Who Can Use Grammarly? 8 Key Users

Discover who can use Grammarly and what features and tools they’ll benefit from most.

Founded in 2009, Grammarly claims over 600 million TK users worldwide, including those in universities, corporations and working independently. Anyone working with the written word can use Grammarly to improve their English writing skills. That said, several types of users can benefit from this grammar checker for writing and editing their work. 

I’ve used the free, Premium and now Business versions of Grammarly for years. It’s a vital tool in my writing and editing workflow. I also insist writers and editors I work with for the content sites I run use Grammarly before submitting or publishing a piece of writing. 

In our Grammarly review, we explain the pros and cons of this tool. Below, I cover who can use Grammarly and what features they’ll benefit most from.

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1. Freelance Writers

The Grammarly grammar checker is built to catch more spelling mistakes and grammar errors than a basic grammar checker. It works on up to five devices and is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, meaning it can fit within every writer’s particular workflow. 

Several years ago, I worked as a sub-editor for a newspaper. I often edited work by freelance writers. I noticed freelancers landed ongoing work if they submitted clean pieces on time to the paper’s news editor. Grammarly can help a freelancer submit a piece of writing that’s error-free and improve their work’s clarity.

Similarly, a freelance editor or proofreader can use Grammarly Premium to check a piece of writing for a client. The premium version contains additional grammar reports they can use while editing and then send to a client for review.

2. Editors And Proofreaders

Who can use Grammarly? Editors and proofreaders
Grammarly reduces the time an editor must spend fixing a piece before publication

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant dramatically reduces the time an editor must spend fixing a piece before publication. The style guide helps them ensure consistency too. 

The former feature excels at turning clunky and difficult-to-read sentences into more engaging ones. It can also spot passive voice and weak writing instances and suggest potential fixes. These rewrites aren’t essential but can dramatically improve a piece’s quality. 

In a recent interview, Grammarly CEO Max Lytvyn described how regularly using the tool can help people speak more clearly and concisely as they become accustomed to using the active and avoid filler words. 

The style guide enables writers and editors to ensure everyone refers to company terminology and industry terms consistently. They can also add custom words to this dictionary.

3. Professionals

The Grammarly plugin can save professionals time at work when writing emails or reports. It works well with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Outlook and even Salesforce. 

Typos in an email or a business report are off-putting for recipients. More than a few also demonstrates a lack of professionalism. It’s relatively easy to fix typos in business emails using the Grammarly plugin. It scans an email for typos and grammar mistakes professionals can fix at a click. 

In an old job, I edited business reports. I noticed those who didn’t write much over-relied on complex words and terms that hindered rather than improved the readability of a report. Grammarly can report on the readability of a piece of business writing and provide fixes and clarity suggestions.

4. Teams

Grammarly Business enables secure collaboration between team members

Grammarly Business enables secure collaboration between team members on sensitive documents. It’s compliant with various security standards including SOC 3, GDPR, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Grammarly well for teams who collaborate on writing projects. An administrator can share secure access to Grammarly with team members worldwide. They can all work off a single style guide. The administrators can also access analytics to gauge how often team members use Grammarly, tailor the seating plan, and save money accordingly. 

We use Grammarly Business in this manner. Writers rely on it to edit their writing, and editors also use it to check for issues and mistakes. 

To find out more, read our Grammarly business review.

5. HR Managers

The Grammarly Premium plagiarism checker is a helpful vetting tool for hiring managers.

Anyone hiring on behalf of a company, website or publication can scan a candidate’s writing sample for incidents of plagiarism when vetting a new writer. 

It only takes a few seconds to check a piece of writing against content published only. This step helps them assess if the writer’s work is good or if they’ve simply re-spun content freely available online without correct citing their sources. 

6. Researchers And Essayists

The Grammarly plagiarism checker can help researchers and essayists cite their sources and avoid accidental plagiarism. Several researchers on a Research Gate thread describe how they use Grammarly. One wrote, “English is still a foreign language for me and the app is helping me a lot.”

A researcher or essayist can paste a paper or essay into Grammarly and scan it for issues using this feature. It should help them find and then include missing citations. This step mitigates accidental plagiarism. It can also help a researcher or essayist find a missing citation or source for their work. 

Academics at bodies like Harvard Medical School and the NYC Department of Education use Grammarly for these features. However, Grammarly doesn’t include a dedicated citation manager. If you need help with that, read our guide to the best citation generators.

7. English Language Learners

Grammarly Premium offers context behind its suggestions and mistakes and acts like an interactive grammar guide for English language learners.

The average speaker knows approximately 30,000 words from their language of choice, but the English language has over TK words. So, learning to write in English can take months if not years. A good grammar checker can eliminate some guesswork when dealing with unusual English words or grammar rules. What better way to learn English grammar rules than by doing … or in this case editing your work. 

8. Teachers

Who can use Grammarly? Teachers
Teachers can use Grammarly with their students to impart advice about basic grammar rules

Grammarly’s tooltips and grammar guides contain many examples teachers can refer to and draw on.

Teachers can use Grammarly with their students to impart advice about basic grammar rules. They could upload a student’s work, scan it for potential errors and then work through these errors one-by-one offering context to students.

Grammarly offers educational discounts too. If you’re not an employee of an academic body or a lecturer, we explain how to get a Grammarly student discount

9. Job Seekers

Grammarly is a last line of defence for job seekers before submitting a cover letter or resume.

The average hirer reviews a resume for between six and seven seconds. That’s not much time to make an impression and land a job. Grammarly can help a job seeker polish their resume and cover letter. They can also use it to scan a LinkedIn profile for issues.

I spent much of my twenties trying to secure a job in the journalism and, later PR industry. During one particularly dry run, I submitted two dozen resumes and cover letters to potential employers. The response? Crickets. 

Then, I discovered my resume had an embarrassing typo in the first few lines. I couldn’t believe I’d missed it and lost out on potential work. 

FAQs About Who Can Use Grammarly

Which Grammarly Plan is Best?

Deciding on the right Grammarly plan depends on your needs. Writers on a budget can start with the free plan. Professionals should use Premium at $30 per month due to its plagiarism detection and other tools. Business users who collaborate with other writers should opt for Grammarly Business. 

Is Grammarly a one-time purchase?

The basic version of Grammarly is free to use. Grammarly Premium requires a monthly subscription. That costs $30 per user and works across five devices.


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