Letter D Worksheet Printout

Dive into ‘D‘ with our detailed Letter D Worksheet – download now!

Dive into the delightful world of ‘D‘, the fourth letter of the alphabet and a dominant start to many words. ‘D‘ brings us “dog,” “duck,” and “daisy.” It’s a letter that often stands for dynamism and discovery.

What Makes the Letter D Special?

The Dynamic D: ‘D‘ has a strong, decisive sound, making it important in words like “dog,” “drum,” and “dance.”

D is for Dinosaur: Dinosaurs fascinate children and adults alike, and the word starts with the dynamic ‘D‘.

Dolls and Ducks: From “dolls” to “ducks,” ‘D‘ starts the names of many beloved toys and animals in a child’s life.

Letter D Activities

D Drawing: Encourage drawing and coloring pictures of things that start with ‘D‘ – like dogs, dinosaurs, and daisies.

Dance to the D: Have a dance party with songs that emphasize the ‘D‘ sound or start with ‘D‘.

D Discovery Walk: Go on a nature walk and spot things that start with ‘D‘, like dandelions and ducks.

Dance Party: Play music and have kids dance like their name or words starting with “D”.

Draw A “D”: Give kids paper and crayons and have them draw the letter “D”.

Describe A “D” Word: Verbally describe a “D” item and have kids guess what it is.

Dig For “D”: Hide plastic animals, toys or pictures in a bin of beans/rice and have kids find by starting letter.

Flashing “D”: Hold up letter or image flashcards and have kids raise their hand when they see “D”.

Letter D Worksheet Printable

Discover the delight of tracing the letter D with our dedicated worksheet.

Letter D worksheet
Letter D printable