

  1. Skilled

Jim is a skilled engineer with years of experience.

  1. Talented

She was a talented singer who destroyed her voice from alcohol addiction.

  1. Trained

Puffer is a trained bomb-sniffing dog.

  1. Virtuoso

The orchestra is excited to meet Itzhak Perlman, a violin virtuoso

  1. Wicked

We always love to attend Jena’s backyard cookouts because her father is a wicked griller.

  1. Wizard

He knows what he’s doing. After all, he’s a computer wizard.

To Express Usefulness or Purpose

These words indicate functionality and value.

  1. Advantageous

His connections with the right people put him in an advantageous spot. 

  1. Agreeable

The corporate lawyer points out the agreeable areas of the deal.

  1. Appropriate

The company handbook dictates what’s considered appropriate office attire.

  1. Auspicious

The whole world is watching the elections, keen on not letting cheaters win. It’s an auspicious day for democracy. 

  1. Beneficial

It will be beneficial for En and Keanu to share an apartment in the city. 

  1. Commodious

The accident forced them to move to a more commodious house. 

  1. Convenient

The new expressway offers a convenient trip to the airport.

  1. Expedient

The philosophy of taking an eye for an eye is the most expedient way to get justice, according to the tribe’s laws.

  1. Favorable

The immediate saving of the prince placed the knight in a favorable position in the king’s army.

  1. Felicitous

The princess’s birth is a felicitous event.

  1. Fitting

Is a gold sword a fitting bounty for the knight’s sacrifices?

  1. Nourishing

The army needed a nourishing meal after the war.

  1. Opportune

The prince thought it was the opportune time to ask his father to let him lead the fleet.

  1. Propitious

The calm waves and clear skies told him it was a propitious day to win the battle. 

  1. Providential

The group chose dawn as the providential time to escape.

  1. Salubrious

The apothecary says that the tree has salubrious fruits.

  1. Salutary

His comrades’ laughter was a salutary reminder that they had made it through the war.

  1. Seasonable

The seasonable commercial about gun violence hit close to home.

  1. Strengthening

Her smile has a strengthening effect on his worn-out mind and body.

  1. Suitable

He’s a suitable match for the princess.

  1. Suited

The princess reached the age suited for marriage.

  1. Timely

The officials arrived in a timely manner.

  1. Wholesome

It was a wholesome exchange between two foreign kids.

To Express Moral Virtue

The words below establish an individual’s righteousness. 

  1. Admirable

The judge displayed admirable professionalism despite the defendant’s constant disrespect. 

  1. Angelic

She has an angelic voice.

  1. Blameless

Although they are blameless, the children suffer the most during a divorce. 

  1. Clean

He has a clean record.

  1. Commendable

The veterans should receive more benefits for their commendable service to the country. 

  1. Decent

He’s more than just a decent human being. He always goes above and beyond to help those in need.

  1. Elevated

Does her priestesshood put her in an elevated position compared to the other nuns?

  1. Ethical

The company follows an ethical process to create merchandise.

  1. Exemplary

She has been an exemplary student since elementary.

  1. Godly

The parish encourages its followers to live a godly life.

  1. Guiltless

These guiltless waffles made of almond flour keep me on my daily calorie intake goal.

  1. Honest

It’s good that an honest man such as him is now in office.

  1. Honorable

My father is an honorable man – you can’t buy his principles!

  1. Incorruptible

The people celebrated the incorruptible emperor’s ascension.

  1. Irreproachable

His irreproachable character helped him win the public’s trust.

  1. Just

We must practice due process to ensure just treatment.

  1. Laudable

It was a laudable decision to co-parent with no drama.

  1. Law-abiding

Police records show he’s a law-abiding citizen.

  1. Lofty

Her lofty goals push her to continue studying hard.

  1. Meritorious

The soldiers’ meritorious deeds were read out loud during the ceremony.

  1. Noble

He has a noble dream of building free clinics in the poorest parts of the country.

  1. Praiseworthy

The lab team’s praiseworthy efforts to quickly make a vaccine saved the lives of millions.

  1. Principled

My mother’s principled stance against forced pregnancy made me respect her more.

  1. Pure

He’s a child with a pure heart.

  1. Reputable

You should only take your medications from reputable drugstores.

  1. Respectable

The Ricamaras is one of the most respectable families in the land.

  1. Right-minded

Most right-minded people will tell you that making racist comments is unacceptable.

  1. Righteous

He’s a righteous monk who believes in reincarnation. 

  1. Saintly

She was a saintly lady who devoted her life to teaching.

  1. Scrupulous

The scrupulous official coaxes the people to fight for liberty.

  1. Sinless

Babies who died seconds after birth are an example of those sinless souls.

  1. Squeaky-Clean

Her publicist always brags about her squeaky-clean reputation.

  1. Trustworthy

He’s my most trustworthy companion.

  1. Unbribable

I strongly discourage you from buying off the election watchers. They’re an unbribable group.

  1. Unimpeachable

The public saw him as someone who had unimpeachable integrity.

  1. Upright

Grandfather was an upright associate of the union’s local chapter. 

  1. Upstanding

They are some of the most upstanding actors of our generation.

  1. Virtuous

The religion believes that a virtuous man should practice celibacy.

To Express Kindness and Obedience

These words suggest an individual’s good character.

  1. Altruistic

Dave’s on an altruistic journey to give every beggar on the street a Christmas feast.

  1. Benevolent

The benevolent lawyer offered to take the case pro bono.

  1. Civil

We don’t like each other, but we maintain a civil relationship.

  1. Compliant

The compliant litigant will receive a lesser sentence for being cooperative and respectful throughout the trial.

  1. Courteous

She greeted us with a courteous smile.

  1. Decorous

Please be back home at a decorous time.

  1. Dutiful

She believes that a dutiful wife must be kind and caring. 

  1. Good-hearted

Lena is a good-hearted woman who befriends everyone.

  1. Gracious

We thank you for being such a gracious host.

  1. Magnanimous

The prisoners praised the emperor’s magnanimous decision to set them free.

  1. Polite

Johnny is a polite young man.

  1. Proper

The family demanded a proper investigation of the case.

  1. Respectful

Tommy keeps a respectful distance from the noble ladies.

  1. Selfless

Her last selfless act was to give away her assets to the children’s foundation.

To Express Satisfaction

Use the words below to relay feelings of joy, fulfillment, or gratification.

  1. Brilliant

Shena’s aunt was a brilliant weaver.

  1. Convivial

The quaint town has a convivial atmosphere to it.

  1. Delightful

Dinner was delightful!

  1. Enjoyable

I hope you’ll find my company enjoyable.

  1. Fabulous

I had a fabulous time tonight.

  1. Fantastic

It was a fantastic movie!

  1. Festive

The people at the concert were in a perpetual festive mood.

  1. Frabjous

What a frabjous celebration!

  1. Glorious

It was a glorious day for the kingdom.

  1. Peachy

She said everything is just peachy, so I’ll believe her.

  1. Pleasant

We had a pleasant time at the spa.

  1. Terrific

New Year’s is the most terrific time of the year.

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