Letter B Worksheet Printout

Get your Letter B Worksheet here and begin exploring the world of ‘B’!

Welcome to the world of ‘B’, the second letter of the alphabet and a beautiful beginning to so many words! ‘B’ is the sound in “ball,” “bear,” and “bubble.” It’s a letter that often represents boldness and beauty.

What Makes the Letter B Special?

The Bouncing B: ‘B’ has a strong, bouncy sound, perfect for words like “bounce,” “balloon,” and “baby.”

B is for Butterfly: The word “butterfly” starts with ‘B’ and is a favorite among children for its beauty and fascinating life cycle.

Books and Bears: From “books” to “bears,” ‘B’ starts many words fundamental in children’s stories and learning.

Letter B Activities

B Collage: Create a collage of pictures and items that start with ‘B’ – like boats, balls, and bananas.

Story Time with B: Read books where ‘B’ words are prominent, like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” or stories about bunnies and bears.

B Sound Exploration: Have a ‘B’ day where you explore everything ‘B’ – eat bananas, play with balls, and look for butterflies.

Blended words: Test yourself on your knowledge of blended words.

Build With Blocks: Use blocks to build and spell out words starting with “B”.

Book Buddies: Read books together where the title or characters start with “B”.

Be Creative: Provide art supplies and have kids make something starting with “B”.

Body Movements: Lead kids in exercises where they position their body to make “B”.

Bingo: Play bingo with images of items starting with “B”.

Letter B Worksheet Printable

Below is our ‘B’ Worksheet. Trace the letter B beautifully using our guided worksheet, perfect for beginners.

Letter B worksheet printable
Letter B printable