115+ Deep Words for Love

Here is our list of deep words for love that you can add to your writing.

You can write a beautiful piece about love using thousands of English words. Whether it’s a poem or a love letter, deep words for love help convey the intensity of your feelings. Our list of romantic words pairs nicely with our list of mood words for literature.

What Are Deep Words for Love?

What are deep words for love?
Knowing other deep words for love strengthens your vocabulary and develops your skills as a writer

The oldest definitions of love denote care and desire. Over the years, new forms and meanings were added in English dictionaries to adequately relay the varying degrees the word “love” entails. You might also be interested in our list of poetic words and beautiful words related to reading.

Deep words are challenging to understand and are rarely used in daily communication. However, they are still applied in various literary pieces. Knowing these words strengthens your vocabulary and develops your skills as a writer.

Romantic Words Printable

Romantic words list
These words refer to love as an intense, consistent, and authentic emotion
A labor of loveEnshrineNestle
AdmiresEnthusiasmOne true love
AmourGoing outRespect
Apple of my eyeGrazeRevere
BeauHead over heelsRock my world
BelovedHeart in your handsSentiment
BentHeart skips a beatSmitten
CanoodleIdylStole my heart
Complete meIndulgeTendency
DallianceKneadTo love with all my heart and soul
DandleLambkinTo the moon and back
DearLight of my lifeVenerate
DesireMatch made in heavenYearning
DoteMy person 
EnfoldMy soulmate 

Deep Words for Love: As in Feelings

These words refer to love as an intense, consistent, and authentic emotion. You might also be interested in our list of boring words and phrases to avoid in your writing.

  1. Adoration

The newlyweds share a look of adoration.

  1. Adulation

Shayne drowned in the audience’s adulation after he finished his moving speech,

  1. Affection

Aya’s affection for animals inspired her to become a veterinarian.

  1. Allegiance

The Starks pledged their allegiance to the Baratheons to win the war.

  1. Amity

The king strives to govern with amity with the neighboring kingdoms.

  1. Bliss

His victory in the election brought him to a state of pure bliss.

  1. Desire

His desire to become a performer led him to discover his hidden talents.

  1. Devotion

The family demonstrates devotion to their deity through lengthy prayers.

  1. Enthusiasm

Nicholas shows great enthusiasm for singing when he thinks he’s alone.

  1. Fidelity

The couple’s trust and fidelity guided them to half a century of blissful marriage.

  1. Fondness

Her fondness for stuffed toys led her to collect a shelf full of them.

  1. Longing

She looks out the window with a longing gaze every day, waiting for his return. 

  1. Passion

They noticed her passion for acting at an early age.

  1. Predilection

Melinda wonders why her co-workers judge her predilection for writing in her notebook over typing on a laptop.

  1. Sentiment

Maya shares her sentiment about her parents’ renewal of vows.

  1. Smitten

He was immediately smitten with the new transfer student.

  1. Tenderness

Dad says he likes Mom’s tenderness the most.

  1. Yearning

Ever since I got married, I felt a yearning for my old life.

  1. Zeal

Animated movies strengthen Cole’s zeal for animation.

Deep Words for Love: As in Person

These terms signify endearment to describe one’s romantic or intimate partner. They also refer to someone the speaker holds dearly. Check out our list of words of encouragement.

  1. Admirer

Mark admits to his friends that he is Sharlene’s secret admirer.

  1. Amore

I can’t come with you today because I have a date with my amore.

  1. Beau

We already know Patrick is your beau.

  1. Beloved

My beloved mother always reminds me to eat on time.

  1. Darling

Darling, please take care of the kids while I get groceries.

  1. Dear

Oh no, my dear, that’s not how you eat pasta!

  1. Escort

Daniella’s mom asks her best friend to escort her daughter to the prom.

  1. Inamorata

I can’t believe my brother calls her Ariana Grande’s body pillow, his inamorata.

  1. Lambkin

Shakespeare uses lambkin as an endearment in Henry IV.

  1. Lover

I want my lover to be someone considerate. 

  1. Mate

Josh calls Cyrus his closest mate.

  1. Moll

She was a proud moll in her youth.

  1. Paramour

There is talk now that the new teacher is the paramour of our principal.

  1. Squeeze

She’s not just a woman I date. Britney is my main squeeze.

  1. Steady

He introduced me to his friends as his steady.

  1. Wooer

Clara finally accepted Daniel to be her wooer!

Deep Words for Love: As in Like

These words suggest one’s attraction to someone or something.

  1. Bent

Julia is hell-bent on winning the cheerleading competition.

  1. Craving

I have been craving chicken nuggets since yesterday.

  1. Fancy 

They fancy Jericho so much.

  1. Hankering

The new president has been hankering for the country’s economic stability.

  1. Inclination

Theo’s inclination for online gaming led him to become a game developer.

  1. Preference

She always has a preference for everything.

  1. Prejudice

His charms can prejudice her decision to agree to his proposal.

  1. Propensity

Ronald has the propensity to do overtime to get more work done.

  1. Tendency

What I don’t like about Clinton is his tendency to trust strangers immediately.

  1. Thirsty

Everyone’s thirsty for financial freedom.

Deep Words for Love: As in Affair

Fleeting feelings of love are referred to as an affair. They usually have negative connotations so be careful when using them in verbal or written communication.

  1. Affair

Is it true that Ms. Smith and Mr. Anderson have a love affair?

  1. Amour

My parents tease each other about their most memorable high school amour.

  1. Dalliance

Unfortunately, Ricky doesn’t seem tired of having a spontaneous dalliance.

  1. Entanglements

I’ve decided to stop giving my friend advice on his entanglements.

  1. Fling

James says Camila was just a college fling.

  1. Idyll

Enjoy your idyll fantasy because you’re done once your wife finds out.

  1. Infatuation

What you call innocent infatuation is actually something that can ruin a family.

  1. Intrigued

Queenie is intrigued by Aga’s invitation to meet later in the evening.

  1. Liaison

You may be his past liaison, but she is his wife now.

  1. Rendezvous

Geneva’s husband has a rendezvous with his mistress tonight.

Deep Words for Love: As Into Value

These words involve those you hold or keep dear because they are an important part of your life.

  1. Admires

Glenda’s friends know how much she admires her older sister.

  1. Appreciate

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

  1. Cherish

Maven wants you to know that he’ll cherish your memories together.

  1. Enshrine

My aunt wants to enshrine all her valuable jewelry in a safe box.

  1. Esteemed

Make sure he feels comfortable during his stay. He’s an esteemed guest we want to please.

  1. Prized

Her company prized Mae for her loyalty and dedication.

  1. Treasured

She treasured every present from her deceased lover.

  1. Respect

The restaurant owner’s strong respect for veterans made him offer them a special discount. 

  1. Reverence

The science students’ reverence for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is both amusing and disturbing.

  1. Venerate

Always venerate your parents because no matter what you do, they are your parents.

Deep Words for Love: As in To Feel Devotion

These words pertain to an individual’s loyalty and enthusiasm.

  1. Adores

William admits that he adores Melanie a lot.

  1. Adulates

Tommy constantly adulates Aryan. He obviously likes her.

  1. Canonize

The parish church in our area will appeal to canonize our late parish priest.

  1. Deify

She said she wanted a man who would deify her.

  1. Delight

He promised to always delight him with surprises.

  1. Dote

My friends are asking if I like CJ since I dote on him a lot.

  1. Exalt

National officials are now looking for ways to exalt the former president’s successful projects.

  1. Glorify

Adelaide buys KPOP merch to glorify her idols.

  1. Idealizes

My cousin idealizes Disney’s love stories and gets mad when anyone says they’re unrealistic.

  1. Idolizes

I have mixed emotions about my little nephew telling everyone she idolizes me.

  1. Lionized

I don’t understand why the public lionized rich kids.

  1. Revere

Apart from other people, learn to revere yourself for a happier and more peaceful life.

  1. Worshiping

Even if my younger sister looks weird in worshiping idols, I let her be because I love her.

Deep Words for Love: As in To Touch Tenderly

These are the words to describe actions linked to touching or holding someone or something gently or with concern.

  1. Canoodle

Relationship experts advise couples to canoodle to increase intimacy.

  1. Caressing

Leo loves to shower Maria with affection by caressing her hair and offering massages.

  1. Cradled

Nina cradled the crying baby to make it stop.

  1. Dandle

Mom says my father loved to dandle me around when I was young.

  1. Enfold

Max’s parents enfold him with the warmest hug, reminding him they’re proud of him no matter what.

  1. Fondle

The story is excellent until the main characters start to fondle each other in public.

  1. Grazed

She blushed when her crush’s fingers grazed her hand.

  1. Indulge

Harry plans to indulge Samantha on their 7th wedding anniversary.

  1. Knead

Let me knead your muscles to help you relax.

  1. Nestle

The baby birds nestle against their mother to fight off the cold breeze.

  1. Nuzzling

JK admits he likes nuzzling my neck.

  1. Strokes

My husband lulls our newborn to sleep with gentle strokes and sweet lullabies.

Deep Words for Love: Phrases

These are the idioms and expressions commonly associated with love and relationships. As romantic words go, they’re both clichéd and fun to use!

  1. A labor of love

It was a difficult nine months, but their baby was all worth it because it was a labor of love.

  1. Apple of my eye

I can’t help it if he’s the apple of my eye.

  1. Complete me

You complete me.

  1. Going out

They’ve been going out for a week.

  1. Head over heels

She had been head over heels for him since the first they met.

  1. Heart in your hands

My heart is in your hands from now on.

  1. My heart skips a beat

He confesses his heart skips a beat whenever he sees me.

  1. Light of my life

He’s the light of my life, my only salvation.

  1.       Match made in heaven

Everybody agrees that Kino and Eny are a match made in heaven

  1. My person

He’s my person, the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

  1. My soulmate

I thank the heavens daily for letting me meet my soulmate in this lifetime.

  1. One true love

Everything will change once you meet your one true love.

  1. Rock my world

His sudden kisses always rock my world.

  1. Stole my heart

He stole my heart when he dedicated a song for me during a school presentation.

  1. To love with all my heart and soul

The wedding vows usually include the phrase “to love with all my heart and soul.”

  1. To the moon and back

He always reminds her that he loves her to the moon and back. Looking for more? Check out our descriptive words list!

Unique Romantic Words

We also compiled a series of romantic words you’re unlikely to find in many clichéd English novels and stories. These words come from other languages and cultures, including Japanese, Gaelic, Latin and French.

107. Elysian: Heavenly or divine.

Our evening together felt so perfect, so utterly c, that I wished time could stand still.

108. Limerence: The state of being infatuated with another person.

Ever since their first meeting, he’s been consumed by a powerful limerence that keeps her in his thoughts day and night.

109. Dulcinea: A term of endearment or a ladylove, inspired by Don Quixote’s love.

“Fear not, my Dulcinea. I’ll always be by your side,” he whispered softly.

110. Anam cara: Gaelic for “soul friend,” a person with whom you can share your deepest thoughts and feelings.

In you, I have found my anam cara, a confidant who understands me like no other.

111. Petrichor: The pleasant, earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.

The scent of petrichor reminded her of their first kiss under the rain, a moment forever etched in her heart.

112. Redamancy: The act of loving in return.

His letters always spoke of his undying redamancy, making her heart flutter with joy.
113. Forelsket: A Norwegian word describing the euphoria experienced when falling in love.

Ever since their paths crossed, he’s been in a state of constant forelsket, drunk on the intoxicating feeling of newfound love.

114. Saudade: A Portuguese word for a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for someone or something absent.

Even though years had passed, she felt a deep saudade for the moments they once shared by the sea.
115. Koi no yokan: A Japanese term for the feeling upon first meeting someone that you will inevitably fall in love with them.

The moment their eyes met at the party, he felt a strong koi no yokan, knowing their fates were intertwined.