Top 64 Poetic Words to Give Meaning to Your Verses

Finding the perfect poetic words to convey your point can be challenging; browse our list of poetic words to find the perfect phrase to convey your feelings.

Whether your poetry rivals that of Edgar Allan Poe or you’re trying to figure out iambic pentameter for the first time, poetry is a popular medium for all writers who want to get their feelings across in a way that goes beyond standard prose. Writing poetry is tough, and having a go-to list of words or reading some of the best poetry books can spark your inspiration and be a great way to get started.

What Are Poetic Words?

Poetic Words example
Some words are known for evoking emotion, painting a picture of a scene, or creating connotations that can help describe a person’s character such as the word “bliss”

You likely already know that we’re about to give you the most frustrating answer of all time: it depends! Poets are known for breaking the rules, and poetic words can be whatever you want them to be. Some words are known for evoking emotion, painting a picture of a scene, or creating connotations that can help describe a person’s character. Checking out poetic words can also help inspire when experiencing writer’s block, especially if you’re unsure how to name the emotion you want to convey in your prose.

List of Poetic Words

Positive Poetic Words

Whether you’re writing a poem about love, a positive experience, hope, or beautiful universal truths, using positive poetic words can help create feelings of warmth. Poetic words are best used sparingly, as overusing them can muddle the message you’re working to convey to your reader. Check out our list of pretty words.

1. Admire

She couldn’t help but admire the prince as he took his place on the throne.

2. Adored

It was clear to his family and friends that he simply adored her, and flying across the country for her birthday party showed it.

3. Ballad

The newly married couple swayed back and forth as the ballad played in the background.

4. Beloved

“You are my beloved, no matter what,” said the man at the airport to his wife as she dropped him off.

5. Bliss

Melanie relaxed in the chair on the deck, feeling like she was in a state of pure bliss.

6. Cherish

“I’ll cherish this forever,” Donna said to her mother after she unwrapped the heirloom earrings she was given for her birthday.

7. Compelling

His argument was compelling, and she decided it made sense to give him a chance to go on a second date.

8. Contentment

The sense of contentment Aliyah felt as she held her newborn baby was unlike anything she’d ever experienced, as she was so tired yet perfectly calm.

9. Delight

The puppy was a pure delight, and the parents couldn’t believe how thrilled their children were to receive a fluffy new friend on Christmas morning.

10. Devotedly

She devotedly stayed by her father’s bedside as his condition deteriorated and vowed to be there until his very last day.

11. Doting

He was a doting father, carefully ensuring his new son’s bottles were prepared, and his hair was combed nicely.

12. Elation

She felt a sense of elation as they drove over the hill, and the Ferris wheel of the amusement park finally came into view.

13. Eloquent

Brittany was known for her eloquent speeches, and the crowd waited anxiously to hear what she would say as she walked up to the podium.

14. Enchanting

The café was enchanting, and the twinkle of white lights and the wafting smell of coffee only added to the ambiance.

15. Exhilaration

Austin felt a sense of exhilaration as he reached the end of his training run and imagined himself standing on the podium at the Olympics.

16. Felicity

The family fell into a state of felicity in their new home, enjoying dinner on the patio followed by their evening walk.

17. Ineffable

The size of the ocean was ineffable, and Dominique loved staring over the blue water, remembering just how small she was.

18. Joviality

His joviality made him magnetic; even those closest to him struggled to remember a time when he was anything but happy.

19. Lissome

She looked lissome in her dress and was glad she chose a smaller size to compliment her figure.

20. Picturesque

The picturesque beauty of the Adirondacks had to be seen to be believed, according to the tour guide.

21. Sanguine

The CEO felt sanguine about the company’s future, as things had finally begun to turn around in the year prior.

22. Serendipity

They met by serendipity; their flights to different corners of the world just happened to be leaving Chicago simultaneously.

23. Serene

The serene landscape of the lake made it easy for the family to relax and forget all they had been through over the past year.

24. Tranquility

The ocean view made Tom feel a sense of true tranquility.

Neutral Poetic Words

These words have a certain rhythm that lends them to poetry but are emotionally ambiguous, allowing you to use them to balance the more intense aspects of your prose.

25. Allegiance

Teresa felt a strong allegiance to the company, as they had supported her during hard times.

26. Ambiguity

She was purposely ambiguous when he asked whether she still loved him, as she wasn’t sure of the correct answer.

27. Bombinate

The bombinating coffee machine had the entire office waiting to try the new flavor the boss picked up over the weekend.

28. Crisp

As she sat on the porch and laced up her sneakers, she couldn’t help but smile as she felt the crisp breeze that meant fall was just around the corner.

29. Ephemeral

The cronut trend was ephemeral and disappeared after a few months, but it was delicious while it lasted.

30. Epiphany

When she woke up, she had a beautiful epiphany; if she wanted to move to the coast, she could make it happen.

31. Festooned

She festooned her balcony with hanging baskets and a new patio set.

32. Frenetic

While her teaching methods were solid, her pace was frenetic, and her students struggled to keep up.

33. Henceforth

The local HOA declared that henceforth, no one could put their trash at the edge of their driveway more than 24 hours before pickup.

34. Irony

She felt a profound sense of irony when she realized the laws she had fought so hard to enact would work against her in her current predicament.

35. Mercurial

Like most teenagers, her mood was mercurial and could change at any moment.

36. Nonchalant

The rabbit was decidedly nonchalant as he munched away at the clover in front of the museum.

37. Parody

The movie was a parody of the original version, and moviegoers loved seeing all the inside jokes from their favorite films.

38. Petrichor

She opened the windows in her kitchen to let the petrichor air that accompanied the thunderstorm enter her house.

39. Propinquity

Her propinquity to her neighbors meant she always had someone to depend on in a pinch.

40. Resonant

The church bells were resonant at noon and could be heard echoing throughout all of the village.

41. Silhouette

He noticed her slender silhouette even before he noticed her beautiful face.

42. Sonder

Walking alongside the ocean, he was met with a sense of wonder, thinking about everyone else who had walked the same path.

43. Sun-drenched

The sun-drenched backyard was the perfect place for the friends to try out their new water guns for the first time.

44. Towering

At 7’2″, Brandon was towering over every member of the opposing team.

45. Wherewithal

Kendra wasn’t sure she had the wherewithal to attend a family reunion following a 24-hour nursing shift.

46. Vast

The vast prairie landscape was pleasantly overwhelming, as the wheat fields stretched as far as the eye could see.

Negative Poetic Words

Many people use poetry to express negative emotion, and the words listed here can help you invite your reader into your feelings. Incorporate these words into your poetry when you want to paint a picture of anger, sadness, grief, or another emotion.

47. Apoplectic

Billy was apoplectic with rage when he learned he’d been passed up for the promotion he’d been working for over the past year.

48. Cacophony

The cacophony of the play area made it almost impossible for the babysitter to think straight.

49. Cloudy

She knew she couldn’t trust her feelings at the moment; they were too cloudy.

50. Contempt

Despite her efforts to forgive, Andrea was full of contempt for her former best friend after learning of the lies she’d spread.

51. Decrepit

The decrepit old house was supposedly haunted, but Megan and her cousin Lynn decided to explore anyway.

52. Delirium

Naomi felt like she was entering a state of delirium as the anesthesia began to take effect, but thankfully, she drifted off to sleep quickly.

53. Disgust

“I’m disgusted,” the teacher said when addressing the class about their behavior with the substitute teacher over the past week.

54. Dreary

The dreary sky matched Matt’s mood, as he was feeling down about the negative review he got at work the previous day.

55. Dull

Ian was downright dull, and he made no effort to add any type of excitement to his life.

56. Evanescent

The bubbles the children blew were delightfully evanescent, bursting just before they drifted out of sight.

57. Hostility

The hostility in the room was palpable, and no one was sure what to do to calm the tension between the two adversaries.

58. Illicit

Bringing illicit substances onto an aircraft is a fast and easy way to get a one-way ticket to prison.

59. Incendiary

His language toward the government was downright incendiary, and he began to lose supporters.

60. Languid

The flu left her feeling languid and exhausted, and she struggled to keep up with the demands of her job.

61. Nefarious

As she pulled into her driveway, she struggled to see whether the person she noticed on her video doorbell was nefarious.

62. Scorn

Karen knew using technology would further her career, but she tended to scorn anything new and different.

63. Seething

She was seething! She couldn’t believe that her sister was stealing from their grandfather’s estate.

64. Untoward

Melody tried to act as if his behavior hadn’t been untoward, but she had trouble respecting him.

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