Essays About Volleyball: Top 5 Examples and 5 Prompts

The experience of playing volleyball is quite thrilling; if you are writing essays about volleyball, read our guide to discover essay examples and prompts.

Volleyball is a team sport played on a court with a net right in the middle. Two teams composed of six players stand on either side of the net and use their hands to hit a ball back and forth over the net. The game’s objective is to make the ball touch the opposing team’s court or “hit the ground” before it can be returned. There is no doubt that volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Its quick-paced, engaging gameplay and effective marketing have turned it into a game that is enjoyable to play and just as enjoyable to watch. 

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5 Essay Examples To Help You Get Started

1. Game and Volleyball by Dustin Harrington

“You have to work hard in volleyball. Third thing about Volleyball is the feeling you get when you love a sport so much. To me volleyball is a great and exciting sport not only do you get to meet new people but you make great memories. The feeling volleyball gives me is like no other getting to hit the ball and laugh with your teammates winning or losing a game it don’t matter it’s all fun.”

Harrington writes about his favorite sport, volleyball, and why he enjoys it so much. First, he simply enjoys the competitive, suspenseful spirit of being in a game. Second, he appreciates the challenge of having to move constantly to score. Third, and perhaps most importantly, he has put so much work into the sport and, as a result, appreciates it more. To him, his work has paid off. 

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2. Reasons Why Volleyball is a Popular Game by Marc Bird

“A significant reason the sport has generated many fans is that it is an exciting game that reduces people’s stress and anxiety levels by capturing your concentration and disengaging your mental mind from other thoughts other than the game. Reducing anxiety and stress is key to living a healthy mental life where you can easily socialize with people and learn to communicate. Also, the fact that the game relies on quality teamwork ensures you associate with people, make new friends and reduce depression levels. The volleyball game is a fun and exhilarating game that exercises the body and improves motor coordination in the body.”

In his essay, Bird explains why volleyball is beloved by many. Mainly, the thrill of the game gives people an escape from their anxiety and stress, allowing them to just focus on the game at hand. In addition, the teamwork aspect of the game allows for better coordination and social skills. Bird also gives tips on how to play volleyball better and briefly describes its gameplay

3. Physics of Volleyball by Rick Ramsey

“The ball, along with players on the court, both have acceleration. There are times in a volleyball game when the ball has constant acceleration, when the ball is served. When the ball is hit by a player for a spike, the rate at which it reaches is maximum velocity is the acceleration. In order to determine when to hit the ball, you need to calculate the trajectory, speed, and placement of the set. When approaching the ball, the body has kinetic energy and this energy turns into potential energy.”

As the title states, this essay explores the physics behind the sport of volleyball. Ramsey explains how some physics concepts are seen in the sport; for example, the ball’s velocity determines whether it will hit the ground or not, gravity assures that the ball lands and the players stay grounded, and acceleration is seen when the ball flies faster after a serve is returned. Understanding these concepts can help people appreciate volleyball more.  

4. How Love for Volleyball Made Me a Better Woman by Evon

“I’ve lost many games in high school, but each one has strengthened me. It taught me to never give up and never give in.

The memories of the lost game will fade, but what we take away from it will last a lifetime.

Losing is never easy. It can be frustrating, disappointing, and even heart-breaking. But it is also an essential part of life. Losing teaches us how to deal with frustration and disappointment, how to be strong in the face of adversity, and how to keep going even when the going gets tough.”

Evon, in her essay, addresses her writing to her niece Amelia, explaining why she loves volleyball and how it has made her who she is today. It taught her discipline, leadership skills, and dedication, and most importantly, it allowed her to bounce back from struggles and challenges, such as her losses in the game. It taught her that life doesn’t always go your way and that it is up to you to make the most of it. 

5. ​​Final Reflection – Volleyball by Vicky Lee

“One of the challenges was definitely coming back as a team after losing a set and remaining calm during close matches. There were several matches where we had to play into extra time which proved to be incredibly tense, particularly for the server. However, with support from the sidelines from the rest of our team and our parents, we were often able to perform under pressure and come out on top.”

Lee reflects on the previous volleyball season and explains why she enjoyed it. At first, she struggled, but with practice and a supportive team, she could overcome the hurdle and become better. She also discusses their struggles as a team when they lost close matches yet stayed determined to do better in the next game. She realizes the importance of morale, commitment, and teamwork. 

5 Prompts for Essays About Volleyball

1. How to Play Volleyball

Essays about volleyball: how to play volleyball?
In your essay, include the proper attire and equipment needed for the sport, and if you wish, you can also give tips on preparing for a volleyball game

Like any other sport, Volleyball has its unique set of rules and mechanics. Write about these rules in your essay, explaining how to play volleyball. Include the proper attire and equipment needed for the sport, and if you wish, you can also give tips on preparing for a volleyball game. 

2. The History of Volleyball

In your essay, you can also explain how volleyball was invented. Write about who invented the sport, when it was invented, how its gameplay has developed over the years, and how it has become as popular as it is today. Be sure to cite credible sources when discussing history.

3. Variations of Volleyball

Essays about volleyball: Variations of volleyball
List down the variations of volleyball in your essay, giving a short description of each and comparing and contrasting them

There are many variations of volleyball, such as beach and aquatic volleyball. List them down in your essay, giving a short description of each and comparing and contrasting them. How are they different? How are they similar? No need to spend too much time comparing and contrasting; this is quite a broad topic.

4. Do You Enjoy Volleyball?

Based on personal experience, in and out of school, write about your experiences playing volleyball. How did it make you feel? Do you enjoy the sport? Reflect on these in your essay, and make sure whatever you write is based on personal experience alone- you can read others’ essays and experiences for inspiration, but do not let them influence you.

5. Why Should You Play Volleyball?

Volleyball, as an athletic activity, has many physical and mental benefits. Research the benefits of playing volleyball and discuss them in your essay. Write about the sport’s health benefits and possible skills and lessons you can learn from playing it.

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