Letter C Worksheet Printout

Explore the charm of ‘C’ with our comprehensive Letter C Worksheet!

Welcome to the captivating world of ‘C’! This letter is the third in the alphabet and a cornerstone in many words. It’s the first letter in “cat,” “cake,” and “car.” ‘C’ can be soft like in “cereal” or hard like in “cup.”

What Makes the Letter C Special?

The Versatile Sound:C’ can sound like ‘S’ or ‘K’, making it a unique and versatile letter in word formation.

C is for Cat: One of the first animal names children often learn, “cat” starts with ‘C’ and is a favorite pet for many.

Cars and Clouds:C’ begins the names of so many common things in a child’s world, from cars to clouds, and cakes to crayons.

Letter C Activities

C Craft: Make crafts centered around ‘C’ words like cats, cups, and clouds.

C Story Time: Enjoy stories and songs focusing on the ‘C’ sound, like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.”

Seeking C Sounds: Have a scavenger hunt for items that start with ‘C’ around your home or classroom.

Copywriting: Try these powerful words to copywrite about or sell a product. 

Clay Creations: Use play clay or dough to make shapes and items starting with “C”.

Collage Craze: Provide magazines and have kids find and glue pictures starting with “C”.

Colorful “C”: Provide a coloring page with the letter “C” and items to color.

Count “C” Coins: Use pretend coins or buttons to count and sort by color.

Character Study: Read a book with characters starting with “C” and discuss them.

Letter C Worksheet Printable

Find our ‘C’ Worksheet below, perfect for teaching young minds about this versatile letter. Catch the curve of the letter C with our clear, easy-to-follow tracing worksheet.

Letter C printable
Letter C printable