Letter E Worksheet Printout

Enhance early learning with our engaging Letter E Worksheet!

Embark on an exploration of ‘E’, the fifth letter of the alphabet and an essential part of many words. ‘E’ is the beginning of “elephant,” “egg,” and “echo.” It’s a vowel with several sounds, making it exciting and a bit mysterious.

What Makes the Letter E Special?

The Versatile Vowel:E’ can be short, as in “elephant,” or long, as in “eagle.” It’s a versatile and commonly used vowel in English.

E is for Echo: The word “echo” not only starts with ‘E’ but also teaches a fascinating natural phenomenon.

Eggs and Elves:E’ starts various words from everyday objects to magical creatures, like eggs and elves.

Letter E Activities

E Collage: Create an ‘E’ collage with pictures and items like elephants, eggs, and engines.

Exciting E Stories: Read stories or watch shows focusing on ‘E’ words, like “Elmer the Patchwork Elephant” or “The Elves and the Shoemaker.”

E Sound Hunt: Look for things that start with ‘E’ in your house or during a walk outside.

Essays: Use this list of essay words to write an activity.

Expression Time: Use felt or pom poms to make a facial expression starting with “E”.

Exciting Words: Brainstorm as many words as possible starting with “E”.

Egg Hunt: Hide plastic eggs with letters, pictures or small toys inside and have kids find by starting letter.

Everybody E: Take turns thinking of a different word starting with “E” and acting it out.

Edible Art: Use fruit or veggies to make a picture starting with “E”.

Letter E Worksheet Printable

Enjoy tracing the letter E with our expertly designed worksheet for early learners.

Letter E worksheet
Letter E printable