How to Add Grammarly to Multiple Devices: 5 Easy Ways

Grammarly has a number of extensions that let you add the spelling and grammar checker to multiple devices. Find out how to add Grammarly to multiple devices.

If you have a Grammarly account, you can add it to five devices. For additional devices, consider Grammarly for Business.

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How to Add Grammarly to a New Device

How To Add Grammarly To Multiple Devices

Your Grammarly account allows you to add up to five different devices onto one account. Adding them is pretty straightforward. First, access Grammarly through to log into your account. Then, follow the steps for your particular device. Here are the steps to take.

1. Add Grammarly to a Windows Device

How to add Grammarly to multiple devices?
This will work on Windows 10 or newer, but not older versions of Windows

To add Grammarly to a Windows device, first, you must download the Windows app. Once it downloads, follow the prompts to install it. You will then see the app in your system tray n the screen’s lower right-hand corner.

Once Grammarly is running on Windows, you can open your preferred program and start typing. Then, the floating Grammarly widget will show up on the screen and start checking your work. 

This will work on Windows 10 or newer, but not older versions of Windows. Once installed, the grammar checker desktop app will check your work on Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Word and your social media pages. You can then easily add Grammarly to MS Word and other apps.

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2. Add Grammarly to a Mac Device

If you’re adding Grammarly to a Mac computer, download the app for Mac. Then, follow the prompts to install the app on the device.

You’ll see Grammarly on the menu at the top of the screen. Open your app or website and start creating text, and you’ll see Grammarly checking it. This will work on macOS Sierra 10.12 or newer.

If you’re looking for apps that work well with Grammarly, you might also be interested in our guide on how to use Grammarly with LaTeX.

3. Add Grammarly to an iPhone

If you’re adding Grammarly to an iPhone or other iOS device, visit the App Store to get Grammarly. First, search for the app and select “Get” to get the free app. 

Once you download the app, you’ll need to configure it. First, log in to your Grammarly account, and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll then be able to check your spelling and grammar on Safari or within Grammarly itself. You might also be wondering how to change Grammarly language preferences.

4. Add Grammarly to an Android Device

If you’re adding Grammarly to a mobile device running Android, go to the Google Play Store to download “Grammarly Keyboard.” Then, tap “install” to install the app. 

Again, you will need to configure the keyboard. First, open the app and log in with your Grammarly account information. Then, tap “Add Grammarly Keyboard.”

This will bring up a toggle switch. Turn it on and press “OK.” 

Now, tap “Switch Input Methods” and check the box next to Grammarly, then hit “Got It.” This configures the Grammarly keyboard to serve as your preferred keyboard when you start typing in a text field. It will start checking for typos and grammar errors right away once configured.

If you don’t see Grammarly when you are typing, tap the globe icon on the keyboard and select “Grammarly Keyboard.” 

5. Add Grammarly as a Browser Extension

Grammarly for Chrome
Log in to your Grammarly account and add the Firefox, Safari, or Chrome Grammarly extension to use

Though it’s technically not suing Grammarly on a new device, you can add it as a browser extension instead of putting it on your device. Log in to your Grammarly account and add the Firefox, Safari, or Chrome Grammarly extension to use the grammar checking tool while typing in your web browser.

You should know that Grammarly has an insight report feature that you can use to review your writing over the course of a week. Check out our guide to Grammarly insights to learn more about it!

Consider Grammarly Business for More Devices

If you need more than five devices, often because you manage a team of people, you will want to purchase a Grammarly Business account. 

Grammarly Business allows you to have an account for up to 149 team members. The pricing for Grammarly Business is based on team size, so smaller businesses pay less. Grammarly also offers Grammarly Enterprise, which has an unlimited number of team members you can add to the account.

Much like the premium version of Grammarly, Grammarly business offers a grammar checker, spelling checker, and plagiarism checker. It will also help with word choice, passive voice, and the overall tone of your writing. 

Is Grammarly for Business Worth It?

Grammarly Business is worthwhile if you have a large team and can benefit from the business-centered tools. It offers more features than the free Grammarly and Grammarly Premium versions and gives you the option to add unlimited devices with the Enterprise version. 

Grammarly Business is worth it if you need more than five devices or if you are managing a team of people. If you are not, then Grammarly Premium may be sufficient. 

For just occasional grammar checking without the benefit of a plagiarism checker, the free version of Grammarly is likely all you need. Determine your need, and remember that Grammarly has a too that will fit.


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